Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day 2008!!

I always think of my Grandpa on Labor Day. He came to the United States so he could have freedom, and a good job to provide for his family. Grandpa and Grandma had eight children, during the depression, and my mother would relate on how they all worked together, including the kids, to keep their home.
My grandpa retired from Dodge Motors in Detroit many years ago. He worked hard all his life, including building several homes. We are blessed to be in America where work is readily available. It may not be the work we may want or like, or the pay what we feel we should get, but work is always around. I hope you and your families enjoy this holiday, to celebrate all the advancements of labor today and enjoy a Day of No Work!! Be safe.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This and That Show and Tell

Happy Friday! I had to show you my new little pumpkin. I just love how they are decorating pumpkins that are not jack-o-laterns. I am not big into Halloween but I LOVE the Harvest. I found this at Kirkland about a month ago and knew I better buy it right then or it would be gone.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is Good, His love endures forever.

This pumpkin is about the size of a baseball and is a type of ceramic.

I had to show these jars. I have had these jars since I was first married. My husband was working evenings and would sometimes stop at the grocery store for a nibbly. That was when they would be marking down items and he brought me these jars. They were like 25 cents each. There was no coffee. I guess that sold out early. I have always wished I could find one...I know they are just jars...but they are one of my most cherished possessions because of how I got them. We were so poor. My hubby was going to seminary during the day and working evenings. We were renting from my grandparents. But he still managed to find some precious gifts for me.
And....I could not resist this towel at the M&M store in Vegas. I love Green. She has such an attitude. Have you seen the new Green commercial?

Well, that is my This and That for Show and Tell at No Place Like Home today. I am off to see what everyone else is showing.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday - #1

There is a wonderful new blog, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, and she is hosting Tablescape Tuesday. I have to apologize to all my regular blog readers that these pictures I have posted before. I had every intention of doing a new tablescape for today, but ended up being away from home all day yesterday and now today I am kinda tired. But I wanted to participate and maybe someone in blogland will enjoy seeing them. This table I did at my friend Candy's home for our black and white tea. The picture actually was taken in color, but it looks all black and white.
This was my valentines table. The plates and napkins were from Target.
This is one of my Christmas tablescapes. I use this between Christmas and New Years.
Easter. Again, Target plates. Placemats were from our grocery store. And if you can see the glasses. Everyone loves those glasses and thinks they are antiques. Nope, Dollar Tree. And as my husband would add right here....a dollar!

This is such a fun table. I used my china. It was for a few ladies last summer. The chairs are picture frames. I put their names in them. I glued daisies to small grapevine wreathes for the napkin wreaths because my china has daisies on them. The centerpiece was all flowers and flip flop candles and outdoor things. Why not outside? Well, it probably was 110 degrees!
I had to show my beautiful tea set that my husband bought for me. I think next time I put it out I will use a burgandy tablecloth. But I just used white with cream accents.
This is another all white tablescape. I love those placemats!

Patriotic. BTW, next year, I have a brand spanking new tea pot to add to the table. Cracker Barrel clearance....$4.00.

Well, that is all the pictures I could find today. Hope you all are having a good week...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I always wanted to be a DIVA! And Embarrassing songs!

This post is for Shelia at Note Songs. She is really into this taking a snapshot of ones self in a Public restroom. I waited to do this until I was in Vegas. This picture is from MGM. Hilarious! A lady walks in while I am doing this. I tell her, hey, it is a thing for a friend. She says and I quote, "whatever, it IS VEGAS!"
This is the restroom at I think the Mirage. So there you go Shelia. If you knew me really well, you would KNOW that this is out of my comfort range. But, hey...I want to be a ya do what cha gotta do!!

Well, I have been tagged. Kim at Happy@Home has tagged me to list 5 songs that I am embarrassed I like. Got this one covered.

1. Black Velvet - Alannah Myles... this is not my style of music, but I just love the deep beat of this song.
2. I'm Henry the VIII, I am - Herman's Hermits - ok, so you all know what era I am from...I can still see him doing his leg swings to this song.
Now, the next three gives my husband the creeps! There seems to be a pattern here. Remember, these are songs I should be embarrassed about doesn't have to make sense!!
3. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood...yeah, go get him girl!
4. Lucky 4You, Tonight I'm Just Me - Shedaisy...this song so cracks me up. Multiple personalities, all naughty!
5. And drum roll please.....Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks...I used to turn this up on the radio at work when it came on....I loved the video that went with it.

Ok, there you have it. The "other side" of Ceekay!

