Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Heirlooms

Today at Quill Cottage, we are are to share a family heirloom for the last installment of the Laura Ingalls Blog-a-thon. In past posts I have shared my grandfather's Bible, my grandmother's shawl, and a shelf my beloved uncle made me. In talking with my cousin Connie one day we were lamenting that there were not too many OLD heirlooms to be passed down. We believe our grandparents having experienced the depression and war, handed their items when they were finished with them to less fortunate families. But there were a few trinkets. Of course, they began with them as both of them came to America with little more than the clothes on their backs. My Aunt a few years ago gave me my grandfather's shaving cup and brush. The soap is still in the bottom of the cup. Even after my grandpa used newer razors, he still prefered the old time soap and brush. I was so thrilled to get it.
This old hurricane lamp is the only thing that my husband has passed down from his mother's family. This was part of the old homestead in Kentucky. His mom had it and gave it to me when she knew I loved old things. It is precious to me. The picture next to it is of my husbands grandmother when she was a child. Wish I had the doll she is olding!
The greatest heirloom though I have is the name my family gave me. As I grow older I appreciate so much being part of such a wonderful loving and Biblical based family. I know many have wonderful grandparents and families. My grandparents were people like I have never known since. That heirloom is in my heart.
I want to thank Sandy for her work at doing this blog. Although I didn't participate in all of it, I sure enjoyed all the postings and especially "meeting" Laura Ingalls Gunn.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

and the Winner is......

Karin does not have a blog, so I will be emailing her. Thank you to everyone who left me comments. It is always fun to hear from you that take the time to come over and read my blog. Sorry you all couldn't win....but, I'll do it again sometime!

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Office Show and Tell and 100!

Anyone who regularly reads my posts knows, I LOVE my husband. He is the best husband in the world for me. But shall we not enter the HOWEVER? Neatness, especially on his desk, let's just say is not a priority for him. I hear he is amazingly organized at work...Hmmm

Anyways, we got a new printer which meant some things had to moved around, sooo, I thought that today, at this moment, while it was clean and NEAT, I would take some pictures of where I am when I post. 100 times!!!! so far! Hubby likes this paperweight...ha ha

I would love to have prettys on the shelves...but....that is not happening.
Please...remember this site!
Looking the other way.
My husband's 1 of 3 items he would grab if we had to leave the house in a hurry. It is his 1611 Bible page.
A page of Exodus. The fancy writing and the words....

Don't forget, tomorrow I will draw the name of the winner of my 100 post giveaway! So you can still get in. US residents only please.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my life and surroundings in the past 4 months. One only knows what will show up in the next 4!! I have "met" so many nice people through their comments and actually have started a couple of new friendships. "Techno penpals!"

Show and Tell

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lots of pans in the Fire!

Update: Thank you for everyone who said they would look. I believe that I have most of them from Alice. But it is good to know I am not the only one looking!!!

I am trying to get caught up on some projects and my friend Candy suggested I ask on my blog for assistance on one of them. She assured me that I probably am not the only person trying to finish this project. So here it is....

The State Quarter Book SSSSS! Yep, you saw it correctly, I am trying to complete 5 of them. I have been working on them for years...asking, OK, begging for people to pleeeese look at their quarters, especially the P's. Something to do with the Mississippi River, or the Mason/Dixon line. WHATEVER!

So, here is the Deal!!!! I have extra D quarters. For you all that need the Ds. I need the following P's. Just leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you.

Nevada - 2
Nebraska - 4
Colorado - 4
N Dakota - 2
S Dakota - 4
Washington - 1
Idaho - 1
Michigan - 1
Kansas - 2
Wyoming - 4
Oklahoma - 5
New Mexico - 3
Arizona - 5 ( insert here..are you kidding me? I can't buy more than $2.00 of Arizona quarters! You are a bank, correct??? OK, I'll take $2.00....I'll be back tomorrow!)

Sorry to all you non-state quarter collectors for all this carrying on. (Or to you RA who doesn't sort them!!!) I know if you don't save them, you just don't get it. A quarter is a quarter...

My hubby (a quarter is a quarter..and PRE WARNED - don't you DARE pop these out of the books!!) was so glad this was the last year for the quarters. He hasn't been able to lay one down without me grabbing it! But, alas for him....the Presidential dollars are starting...Life is Good!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My New Photo Program!

Well, it only took me hours to figure this out....and this is just the very first page I created, but I think I am going to like this new photo program. The page below was made with picture of me feeding a deer up north. I was able to get some old slides from my aunt this past January and made pictures out of them. I do not have a lot of pictures growing up, and I am already a teenager here, but I remember this day. The deer's mother was killed and a neighbor there fed it from a bottle. After she grew up, she took off, but this was a wonderful summer, playing with this deer. It followed the dog around like it was her mother! Don't forget, I will be drawing for my 100 post giveaway this Saturday, so please leave a comment before then!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Armoire Show and Tell

Do you have anything that if you saw it on another blog, or better yet, in person, you would just squeal with delight? Well, I must say that my armoire is one of those items for me. I have shown the outside of it before, but Never the inside....
I did my best to get some good pics of it... The top shelf on the left has a reproduction hat box with gloves coming out of it...and a victorian style frame with pictures of me in a Victorian production.
this is the hanging side...folded on the bottom I have my quilts. The dress hanging is from a 1940's production I sang in at my can see a 40's type radio frame with my picture in it....the bear is a handmade "tea" bear, a friend gave me for Christmas.
This in on one of the side shelves. It is one of the first gifts my hubby ever gave me when we were dating.
Some shoe hooks...

