Thursday, October 30, 2008

Show and Tell from my Aunt's house

For Show and Tell at Kelli's I would like to show some of the items from my Aunt's home. The main reason I went to Michigan was to spend some time with my Aunt Barbara. She is 81 and just lost my precious Uncle, her husband of 62 years ago last January. There are a few items that are very special to me and I thought I would share them today.... This lamp was my mother's many years ago.

She gave it to my Aunt for the cottage. My aunt had the fabric shade made for it.

This picture hung in my Grandparents home for years. It lights up. Many evenings I came down to their home (my husband and I lived in an upstairs apartment) and would see this light on and my grandparents hand in hand in prayer....they would have been in their 80s.

I made this fork and spoon for my mother when I was first married. I did ceramics.

This lamp has been in my Aunt's home for years. Always the base lit up for a nightlight.

This coffee pot is the only wedding gift my aunt has left. I believe it must be a drip style pot.

These are ration stamps during WWII that my uncle had saved.

This is the booklet he received when he reported for the draft.

This is my aunt's china. I have mentioned before that it is because of her beautiful tablescapes that I love it so. These dishes will someday grace my table.
These are the only 2 pieces left of a gift my uncle gave my aunt before they were married. It was a complete dresser set. I just love these.

During my visit I was able to go through many family pictures, old notes and letters, and my uncle's tools. I will show soon the precious tool I was able to bring home as a remembrance piece of his.

It was difficult to leave my aunt. She is not as strong as I remember her and she is showing the strain of life without her soul mate. But she is a Godly woman and so important in the woman I am today. Although none of these pieces are of much monetary value, they are priceless to me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Am Home

I just wanted to let you know that I got home safe and sound. I know some of you must have been praying for me, because I had the most smoothest flight and landing ever!
It is so wonderful to be home! I have so many pictures to download and show you all.
While I was gone my precious hubby did some hunny do things for was hanging a chandalier above my tub!!!! It is soooo pretty!
So please watch either tomorrow or Friday. I will post more. I am sure you understand that I am really tired today.
Till then...Ceekay

Above picture is Kathy and my feet after a long day of fun! Tonight...our feet are in different states :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday - Cabin Style!

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch hosts Tuesday Tablescapes. This is one of my favorite posts of the week. This week's post is a combined effort of Kathy and myself up at her cabin. We had sooo much fun putting together the table...and laughing at the various ways to come up with just the right shot. Please visit Kathy also as she has some different photos.....
Please find a seat....Don't worry....we can light the hurricane light if it gets dark!
What is on the menu??? Well beans and links of course! Napkins??? sure enuf....complete with leaf and twine napkin ring!
Would you like something to drink??

Not a problem, I'll get you some water!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few more Traveling shots!

I hope these pictures are in the right order. I don't know what happen to blogger while I have been gone, but it seems to be having a crisis! Anyways, just a few more snapshots..... Kathy and I walking in the path by their cabin. Slightly nippy!
In the ferry heading toward Mackanac Island.

There she is! I was soooo excited. I have wanted to go there for years. Yes, you do have to pay $10.00 to go into the Hotel and walk on "the porch". One of the best $10.00 I ever spent. I would have paid $20! It is absolutely exquisite!

We are getting close on our horse taxi! The taxi will turn to the left and let you off by the huge stairway leading up the Hotel!

Some sweet lady offered to take our picture all together! Sandy and Kathy, my wonderful traveling companions. We had soooo much fun.

I have many more pictures of my own, but I don't want to download 500 (no, really!) pictures on Kathy's computer. I can't wait to show you all my purchases for the past month!
I will be home in Phoenix on Wednesday. I believe Kathy and I are doing a joint post on Tuesday....stay tuned for that!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Michigan Animal Tales.....