Tag, you're it! (This could be very enjoyable!!)
1. Ro at A Hint of Home
2. Kathy at Mimi's Garden
3. Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor
4. Maybe she has already done this...but what a crack up this should be....
Dana at the Stone Rabbit

Friday, August 22, 2008

Late Show and Tell - the Phantom!

I am struggling to get caught up from our jaunt to Vegas. It reminds me that I ain't as young as I used to be! We had a wonderful time in Vegas. I will later tell you all about our heavenly suite, but for today's Show and Tell at No Place Like Home, I thought I would show the Program from Phantom. I tell you, I could hardly contain my emotions during the play. They have a theatre that is all built just for this production. It is amazing! We sat right under the huge chandelier. This is the beautiful program. I don't usually buy them, but this one I HAD to have!
One of the pictures from the program.
Here is the title, notice the O???
My husband surprised me with this pendant the next day. It is all rhinestones and is the about the size of a half dollar. I just love it and it will be such a wonderful memory every time I wear it of a fantastic anniversary. I would say to anyone that hasn't seen Phantom that you really should make it a priority on the "bucket list". You will not be sorry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some of My Favorite Songs - Hello, I'm Back!

I have no idea why this didn't post. I tried to do that pre-date thingy...guess I didn't do it correctly! My husband and I got home about 1/2 hour ago and I have so much to tell all of you. We had a wonderful anniversary. It was everything we hoped for and probably even more! Sheila - I even have some bathroom shots for you....I will be posting soon! Kathy at Mimi's Garden is having a challenge today for our 10 favorite songs. When I first heard of this challenge I thought there is no way. First of all, how do I pick only 10. I LOVE music of all genres. Then I laughed because even if I could choose I would never be able to remember the correct titles. But because I have always loved a good challenge...I sat down and made my list. It really was easier than I thought.

MY LIST of Favorite Songs

1.Always and Forever – Luther Vandross My husband and I have our saying, One life, One love, Always and Forever. He found this song for us while I was ill and we always stop and listen to it at least once every week.
2.Lord, I Lift Your Name on High – I LOVE this chorus. I love to sing His praises, I’m so glad you’re in my life, I’m so glad you came to save us. LOVE IT! This is the song of my heart.
3.My Sweet Lady – John Denver - Hubby sang this song to me many many times after we lost our first baby.
4.Trust and Obey – I remember my Grandpa singing this song as I was growing up.
5.About the Cross – Gold City. This is just an amazing song about the Blood and the Cross. My husband and I both just cry every time we hear it.
6.Woman – John Lennon. I love this love song. He really speaks to how we hardly can express our love to each other.
7.I Can Only Imagine – This has become more sweeter to me after this cancer thing….gives me hope and strength to face the future that I KNOW I have in Heaven.
8.The Way You Kiss – Faith Hill - If I ever do Karoke this is it. I just think this is such a cute song. Hubby knows to turn it loud when it comes on the radio!
9.Unchained Melody – This is what we would have danced to at our wedding back in the day!
10. Forever Young – Rod Stewart….ooooh, I love Rod Stewart. This song is so precious with all the things he wishes, like I do for my children.
11. ok, 1 more….Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow A good young married in the 70’s love song….put In the 8-track and pump it up! (Have to insert this here....saw him in concert...AMAZING!
These are not all my favorites...I love the Dixie Chicks, I love that new song that talks about the cheating boyfriend - and I don't know why and my husband always gives me the eyebrow with that one, but I like it. (See, I told you I don't know titles!!) I love so many of the old hymns and we don't hear them enough anymore. Then, Kathy girlfriend....we will have to do this again at Christmas...that is a whole nother list!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Show and Tell - Master Bathroom

I realized when I posted the slide show of our home, that I forgot the pictures of our master bathroom. So, I will show you them today for Show and Tell at No Place Like Home. I just love this big block window and my burnt red wall. The colors coordinate with the Master bedroom.
This shelf is so nice to put some bathroom things on so I have some pretties to look at while soaking!
It is a big garden tub and it is next to a walk in shower. We so wanted them separated to make it easier as we "age". You know, like FINE WINE!!
You would have laughed at me trying to get the picture of the sink area and not be in the picture!! Sorry Sheila, I just haven't got there YET!

