Thursday, July 31, 2008

Friday Show and Tell - Kitchen cupboard display

For Show and Tell at Kelli's, I decided to finish showing above my kitchen cupboards. Please remember I am vertically challenged. These pictures were taken on a 2 step stepstool and I still had to look up! The above picture is of my Fiesta ware pitcher, child's pitcher and platter. The chair with teddy bear is not old and doesn't do it justice, but best I could do. The cup was my baby cup.

There it is, my one and only kitchen rooster! Behind it is an old Coke crate. The bench is an old milking bench, hence the milk bottle and creamer cow, that was my mom's. The jar in front is an old blue mason jar. Next to it is an old scale...story time!!! Another auction. They had probably 30 different scales. We won the choice lot. Now remember we were poorer back in those days, so I think for $5.00 each we took 2, this one and another I have for another day. Anyways, WHY didn't we take them all? We could have sold them for more than $5.00. Well, the answer, we didn't have the extra money...but oh my....shoulda, woulda, coulda!!!
I love rolling pins and no, I have never used them as a weapon!..the Baskets are on top of the fridge and the egg scale, well, it is just too cute!
Yah, I like old tins too! The cracker one was my mom's. The coffee ones, were my grandpa's. He had old nails and stuff in the garage in them. The Whiz soap actually goes with my grandpa's shaving mug items, but it looks better here. The rest I got at garage sales or something. The cracker tin is full of old style cookie cutters that were my mom's!

Oh, I love this picture! The mixer...found in 2 separate garage sales...that was a squealing day!...I lived in Michigan where Borden's milk was made and the cookie jar is my grandma's! And yes, it has the lid! See the sign above? My Uncle Ray made this in High School. It hung for years in my Grandparent's kitchen. It has to be around 60 years old or so. Just to the right you see a portion of a blue cabinet. My aunt Barb bought this for me for my birthday one year. It was in my Blue Country days. But I won't part with it for anything.

Whew...hope I didn't wear you out!

The question is always do you keep it clean? I use a long handled swiffer occasionally to get any cobwebs and dust....once a year a dear friend comes over and she hands me each item, I wash it, and it goes back up. I never take it all down at once...I was lucky to get it all up there the first time! I am sure there is some dust up there, but when you come over, if you really need to, you can get the ladder and do the white glove test! Just keep it between you and me!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Titanic Candy Dish

I wish I could remember, but someone spoke about Titanic memorabilia, so I thought about my trip to the exhibit. I went several years ago, but I still remember the awe of seeing things from so long ago, years in the ocean, and still looking pretty good. When you enter you are given a passenger name and at the end you see if you survived the sinking. Surprisingly to me, I DID!
I purchased this candy dish. It is a replica of one of the patterns of dishes from the ship.
Above picture is looking into dish.
This is the stamp on the bottom.
I really enjoy looking at this from time to time and remembering the Titanic exhibit.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

It is Tuesday and nothing too much exciting has been going on here. I know I have said it before, but it is very hot. When it is over 100 days in and days out it sort of sucks the energy out of a person. Usually I enjoy our Monday run around days, but yesterday, we just went to my doctor appointment and came home. Air conditioning...a blessing! I did get a good report again, praise the Lord, so I will be able to continue my blog. I don't know if you are excited about that, but I am!!!

I don't believe I ever posted about my kitchen. I really should do this for show and tell, so I will just show a couple pictures here and maybe finish on Friday. Our kitchen is not extremely large. Perfect for hubby and me, considering, like I know I have mentioned before, making reservations is my prefered way of cooking!!

My cupboards do not have a soffit, which I am glad because I am so partial to 30s and 40s kitchen items. Several items in the above picture are favorite items...more of them!!

The green pitcher with the greenery was my grandma's. My mom said they used it occasionally for milk. The bowl also was grandma's, then my mom's. It is from the Jewel Tea company and they used it for mixing coffee cake. The spice chest above the bowl, my husband bought at an auction. Oh, I just have to tell the story.....

