Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fresh Cut Friday

Liz at Rose Vignette hosts Fresh Cut Friday.  I really enjoy this party because it gives me an excuse to get some flowers.....This past month was Tulip Month....I always enjoy buying some so I can feel like it is Spring! 

Now I have some new baby pink ones.....

 I have to share my new grandpuppy with Thunder.

 He is the cutest, tiniest thing....

 Here is my adorable granddaughter....she came over to visit on Tuesday.  We ran after the puppy, ate pizza, and played Old Maid!!

And of course, Bentley had to get his share of LOVE too!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogger Royal-tea

I had such a wonderful time at the Blogger Royal-tea.  You can see that some of us wore our hats for a while at least.

This is the lovely Laura from Decor to Adore.  She did an amazing job getting this all together.
She made each of us this sweet little box.
When you opened it, a sweet little Thank you card.
and some goodies.
Liz from Rose Vignettes....who I hope is still speaking to me!!!  made these beautiful little candy stacks. 
Look at the precious crown.
See Liz so happy admiring her teapot.  It was a Gift Exchange.  They did that silly steal game.  I told the ladies that I HATE that game.  So when it was my number...well, sorry, but I had to play by the rules!!

I stole it from my dear friend Liz!!  Sorry Liz......

For all you pink lovers...look at the soft lines of pink.

At the tearoom there was so many items with Cate and William.  I refrained because I knew my friend Sally was returning from there.  I asked her if she could pick me up some little thing with the royal couple.  I tell you I am over the moon thrilled with this....

sweet little display plate.  It has their names and date of the wedding.

Love the crown on the back...but it was made in China...isn't that funny!!

She also got me a postcard with the official engagement party.  Oh Marty...tell your son, she still is in the blue dress...poor girl!!

What a great weekend.  We are taking it easy today.  Tomorrow my daughter and grand-daughter are supposed to come over.  Our grandson won't be able to come because he will be in school.

Have a great week.....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can you LOVE Spring??

As our beloved Shelia asks!  And believe me, I don't think I have ever loved Spring as much as I do this year.  Even in Hot Dry Arizona, we had a horribly COLD winter and I am glad to see it go.  Now granted soon, and very soon, ( I am going to see the King!! - oh sorry, I will often burst into song when the words remind me!!)  I will be complaining that it is TOO hot!  But I am enjoying the beautiful days, trying to get outside every one of them!
I had to go get some more tulips.  I JUST LOVE them!

I was cleaning my jewelry chest the other day and came across these earring.  These were my earrings in High School BEFORE I had pierced ears.  I am sure many of you will remember this style...they were supposed to look close to a pierced earring.

I tried so hard to get a closer shot of the heart, but even with was fuzzy....but they are tiny!

Since I have my birds out, I added this sweet one to the mix.  It is so is tiny too!!

I laughed (not in as funny, but as OF COURSE!)  this morning.  I got up, got ready, got in the car that I hardly ever have and was so excited to be out early for the Garage Sales.  Umph....there wasn't a, really, not even ONE!!  How depressing.  Nothing gets this ole girl's blood moving like a good garage sale.  Oh well, guess the Lord KNOWS I don't NEED anything!!

Saturday is our AZ Bloggers Tea.  I am so looking forward to seeing some of you.  So, until then, have a great week.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I finally was successful!!!

in talking my friend Candy into starting a blog.  She and her husband are on a new adventure!  If you get a chance pop over and welcome her to blog land.  You know how lonely it can be when you are a new blogger!!

 Candy at Sweet Meanderings

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Went to church and then stopped at PF Changs for lunch.  We love their lunch bowls.  Just a couple of pics taken with the phone...not the best....

My son....(yes I know, he is gorgeous......he is funny too! one can make me laugh like he does!)
My dear hubby.  He hates having his picture this is as good of a smile as I can get!

It is raining here today....unusual really.   Hubby is watching some man futuristic thing on TV....and I am about to go fix up some strawberries to eat! I have said before, it is REAL exciting stuff over here!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Have Had a Secret!

The most amazing thing happened to me.  I really can't believe it myself....but,

I was asked to contribute to a new online magazine.  It had it's launch today.  My article is under the relationship category.  If you are interested....go to Living Better at 50+.  

This really is a dream come true for me.  I hope you don't mind my sharing it!!

Edited:  a direct link to the article is don't miss the rest of the magazine.  It is really good.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Table Top Tuesday and Other Stuff!

Tabletop Tuesdays at Marty's!  or should we say couch top??  Our Bentley Boy went to the groomers today and he is working it for all it is worth!

Come on Bentley!

It will grow back, I promise!

Can I have a special treat?

Did any of you see these precious birds at Cracker Barrel?  They really are S&P!

They had this sweet little dish that matched.
I absolutely could not resist these orange tulips at Walmart the other day....
and some Spring has arrived on my Living Room Buffet.

Sweet bunnies from my friend Kathy....
and darling birdhouse from my daughter a couple of Mother's Day ago!

I could not resist this scratching bunny.  He is so tiny...but so detailed.
a gift from my neighbor Saundra....this is so true....

so that is what is happening around our home.  I am trying to refrain from bringing out ALL the Easter decorations.  I won't be here, as I am doing a girlfriend trip.  But I see all the eggs and bunnies on Blogland, and I think, oh....I have.....but I am going to be strong.  I THINK!
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