This is on the other side. There are 3 drawers. The picture is of my mother-in-law when she was a young working woman. That is her marriage certificate on top of an OLD photo album.
The next drawer has the hat and slip from the 40's I wore with the dress. The comb is a reproduction from the Civil War era. The hanky I had in the purse for the play. All my vintage pins are on the little quilted pillow.
Next drawer has my hanky boxes, the purse from the 40's and a vintage looking purse that was a gift.
The bottom shelf has my mother's jewelry dad's pens, grandpa's compass, and a fan I carried in another production that was Victorin era.

I wish I had a pair of old shoes, but otherwise, I am so happy with this. I hope you enjoyed seeing it.

Ohhh, I almost forgot...don't forget about my give-away (previous post)!

Show and Tell

97th and a Give-away!

I shocked myself when I saw that my 100th post is only 3 posts away! So, I got some things together and thought I would try my hand at a give-away. I will enter everyones name once for any comment left on this, 98th, 99th, and 100th post. I am thinking that next Friday, June 26 will be my 100th post. So, Saturday, June 27th I will draw from all who comment.
Here is my the famous color pink! a small hatbox, a little wall plaque with flowers, travel size of Chantilly perfume, a votive candle holder, and the cutest little flower dish! Sorry no candle, but it would melt in shipping coming from 112 degree heat! Maybe, there may be a surprise or two!

I hope you like the items. I am so excited and can I say a little happy with myself. When I started blogging, I was afraid to even sign up. I have met so many nice people across this country. So let me know who you are!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belated Father's Day Thoughts

I hope all of you out in Blogland had a wonderful father's day. My husband and I were able to spend the day together at his pick of restaurant and a movie. I thought before the week was over I would post a little about two other men in my life! This pocket compass was given to me by my grandpa. It is the only "gift" I have from him. Grandpa wasn't too much for giving presents. He believed more about providing the necessities, and boy did he do that. My dad died when I was 9 and if it were not for my grandpa and grandma, I don't know what my mother would have done. My mom never drove or worked outside the home. My grandpa did all our grocery shopping and lawn work until he was physically unable. I have so many wonderful memories of my grandpa in my head and in my heart. Anyways, this compass came to me from him for a school project. It had something to do with a battery also. Through all my moves...I have always made sure this came with me.

These pens were my dad's. I only have the fountain pens, not the matching pencils. The box belongs to the rust one. It is difficult for me to remember my dad. He was sick the last year of his life, so really, I was about 8 when he became ill from cancer. I do remember that he was happy and I remember bits and pieces of other things, but really not much. My parents were very humble living people and there wasn't much of my dad's to save. But I found these after my mom passed. I was so thrilled to have them. Inside I found 2 love letters to my mother that my dad wrote her. I still have those too!
The Lord blessed me with a wonderful heritage and then with a wonderful husband. I am very blessed!
AND...I just checked and this is my 96th post! Wow! I had something to say for almost 100 times! I am thinking that I will do something special to celebrate. I will dedicate today's extra thinking to that! Will let you know....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tag...You're It!

Myrna at Heirlooms has tagged me.

The Rules of the Tag Game: 1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, here goes some random and weird things about me!

1. I like macaroni and I like cheese, but I don't like macaroni and cheese.

2. I was 13 years old before I learned how to ride a bike!

3. I won't eat off my husband's silverware, nor drink out of his cup...but I will kiss him.

4. I went shopping with two different white sandals, and didn't realize it until I had already gone to two stores!

5. I love saving coins...foreign and domestic.

6. I once was stopped by the Secret Service in a mall. I managed to get into a Sears when it was closed because President Ford was there. Who knew? I just wanted to go shopping!

7. No matter how cold or hot, I have to have one leg out from the covers. Hubby says it is my ventilation! now to tag....hmmmm...

1. Charlotte At Home in Scottsdale

2. Connie @ Connies Capers

3. Kim at Happy at Home

4. Mary Jane at The Beehive Cottage

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Show and Tell Friday - Hankys

I wondered about what to show is HOT here in AZ and frankly, it is hard to get motivated. And it is only going to get HOTTER. Anyways, I thought I would show my hanky collection. Now I didn't really think I wanted a hanky collection, never really sought a hanky collection, and don't really know how it came to be a collection. But, I have one!
To the best of my knowledge...I THINK this is what happened. I had this cute little box from when I was a teenager. Someone saw it in a drawer when I was married and said...oh, what a cute hanky box. Well, I guess I should put some hankys in forward a few years and voila! Hanky collection!

I even have some still in the original boxes...

