Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bedroom Show and Tell

This week at No Place Like Home, Kelli asked us to show something from our bedrooms. I just posted my bedroom, (scroll down) but thought I would focus on some of the items in the room. This picture has been in our bedroom for many years. I think I bought it at a Walmart. But I love it and won't replace it.
I have four "prints" like this, two on each side of our armoire. Each one has a different item in the center. Found at Kirklands. Kinda like a mixed media.
A friend (JB) gave this to us for our 5th anniversary. I just have always thought it is so cute.
This is above my armoire. The two mohair bears were a gift to us for our 25th anniversary!
This book is probably one of the most precious items in our bedroom. It is a love story that my husband had made for me. He is the hero and I the heroine. It has our birthplaces and different personal touches through-out the story. This book is very special to me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our "things". I can't wait to go to all of your blogs to see your show and tell!

Show and Tell

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our bedroom

Boy, it is quiet out in blogland....I am not used to that...I thought I would post our bedroom...not the best pictures, but you get the idea. We do not have a big bedroom. Not that I wouldn't love one! But I do love our bed.
The night stands have a marble on the top. The picture that didn't show very well is of the little boy and girl whispering. I have had it for probably 25 years! Bought it at Walmart or something...I just love it and won't replace it.
Armoire for the TV. I like that the bottom is drawers!
My jewelry armoire
Just a little chair. We do have an ensuite bathroom. That will be another day!
Hope you all are having a good week....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Just a few pics from the day.... You have to have dessert!
And Grandma and Grandpa's best part of the day....

Memorial day is Monday and I cannot help but think on memories of that day when I was a kid. We lived in a suburb of Detroit and I always spent the night before the holiday at my grandparents. My grandparents were both from Russia and my grandfather had become an American citizen. Every year, and I mean every year until he could no longer walk at age 90 we would walk down to the corner and watch the Memorial Day parade. My grandpa taught me to stand when the flag came by and clap to the good American patriotic songs when the bands came by. Tears would stream down his face. I know that only in his heart did he fully realize what freedom meant.

I am such an old-fashion girl. I still decorate for Memorial day. It stays up until after July the 4th. I don't have a parade to go to, but I will see them on TV. And I carry on the tradition of tears because I cannot hear the Star Spangled Banner or my favorite, Proud to be an American without the tears.

I believe in saying the Pledge to the Allegiance, the way it was made to be said, Under God..
I am one of the fortunate ones. Even though my dad, uncles, and cousins have served during various war times, our family has never lost a member to battle.
So I hope that you and your families have a wonderful Memorial Day remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.
Enjoy the picnics and watermelon!
I will see you all on Tuesday...till then...Proud to be an American....Ceekay!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vacation Memories Show and Tell

This week at No Place Like Home, Kelli has asked for Show and Tell to show some of our vacation purchases. My hubby and I are not too much for typical souvenirs. But I do like to pick up things that I can decorate with that when I see them, I remember our wonderful trips. Here are just a few of the items I see every day....

This mini sweetgrass basket purchased at Boone Plantation in Charleston. This is about the size of a Tennis Ball's all I could afford! By the way, I just found my macro setting on my camera and am I a happy girl!
We also like to pick up prints from the areas we visit. This is a pen and ink of one of the beautiful gates in Charleston. We just loved Charleston!

We went to Savannah and had lunch at Lady and Sons restaurant. That was such a highlight of our trip. This is a print of the restaurant.

My little salsa bowl we just recently purchased in Ixtapa, Mexico.
And my precious sea life carved animals. The Sea Lion from San Diego Seaport Village. We saw them swimming in the ocean and my even more precious turtle from truly paradise next to Heaven - Hawaii.

Of course, there are many more "things" collected after 35 years of marriage and trips, but those will be another time! Hope you enjoyed seeing these. Always remember to take those matter big or small. We learned that lesson the hard way, putting it off for retirement. But maybe...just maybe, we shouldn't wait. I know we sure are not. In fact...I feel a weekend get-away just around the corner!!

Show and Tell

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teapots, Teapots

On the Tea Blog-a-Thon at Gracious Hospitality this week we are to post our tea pots and tell a little bit about them.....
If I were seeing these teapots on another blog, I would be squealing again...but I will try to contain myself since they are mine....I have to insert here that I am so blessed...the Lord knows even teapots put a smile on my face! And the all time winner???
I Know! I love her too! I found her in Las Vegas years ago at the M&M store. She is soooo me!
However, I look more like this is real life! I don't belong to the Red Hatters, but I is one!
This is a new purchase from Home Goods. They just opened one here, and trust me, I cannot go there often. I love that this is a simple cream color.