We were at a farm auction. I stayed with the household items and he went to the farm implements. A little while later he comes carrying this box to me. Apparently he tried to get a milk paint one, but it went so high he dropped out, but then this one came up. I am sure they were in the barn to hold nails or something. It was missing a drawer. Well, several men tried to buy it from him but my husband said no. He told me later he kinda figured I might like it. Of course, you know it is precious to me.

One more little story, I promise. (Just imagine what it would be like if you were here in person!) The glasses I purchased at another garage sale Many years ago. One time DH was at another sale with me and he came up and said I think this is a holder for those glasses like you bought. He was right!

The box to the right was given to me by a friend 15 years ago...Just to the left you can see the old toaster. It was my aunts and we used it up at the cottage. Oh, I can barely contain myself here. I am so thankful to have these bits and pieces of the past. I will ramble more on Friday....I guess I should take a breath!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

ONE of my favorite things....

Mercy me, what a challenge. Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting Your favorite thing. This cannot be a person, so that leaves my hubby out! I am late on posting this, because honestly, I struggled with what really is my favorite thing. My husband and I have often spoke of what to grab in an emergency...and I would be in a real pinch. I am so sentimental about so many things, it is really hard to pick a favorite. I have family pieces, pictures, memory books, oh, I need to breathe....Ok, that's better.

I finally knew what I wanted to pick. It is my crock butter churn. I have moved several times with this item, and let me tell you, it gets seat belted in the car with blankets all around it. It is not a family piece but I remember clearly the day I bought it. I was a young (er) bride and we went to our first farm auction. I saw this churn and that was it...I was taking it home. I dug my feet in the ground and started bidding. Hubby was behind me getting panicked...he leaned over and said..."How high are you going to go?" Don't know, but it is mine!
Well, I won. It was $40.00 back then, which meant we ate a lot of hot dogs the next week. But it and the memory are definately ONE of my favoite things. For you antique buffs, the paddle is complete. I know that is important. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and I am off to look at some more of your favorite things!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friday Show and Tell - Bracelets

Last week for Show and Tell one of the participants showed her charm bracelet. I thought I would do that also this week. The first charm bracelet was started by my mother when I was in High School. There is a typewriter, piano, clarinet, band, a car!, sweet 16, and some from travels to Henry Ford Museum, Merrimek Caverns, etc. I wore this bracelet quite a bit when pullover sweaters were all the rage!
This bracelet was my mom's. She always wore gold. It has charms that meant things in her life.
This bracelet started when I graduated and then married. But by then they were not so popular anymore.
But everything comes back again! This is the bracelet I made while on my Mexican Riviera cruise. I got a charm from each of the islands. Sea horse for Puerta Villarta, the anchor for the ship, crocodile for Ixtapa, Sombrero for Alcapulco, another Villarta, Iguana for the iguana I held! in Puerta Villarta and the Sea Lion for Cabo San Lucas!

I only wish I had thought of this when I was in Hawaii, although, sometime I will have to show my ALOHA bracelet.

I love bracelets. When I worked in the office and they would depict me in anything, I always was drawn with a bracelet on!

Don't forget to stop by No Place Like Home for more Show and Tell's.

Before I close today, I wanted to post my award from Alex. She sent this to me before her surgery. It is a very special award and I am so happy to have received it!

Pray for Alex

If you get a chance today please pray for Alex from Quill and Pen. She is having a liver biopsy today. Alex is a young wife who is a very talented artist. To say that she is scared is putting it mildly, and believe you me, I have been there! She has been physically ill for over 2 weeks now and I sure that isn't helping. I just happened on Alex's blog a little while ago.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week. We went out yesterday and I took my camera to show you our new Brighton store. And the answer to your mental question is No, unfortunately, I didn't buy anything :(

BUT, I did put a few things down on my wish page they keep for any upcoming gift needs for my hubby...DID YOU HEAR THAT HUBBY?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Mondays are usually my hubby and my run around day. He has Monday and Tuesday off from work. Yes, he still works...yeah for money, sad for me. Anyways, he was a sickie. Don't really know what hit him, but he was down for the count. He is much better today, so hopefully, we will be able to get out. I decided to just post some random pictures. Also, unfortunately, I had to take off my adorable background paper. It just kept getting "hung up" and I didn't want that. I am going to try some others when I get over my initial frustration with it! This is how my table looks right now. Very tropical. I think it fits since we are in Monsoon here now!

