Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a Cracker Jack Sunday!

I know, I am stretching it with the title! These little Cracker Jack boxes have almost become as popular as Target white I figure I would show just how copy cat I can be and show my CJB boxes too! You know the saying...copying is the greatest form of flattery, etc, etc....

Now Picket was so brave and clever and opened up one of her CJB boxes.....but as you can see, I am thus far too chicken to do that!!! (Isn't that silly...but then again, you never know when you might see these cute boxes AGAIN!!)

They really are cute though and go so well with the Patriotic decor right now.

So, have a great (CJB) Sunday and enjoy family time! and maybe eat a few Cracker Jacks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meeting a Blogging Friend! and Show and Tell

I had the best time Friday when I had lunch with the beautiful Laura from Decor to Adore. We met at our local Mimi's, however, it was really hard to eat lunch as we both wanted to just talk! And we did that very well! Laura is so beautiful and tender hearted. Laura brought me the sweetest gift. I thought I would show my precious gifts for Show and Tell at Kelli's. In the sweetest wrapped box was a delicate vintage embroidered doilie, a sweet little note pack that Laura made, some tiny vintage flowers and some yummy candies!

If any of you get the chance to meet another blogger, take the opportunity! It is so much fun to put a REAL person with that blog! And trust me, you won't have a moment of silence either!
After our wonderful lunch I stopped at HomeGoods. NO wire cloche. I am still looking!! However, I have hit the jackpot this past week and have so many things to tell you about. Do you ever feel like that? How do I get it all in? Well, next week is a comin'! Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Day Trip

Well, I managed to talk my sweet hubby into another day trip! This time we went north of Phoenix to Prescott where it was about 25 degrees cooler!

I haven't been there in about 3 years and boy have things changed. Unfortunately, a lot of my favorite stores are gone. And the economy is definately affecting this area.

First we stopped in Dewey. There is about 8 buildings that all look like an old town.

The first place we stopped in Prescott was LUNCH at the Gurley St. Grill. It is our favorite because of their....

Fried Mushrooms!

This is one of the old buildings in Old Prescott.

One of the main streets is named Whiskey Row....apparently, this was where the bars were in the town's early days. Mostly now, it is little restaurants and boutiques.

This is the Courthouse. Prescott is the county seat for Yavapai county. This is a gorgeous building inside. We didn't go there today though.

I just love their old lamp posts and the huge baskets of flowers hanging from them. See the gorgeous blue sky. It was a beautiful day...

I went into a little store that unfortunately is going out of was so cute. Very sad.

This was the dressing room. That is just too cute.

Oh ladies...looky at all the cloches! But man oh man, even at SALE prices, they were out of my budget!

Ok, now you know I went here for all you PINK bloggers out there! This was a fantastic store. I did buy some gift items here.... here are two things I didn't buy. Not that I didn't want them....I just didn't!

My hubs actually told me to go back and buy this fantastic stained glass purse with the dingles on it....but I told him he really didn't need to spend that kind of money on it. Not that it wasn't, well, purely yummy!

We saw the cutest ice cream shop that had all this popcorn and candy in it. We did have a scoop of ice cream.

Remember all these old fashioned candy sticks!

This was the tin ceiling in the entire ice cream shop. Well, we were getting to my favorite time of day, the antique shops. And my hubs dropped me off and guess where my camera was...yep, in the car. I could not believe the prices of the antiques. I am much richer than I thought!!!! I did get just a couple of things, which will be another post! Sorry, but I don't want to bore you to sleep!

Guess where we stopped last??? Sam's Club. We both were so thirsty and it was there!

Well, we had to start heading back home....

So beautiful! We had such a fun day together. Thanks for listening!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Tea Time Tuesday Post...

Barb at Grits and Glamour is hosting Tea Time Tuesdays and I wanted to join in the fun. Although I am not actually having a tea party right now, I do have this little set I bought a while back at HomeGoods. I just love the words on the Teapot, cups, and water pitcher. Right now they are on display ready for 4th of July.
Right now in good ole AZ - we mostly are opting for ICE tea! But these will come in handy for the real stuff sooner than we think!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Memories Made

We had so much fun with our family today, meeting at my husband's choice, Abuelos. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and talked constantly! Our precious granddaughter who is 3 years old, decorated this cake for Grandpa. She was quite pleased with herself.

You can see that before the sprinkles were generously added, the word Grandpa was sorta there!

My grandson is grandma's boy. He will always be sitting by me and wanting a back rub! I just love this picture. The men got hats, but of course, the kids had to have them...I have my granddaughters on for the pic! See the MICHIGAN t-shirt. Grandpa and Grandma have some influence!!

She likes her hat!

This is my handsome son with his nephew and his goofy look!

After dinner my husband, son and I went to a animal shelter to look at the dogs. But no luck. Lots of dogs but a lot of big dogs. So, that's ok. If it is meant to be, we will know it! It was fun though...talking to all those precious pups.
I am hoping that since today I kept my mouth shut during all the "guy" know, what tank is bigger, which gun shoots further, what dumb crime was commited, etc....that I can talk my hubs into going antiquing...I am not sure! I am trying to squeeze in fun times before chemo starts, which btw, will probably be the middle of July.
I hope you all had a wonderful day with the men in your lives, or remembering those that have left this world, but left memories on your hearts. My daddy died when I was 9 years old, so the memories are few...but the Lord gave me a fantastic grandpa and several wonderful uncles. The best gift though, was the man I married almost 36 years ago. He is even more than my best friend. I am so glad to have been blessed to share more memories with him this weekend.
See you later this week!
I will be sharing my time visiting with a fellow blogger!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Official - I Have Lost my Cloche Mind!

