Saturday, June 28, 2014

I am Finally Home!

Just letting you know.  I had a good time, was safe and felt good.  I am tired, but so glad I got to go on my girlfriend travels!  I have TONS of pics....have to sort through.....

I will be back soon!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Twirling Around Like a Doggy

You know how those sweet dogs that run and run, trying to catch their tail???  That is me!

We have been busy fixing up our little "cabin".  Tomorrow I have chemo, and Wednesday.....

this will be me!!

I am heading off for some girlfriend time.....keeping hubby to hold down the fort and  take care of my Bentley Boy!

First, I will be heading to South Carolina to visit my life long girlfriend, Rose.  We are going to Dollywood!!

Then off to visit Sweet Meanderings - Candy.  We are going to Lancaster and Hershey (hope my pants fit when I leave!!)....and then to Ellis Island.  I know, I will definately cry when I see the Statue of Liberty!

So, don't forget about me.  If you get a chance please keep me in your prayers.  You all know flying is not my fav.....and honestly, I have been struggling physically....This may be my last big adventure by myself.

Talk to you when I return.....don't take me off your bloglists.....I am coming back!!
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