This is what I wish I was doing today. Hugging and kissing on the grandkids.
I think I must be in a travel mood. Here are some souvenirs that people have brought me from the Holy Land. I have never been there. The little Testament that says Jerusalem. A carved camel, a communion cup and an antique oil lamp. The oil lamp actually has papers to verify that it is a genuine piece dug up from archeological digs.
Well, back to the present here and now. Hope you all have a fun Tuesday!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chocolate Overload?!?

I posted a bit about the sleepover our ladies group at church had Friday. Well the theme was chocolate. Now, I love chocolate, but believe me, this was chocolate overload! My husband always teases me that no, I cannot stand at the chocolate fountain with a
No, I really did not drink the chocolate. Wish I could say the same for not eating the chocolate dipped strawberry, marshmallos and banana!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can I squeal now?

I had an interesting weekend. I went to a ladies sleepover with our church ladies. To say that I am tired, well...just know that I am. On the way home I stopped at Michaels to pick up some scrapbook paper. I always check out the clearance and I couldn't believe that this cute little lamp was just sitting there...all alone. So I took it to the register to see how much it would be...lamp, shade and bulb! $1.67....I was squealing outloud...the cashier was laughing. Then I came home... and thought, I will check my blog...and my friend Kathy called. Did you see my blog? I finally figured out how to do the background. Well, then she walked me through...and yeah! It is SO much cuter than it was. Well, I think so.
I think I will go to bed early. I think I have a note to self. Don't stay up to 2:00 AM anymore. I mean, do I think I am still 20? 30? 40? oh, nevermind!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you in blogland next week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show & Tell - Our Main Bath

Of all the rooms in my home, if I ever moved I would miss would surprisingly be our main bath. A new home could have bigger bedrooms, a formal dining room, maybe even duel masters...but I love the size of this main bath and that it has double sinks. When we were planning our move into this home, telling friends of my decorating plans, they all were shocked that I was doing the room black and gold. I think they had visions of Vegas or something. However, now it is one of the rooms guest comment the most about.

I don't think a play by play tour is necessary....

I have coordinating prints of this one on top of another. I lean toward graphic art.+
The plaque above the towels is a modern version of the Fruit of the Spirit.

When you come to visit our home, you will get to see it in real!
Please go to There's No Place Like Home to see more Friday Show and Tell!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Didn't Think It Would Be So Much Work!!

Remember I told you I was going to Hobby Lobby Monday. Well, I did...and I saw beautiful candle holders...but I didn't buy any...
Gorgeous serving and decorative dishes...passed them up...
Iron work to drool over...nope, I am strong....
I'll just browse throught the scrapbooking and we can leav....WAIT...
I have seen these before, I want to try that....How hard could a little 6 page album be????
Many, and I mean MANY hours later.....Da Tah!!! I still need a couple of embellishments....and 1 more picture....but it is basically done. You try to cut paper front and back and have it all line looked so simple. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it turned out, but I was thinking, well wouldn't these be cute Christmas gifts. SORRY, NOPE...this is a one and only.
Tag on the front
One of the phrases I put in the album....
Please note here*** If I ever become famous...and they build a library in my honor...please someone, make sure this is in it!
By the way, stop by Decor to Adore and sign up for her gorgeous give-away. Now I would like to tell you that you really shouldn't bother, cuz it is mine...but, hey, you might as well give it a try...I am not very lucky that way!
Have a good week bloggers!
Update - The finished album is 6X12 inches. It holds about 10 pictures of varying sizes. You don't see the inside, but each page is decorated front and back. Cost is about 20.00 in materials and I am saying that if you have some already you can pick from.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What you find when you go through a box!