This is my spring tea pot. I love the lettuce leaves and bunnies. I believe I got it at JoAnns years ago.
This tea set was given to us as a gift 10 years ago for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I must say, I do use it quite a bit.
A friend one year after gave me the matching children's set. I have used the sugar and creamer when I just have one or two for tea.
I had to start putting in collage or this would go on for a while.....
1. Tea for one from hubby....QVC 2. Cast iron 1 cup tea pot 3. Children's tea service given by a friend - pot plays Tea for Two. 4. Tea for Two set from Renovations Hardware several years ago, now ladies, is this not cute??? 5. New set with bunnies on one side, flowers on the other from Cracker Barrel.
6. The new set my husband just gave me from QVC (he loves shopping on TV!
7. This Peter Rabbit teapot I just bought at an Estate sale, influenced by a friend....8. Bought from Walgreens before Christmas last year - Garden theme....

1. Old, old teapot purchased many years ago in Wisconsin at a garage sale.. 2. My grandma's silver and pink tea pot about 50 years old .................. 3. Teapot with flower pots on top, given by a secret pal about 10 years ago 4. 2 mini tea pots from friends 5. Thomas Kinkade teapot..................6. China hutch teapot 7. Fireplace teapot 8. Thatched roof teapot 9. Smaller teapot with daisies, probably holds 1 cup....

Can one have too many tea pots?? When trying to take all these pictures, I was saying yes! Seriously, there could me more...I am sure you all have some I will love also!!! I think I love teapots so much because when visiting my grandparents, which was at least once a week, they ALWAYS had a cup of tea, with milk and sugar, before bed. I now just look at a teapot and that warm memory comes back. So I know I cannot promise there won't be more teapots.

I want to thank LaTeaDah for the wonderful Blog-a-thon. I have so enjoyed this topic and really am sorry to see it end. I have met so many fellow tea lovers out there and have looked forward to getting to know them through their comments. I hope we will all keep in touch.....until our next cup of tea......Ceekay

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Just wanted to tell everyone in blog land to have a great weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful time of worshipping and time with family and friends. This Bible was my Grandpa's last Bible. It is a large print. The cover is getting quite worn so I put the ribbon around it. The glasses were some of his from years past. I also have my mom's Bible. These are cherished heirlooms of mine and I am so thankful to have them.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday's Show and Tell

For my Show and Tell this week I just wanted to show a couple new purchases. I absolutely had to have these glasses from Pier One. The front of the glass is like a chalk board. Too cute!

These placements I bought at the Dollar Tree. To me, they remind me of Laura Ashley kind of linens. I love all the pleats. Can't wait to use them.

Finally, this is my Key wall in the hallway. I have a "thing" for keys. These I bought 2 years ago at Kirkland. The door knocker was from our old house. We have a steel door and wasn't putting it outside, so I thought I would put it inside!
I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my "things". Have a great weekend!
Show and Tell

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tea Blog-a-Thon #9

This week for Gracious Hospitality's Tea Blog-a-Thon, we are to share about our favorite tea rooms. I like this topic. I LOVE to go to tea, and have been to several tea rooms. The sad thing is many are now closed.
I started going to tea rooms several years ago in Prescott AZ. They have had 3 tea rooms all at different times. Each was beautiful and special in its own way. Then about 2 years ago I discovered the Tea and have gone to several tea rooms closer to my home.

My all time favorite is English Rose in Cave Creek AZ. This is owned and operated by a lovely lady living here now, but from England. The scones are fantastic and the room is so cozy. There is a precious gift shop right next store to also enjoy. I also love to go to Abbey Gardens in Mesa AZ. This place is so quaint and you start out your afternoon tea by choosing your cup off a display cabinet. They sell many tea related items in the store.
This past Christmas my hubby sent me and my friend Candy to the Ritz for high tea. That was incredible. The service is top notch, gentlemen dressed in suits and bow ties. Piano player in the background. The Ritz Carlton is beautiful anytime, but at Christmas it was especially lovely.
When I went to visit my friend Rose last October we went to a tea room in South Carolina. Again, unfortunately, this has since closed. But it was the sweetest place and had so many different tea related items.

All this talk about tea rooms has made me think....been a while. Think I will pick up the phone and call my friend. I got her started down this path....and she is usually ready to go whenever I ask! Come visit lovely HOT Arizona and we will go to tea too!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the year 2035

Cue the music.....

Children go through boxes of parents "stuff". "What is this? I am not sure...must be a memory card reader of some sort....but, hmmm, where does the USB cord plug in....oh look, it has batteries. We better hang on to it, it could be an antique!"
Well, children, I know these look really wierd to you, but they are called slides! And the battery driven contraption, it is a mini slide viewer.

This weekend, hubby and I went through all the old slides and converted them to the computer. Laughter, tears, and, we looked good back then...we finally finished. I laughed when I realized that our children surely would not know what the viewer was for.
I thought you also might like to see the pin I mentioned for Mother's day. I always wear this every mother's day....about 24 years or so now.
And these little fellas were quacking up a storm by my son's apartment. He ran and got some bread so I could feed them.
They sure are beautiful! I had a great time with my son and hubby on Sunday. However, my daughter was ill. We will have to make up the day later...cuz you know I have to see those grandbabies!

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