Don't forget to swing by my friend Kathy. We have a challenge going this coming Tuesday for our 10 favorite songs. I will be away, but I will post ahead to take part.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be busy looking for Elvis, sharing a GIANT strawberry shortcake with hubby and shopping at M&M store! So many little time!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Week from Today

I always like to decorate my coffee table in the Living Room according to the seasons or holidays. Today I decorated in honor of our 35th Wedding Anniversary next Monday. We are going to be enjoying some time together in Vegas, so I thought we would enjoy the items now. The big album is our wedding album. The silver goblets are from our 25th Wedding Anniversary party.
This is one of the Bibles I presented to my in-laws and my mother as I came down from the ceremony. I placed my original wedding set and my hubby's replacement (story another time!) ring on the Bible opened to the story of Ruth.
35 Wonderful years! We have been through many life experiences together, us and our Lord, in those years, but my husband was then and is now the love of my life and my soul mate.
I just love this little birdbath and thought it was so romantic looking!
Some ribbon to remind us to remember all the wonderful memories.
A picture of us from our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
We are going to enjoy our time at the Venetian and are looking forward to seeing Phantom. I promise to bring lots of pictures back.

And for my husband....I love you. One life, One love, Always and Forever.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lighting Up My World, One Lamp at a Time!

It is Show and Tell at No Place Like Home. Almost didn't get to post this...we were in the dark for several hours! Power finally came back on! Yeah for electricity!!

If you all listen very carefully, I am sure you will hear my friend Candy laughing right now. You see we have had many a good laugh in the lamp departments of stores.

I have an addiction to many items, but two my husband has definately told me not to buy anymore! Not because he is mean, just because you only have so much room. Those two things....chairs and lamps. Now I need to be analysed as to why I love chairs and lamps. I mean, I did have them growing up so it wasn't like I was deprived or anything. and seeing lamps....well, I can be downright embarrassing. I squeal, sometimes not so quietly, I wish, I moan....and for another reason I can't explain, the wilder the lamp...the more I tend to like it. Especially, what some might call garrish shades. The more fluff or dingle dangles the more I like them.

However, in my home...I have refrained myself and have what I would call calm lamps. I checked past blogs and I have never shown today is your lucky day!

Oh and by the way....just because I shouldn't, doesn't mean I won't - bring another one into the promises from this lamp/chair lover!

Lamp in the looks to me like "she" has her hands on her hip telling "him" what she thinks!
Little kitchen lamp
Outside patio lamp

Family room lamp - hmmm, needs swiffering!
Living room lamp
My room lamp
My room floor lamp
Our bedroom lamp....the picture doesn't do it justice, but these shades are the prettiest shade of rust when they are lit....

Oooh, oooh, I just noticed, I forgot the office lamp...well that will be another day!

Thankful Thursday

***I am adding a question to bloggers. Does anyone know what is going on with the Blog Roll? For 3 days it has been off and on. Thanks for any advice!
Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting Thankful Thursday. Today she asks that we post our favorite garage/flea/yard sale find. Now anyone who reads me regularly knows I really have a hard time finding a favorite. My hubby says I have 25,000 personal friends in all "my stuff". But I am going to narrow it down. I really had much more garage sale items before we moved two years ago, but my husband was really ready for a change of I had to get rid of a few items. Some though are just not up for discussion!
The first item is my old school desk. We must have bought this close to 30 years ago. I have never refinished it because it has the students carvings in the wood!
Next one is my huge goes in the other backseat seatbelt along with my butter churn I posted before. I had someone offer me quite a bit of money for this...hubby was stroking out...but no, I wanted to keep it!
This chair is really a favorite. I went to an estate sale and it was really picked over. I went down to the dingy basement and there in the corner by the hot water tank was this chair. I asked the people in charge how much? $10.00. My hands were shaking I could hardly get the money out. Now my dear husband has wanted to throw this out several times. We can't sit on it. It really is too delicate with the thrush seat and little man brain says, "what good is it?" Well, as you can see, it is still here! I always put something on it so no one sits on it and takes the chance of breaking it.
I KNOW you all understand, don't you?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Home Tour

Welcome to our home!

Hooked On Houses is hosting a tour of homes on Tuesday.

My Monday

Our weekend was a quiet one. We had a great time at church and then went out for our usual early dinner. We later just stayed home and napped and watched TV. I think that is good for the body once in a while! However, I notice we tend to enjoy doing that more as we grow older!! I had such a precious surprise yesterday. I have a wonderful young friend at church that surprised me with this beautiful trunk. I love the trunk, but I love it even more since it came from someone so dear. I love her like a daughter.
QVC had this wonderful Brighton clock on sale a few weeks ago. I just think it is so cute.
This adorable clock has been MIA since we moved. It was found in a box of collectables that I am taking to the resale shop! Glad it was found!
I thought this little sign was so cute. JoAnn's had them with various sayings. This one is now in our bedroom!
I hope everyone had a great week! Blogland was rather quiet this weekend. Guess all of you were taking that much needed nap too!
Have a great week.
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