I love this box....and it says Handkerchiefs....don't hear that too much anymore!
So there you have it! I will fold them up now, put them back in my cute little box and put them away till...????

Hope you enjoyed seeing them. Hmmmm, what other things got in here and have started a collection....I see a little miniature bottle, oh, another one!!!!
Show and Tell

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swap Questionaire

Parasols, Pink Lemonade, and Polka Dots Swap has requested that we post the answers to these Tamy....this is for you!

Let's Get to Know Each Other And Play 20 Questions!

Please copy and paste into your blog (if you don't have a blog, please email your partner with your replies).
1. What is your favorite Summer Drink(s)? Ice Tea
2. What is your favorite Summer Activity? Sitting outside, if and when it is cool enough
3. If you could spend a lazy afternoon reading, what would be in your hands? A Decorating magazine ie: Romantic Home, Romantic Country
4. What is your favorite type of craft/art medium? Scrapbooking
5. What is one art/craft supply you absolutely have been dying to have or try? Chalks for adding color on top of the paper
6. What are your favorite colors in our 'rainbow sherbet' theme? Pink, lime green, yellow, orange, aqua (or blue) Orange and yellow...not that I wear it, or decorate with it, but I have always loved Orange.
7. What is your favorite sweet treat? M & M’s, but unfortunately I cannot receive or send anything that will melt....we are already at 110 degrees!
8. Are there any craft or art supplies you would NOT be interested in receiving? Knitting supplies!
9. What is your favorite song today? I have so many….I like easy listening, you know, what our parents thought was rock and roll!!
10. How do you 'pamper' yourself during the hot summer days? I go to the Mall!
11. Do you have any kidlets or pets? No, kids grown (yeah) no puppies :(
12. What is your best potluck dish for summer get togethers? It would be potato salad, I make a good one even if I have to say so myself!
13. If you could take a summer vacation anywhere, where would it be? HAWAII
14. Describe your decorating style. Does that say anything about your personality? Old world, with a mixture of antiques. Yep, I am an old fashion girl....didn't plan it that way, but I is!
15. What are your initials? CDK
16. Why do you like to join swaps? This is my first….it looks like fun, and I love getting surprises in the mail! I LOVE to give presents!
17. You have 25 dollars to spend just on you for a little treat. What do you buy? ((you can list more than one thing) Girly stuff….tea stuff...scrapbooking stuff
18. What's one craft supply or art supply you absolutely can not live without? Hot glue gun
19. Who's the last person you hugged? Hubby
20. What's your favorite number and why? 11, because when we were first married, every time we look at our “new” digital clock, it was 11:11 PM

Well, there it is, all the info that you didn't know you wanted to know!

Monday, June 9, 2008

L I Blogathon #2 - Buttons

This week at Quill's Cottage for the Laura Ingall's Blog-a-thon we are to talk about buttons. I don't have a lot to say about buttons...although when you need one, it is nice that they are there! My memory as a child is the same of many, stringing buttons for grandma. She had boxes of them and always wanted to be sure the shirt buttons were separate, I supposed because that is what she always had to replace with a hubby and 5 boys! I did have a jar of buttons, but when we moved that went to Goodwill along with my other Country decor. But I do have one button item to show!!! This is a brooch a lady sent to me one year from Michigan. I was living in Wisconsin and she was looking for a particular item at garage sales. I found it for her and she sent me back this brooch. I don't wear it, because it is rather heavy. It would look good on a winter coat, which of course, we don't have.
I thought I might share a bit of summer here in, hot, hot!

Yep, we have our own Geico Geckos!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

First week of June is Over!

Is it just me, or does it seem like sad things comes in waves. This has been a sad week for me and my friends. My saying "Life is Wonderful, but Difficult" sure is true. But, I hold on to the fact that God is in control, and we must live as best we can through the, things that I am excited about???
I am going to be participating in my first ever swap! I have been thinking and planning what I will do for my swap partner. I will keep you all posted!
This is my (ok, I am saying it) gorgeous son. He moved to his new apartment today and I am going to help him "decorate" tomorrow. That should be interesting!! He is totally into chrome and modern. I am going to do my best without, repeat after me....NO DRAMA! I am glad though that he wants me to help. This is a picture of us on Mother's Day.
I hope you all in Blogland have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Brighton Show and Tell

I love Brighton. I always looked forward to going to the airport, because I could pick up a piece there. I love the jewelry and their fancy sunglasses. Talking to a friend at church, which I lovingly refer to as a Brighton church (the ladies love Brighton too), she asked if I had been to the new Brighton store!!!!!!
A store of our very own...and not that far away! Well, I was there Monday bright eyed and ready to shop! The store is absolutely beautiful...even the outside has the signature Brighton hearts for door handles....
Anyways, just thought for Show and Tell I would show all my Brighton tins...cuz they are part of the fun of the jewelry....
I know, it is silly, but I always keep my latest bag. I still have my Tiffany bag too....can't help it. Just brings back all the memories of going to the store and finding that special trinket.
PS. For all of you unfamiliar with Brighton, the jewelry and sunglasses, etc come in a tin. They also carry yummy purses and shoes. I have one purse.
Show and Tell
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