It all started innocently enough. Inside one of the tins on TOP of my cupboards were these Planter's Peanut salt and pepper shaker and whistle. I had forgotton all about them. Well, I told my friends, leave them out, I'll post them on my blog. You know how it is.
So then we had the cloche party....see where I am going here. Well, I don't have that little of a cloche...but I saw all the wine glasses, etc. But it was missing something...oh..peanuts....go to Dollar Tree, buy peanuts, shell them, and voila...
Mr. Peanut under glass!
I know, I know...but you would have done it too!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's a Cloche Party!

A Stroll Thru Life is having a Cloche party! This should be soooo much fun. I am more excited to see everyone else's ideas for their cloches as showing my feeble attempts. I have all different sizes and use various items for bases. I still do not have a wire cloche...(insert a whine here), but I bet I will see some today in blog land.

The first cloche is familiar as it is on my blog header. I just love this large cloche with my teacups in it.

A medium size cloche holds my and my husband's baby shoes. The next cloche is very small. I use an old flower frog to hold a picture of my husband grandmother when she was young.

Technically, probably not a cloche...but I just love this birdcage looking one with a bird in it for spring.

A find at Ross...cloche and the tall black stand. Right now it is holding one of my chickens.

Just a teacup and old hankerchief...on a wire cake stand.

This has been so much fun and I can't wait to see all of your cloches!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My name isn't Cancer, it's Ceekay

Almost 2 years ago during my worst days of Chemotherapy, I call my friend Kathy, and cried, asking her to remember me how I used to be. She, trying to comfort me, started naming off things she knew she would remember about me. That conversation inspired me to write a little letter, so to speak, and I have shared it at my doctor's office and with friends.

I know there are so many of us bloggers that are battling this horrible disease. In fact, I started my blog, as a testament of my life and the people and things I enjoy. So I thought I would share my paper. I do this, so that when you see someone, without their hair, swollen from the steroids, moving slow, or wearing a mask....this is not who we are. We have loves, hopes and dreams, just like everyone without this disease. We just had a moment, where our life changed, that made everything much more sweeter and much more precious to us.

I am not Cancer, I am Ceekay. Remember that I love:

Singing in the Choir
Puppy breath
The Fall
Seeing the road ahead on a drive
Pictures in the Clouds
Crispy bacon
Holding a baby
Seeing beautiful homes
Going to tea
Antiques, especially family ones
Going for rides in our Convertible
My lake up north Michigan
Birds singing
Carriage rides
Cooking vicariously
Giving presents
Hearing my grandchildren call me Grandma
Talking to my friends on the phone
Jewelry, Diamonds
Reading magazines
Chocolate, especially cake with buttercream icing
Getting real mail
Being at home with my husband
Touching beautiful things
Shopping at Ross
Hearing “I'm proud to be an American” sung
Going to a great restaurant
Seeing horses grazing
Finding out who’s getting married and who’s pregnant
Winning a game
Smell of lavender
Laughing at my son when he jokes around
Watching the stars at night
Pork steaks on the grill

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Work Day -

or also know as - Oh my goodness, am I tired!!!

I have some dear friends that helped me almost 3 years ago put my "antiques" above my cupboards. So I begged and they graciously agreed to come help me clean up there! Today was the day. I wish I had thought to get a picture of Amy walking on my counter top and kneeling on my refrigerator...but I didn't!

Anyways, we got it done - yes, it does take 3 women to get it like you want it!

I had prepared a box lunch....everything including the drink was in a box tied with raffia...they loved it!
We had turkey cranberry cream cheese mini sandwiches, spinach salad with strawberries and candied walnuts, pickles, olives, fritos, and a lovely chocolate mini cake...all were wrapped in parchement paper or chinese take-0ut boxes...
It really was cute!

I showed these years ago...but I will do again, since they are CLEAN!
old hand mixer, old toaster for camping, lemonade glasses in carrier and an old dried beef box.

Fiesta ware pieces and old scale

metal dish rack, old spice can, my grandma's old mixing bowl with her springerle cookie pin inside, sweet spice box my hubs got me years ago, old masher and bit of old flour can

old coffee cans (and yes, I have 1 key!) marshmellow can, chip can, old cracker can WITHOUT the bars...and that is my baby cup...

These are really hard to see, but it is a milk bottle collection. The little "stand" is a milking stool... in the corner standing is an old pop crate.

A few of my old rolling pins....

My old bowls...they are filled with old cookie cutters

This is a favorite of grandma's apple cookie jar, one of my mom's cookie cutters and my mom's Betty Crocker cookbook! Do you see the God Bless Our Home sign? My uncle who is now close to 80 made it in school for his mom.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the cupboard display. One was washing, one was taking down and putting up, and I was saying...a little more to the left, yes, yes, no, too much....
Thank you Candy and Amy...I am sure they are planning their get aways for the next time, I get a brillant idea!
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