Added: I wanted to add to this post an award I received from La Rea Rose. It was so wonderful to receive another award. It makes the time spent blogging even a little bit more special. We are supposed to pass to 7 blogs, but since I just passed on another award, I would like to offer it anyone on my blogroll that would love to take it. The blogs listed there I read everyday and they have become a regular part of my daily routine! Therefore, they are Brillante! I was cleaning out one of THOSE boxes. You know you have some. Those boxes that SOMEDAY I am going to go through. Well, I picked one. Most of it got thrown away (hubby is clapping here) but I thought I would show you something I found. My first cookbook. My name is written in the front in my mother's handwriting.
Ok, so this kinda gives away how old I am.
Isn't this cute?
Then, where oh where was this when Quill Cottage was doing Laura Ingalls Blog about buttons. I don't know where or why, but I have it. Someone out in blog land would probably think this is quite the find.
My hubby works nights. When I got up in the morning, (he knows I go straight to the computer) he had this sitting on the screen. This is our saying. Let's all say together, awwwww. He is a keeper! By the way, cuz I know someone will is a coaster covering his name. He is very private about this blogging thing....I got the coasters in Charleston (love). They are like mini Oriental rugs. Too cute. I keep one by the computer for my tea while I blog.
Well, that is the news in AZ. Going to Hobby Lobby Monday.......squeal! Don't know what for, but you KNOW I will find something I just HAVE to HAVE!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday....It's Friday!!

It's Friday and Show and Tell at Kelli's. My hubby has been waiting for me to show our new quilt. It is like a Prism of different colors. So pretty! PS. No I did not make the quilt. That is one craft I have never tried. It is just another QVC purchase! I changed my coffee table for summer. I put shells in an apothecary jar and some scattered around...then, wow, I thought I should put a picture of one of our cruise ships....voila, summer vignette!

Remember yesterday me mentioning about a rooster. Storytime: We saw these roosters at Walmart 2 months ago. Hubby said, "Do you want a rooster?" "No, why do I want a rooster?" Hubby "kinda cute, sure you don't want one?"
So fast forward...a summer of blog surfing and by golly, what do my wandering eyes see??????? Yep, ROOSTERS. Apparently, I had missed the memo that roosters are IN. Of course, hubby, he never said a word...yah, right. "Didn't I tell you to get a rooster?" So yesterday I said OK, I'll go get a rooster. Can you believe I bought one of the last two. Now mind you when we saw them, there were roosters everywhere! Well, at least there is one here now. Wish he would eat the chick weed!

And this? Well this is our beautiful AZ sky getting ready for a whopper of a storm. Usually, there isn't a cloud in the sky.
Oh boy! Not pretty. PS. Aside from losing our power a didn't turn out to be too bad...I am so glad!

Have a great weekend blogland. See you all Monday, after the storm!!!

Good Morning Thursday!

Have really no real plans for my post today, but thought I would show a couple pictures around my home. We are having a cool is only 105 degrees! Compared to 112, we will take it.
When you live in Phoenix, you get up VERY early if you want to do something outside. It is not unusual to see people up at 5:00 AM pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and washing their cars.
I didn't get up THAT early, but I did get up to do the backyard stroll. Checking to make sure the trees and bushes are ok from the heat and wind. So I thought I would show you a picture of my bench. Now, you KNOW there is a story here. I have been begging my hubby for a bench in the backyard...just for looks. I didn't care if we sat on it...but he said, "If we get a bench, we are sitting on it." So, he bought me a bench. Now I had pictured a cute scrolly thing, but this one is "STURDY"! Actually, it is quite cute and it is sturdy! (Yep, those are fake July, August and September choice of garden flowers!)
I saw a picture on a blog where they took a picture through a is my attempt!
I changed my dining table to Palm trees. Had the patriotic out a Long time!
Anyone recognize these????
Yep, we took the grandkids to Peter Piper Pizza. Well, there it is..... just a day in my life!
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I think I am going to run to Walmart to get a rooster....that is a whole nother story!
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