Well, just a few pictures for Show and Tell at No Place Like Home. I am still away and about...but my month trip is nearing to an end. I only have a few pictures downloaded just a taste of some of the adventures. See the Michigan coat? My son in a BIG fan of Michigan State and believe me I was glad to have the coat on! It was freezing to the bones of this AZ girl!
I seem to have become a Mrs. Doolittle on this trip. I have seen deer, mallards, geese, sheep, racoon, squirrels and more. These cows were far away in a field. I got out to take a pictures and started "sweet talking" to the cows...and lo and behold, they started coming to me! It was unbelievable! Course, I was standing by the water tub!

This horse is named Little Joe from Bonanza. We bonded! No kidding...the horse taxi was waiting and this horse was just wanting me to talk to him and stroke his nose. He was beautiful. His partner horse - Hoss, could have cared less I was there!

I don't know whether I should be pleased or concerned that the animals come to me. We even saw 3 American eagles flying over our heads, and I mean many times back and forth. Very hard to get a picture though... but it was thrilling to see so many and so close!

Well, my days in Michigan are coming to an end. I fly home next Wednesday. I have so much to share with you when I get back. Thanks to you all who have left me messages. I check often! Although I hate leaving, I am anxious to be home with my husband and my home! But until then...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helloooooo, Is anyone still there?

Hello all my blogging friends. I just got in from Up North Michigan! I have tons of pictures and events to share. Course, my good friend Kathy will probably beat me to some of the great eventures, but I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time helping my elderly aunt clean and sort some of her items. I got a lot of family pictures and many stories shared. Then Kathy and her wonderful husband took me to Mackanac Island. A Michigan native, and I had never been there. What a blessing of a day we had! Now I am back at Kat's for a week. I will be downloading pictures tomorrow so please stop back. Anxious to check messages and see what is happening with all of you! Till then.....Ceekay

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wonderful Michigan Fall Memories!

I have had such a wonderful time this past week at Kathy's home. We have been like a couple of teenagers with all the howling and laughing and carrying on. Monday we went to the Cider Mill. I have been planning my rendevous with a fresh, warm cinnemon donut for weeks!
It is finally here!

MMMMMM, it is so warm and tender........
Oh, that first yummy bite...
Crunchy on the outside...
Soft inside....
I cannot stand is SOOOOOOO good. OH NO!!!

Yep, that is us up on the wagon.....getting up was should have seen us trying to get down. If it was recorded by someone...I am sure it would be on You Tube!!We had a lovely High Tea at Afton Tea Room in Plymouth!
I am so lonely for a handsome man with my hubby at home! Oh Ken...can I give you a hug???
How about a little kiss???

Well, ladies, I am off to my Aunt's home/cottage in Northern Michigan. I will be without computer access unless they have one at the library! I will be posting again when I return in 2 weeks. Please visit Kathy's blog to see a few more pictures of our time together.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You can take the girl out of Michigan

But you can't take the Michigan out of the girl! Walking down a green lush path...
Kathy and I at Dixboro Country store...
Looking for a pumpkin?
Does this look familiar?
Jan and her sister at their wonderful antique store. So exciting to unexpectedly meet fellow bloggers!
I am having a wonderful time. Kathy is trying to cook for my diet, but she is such a good cook, I think I will have to do a lot of walking when I get Up North to my aunt's cottage.
Will try to post again before Wednesday. I will not have a computer for 2 WEEKS! Lord help me! Even if I had a lap top, which I do not, my aunt is 2 miles in the woods...and no computer access.
Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello from Michigan, Brrrr!

This ole Arizonian is getting a chill down! 55 degrees here in Michigan. I have some wonderful pictures to show, but I haven't downloaded them yet...but I could not wait to tell you this!
Kathy and I today went shopping...oooh, shock there! We stopped at this adorable antique store. We thought, we have seen this before. I asked the lady if she has a blog. was Feather Your Nest! I am telling you, I was SOOOOOO excited! Poor Kathy's husband thought we were speaking another language. But you all was Bloglingo. She has an absolutely beautiful shop....and of course, we each bought a treasure.
BTW, thank you for the plane ride prayers. I had an absolutely smooth ride, and soft landings. I went to Ikea for the first time...oh my word...can you say dish heaven!
So, as soon as I figure how to download my pictures, I will post some.
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