Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Bedroom

I know I have shown my bedroom recently, but I wanted to join in on Show your Cottage Monday at Cielo's. It is very hard to get good pictures because we have a lot of windows, but I hope you can sort of get the feel of the room. We love our bedroom outfit. We waited 30 years to be able to get a nice wood set.

I wish I could get the real color of the shades on the lamps. They are actually brick colored when goes perfect with the bedspread.

I like a few pillows!!

The boy and girl picture I have had since who knows?? Underneath is an Always Kiss Me Goodnight sign.

Bentley's know, it really is HIS house!! This btw, is a really good capture of the colors in the room.

These wall hangings came from Kirkland about 4 years ago. There are two on the other side of the armoire. All different patterns.

I would have pillows on this too, but my husband uses this for putting on his uniform....he wants it clear! The collage of pictures I did before our 25th wedding anniversary...all pictures from our first 25 years together. You know, it isn't easy finding pics of just the two of us after having kids!!

I have to show my kitty doorstop. My cousin Betty bought this for me longggg before I was married. It has moved with me many many times and it is precious to me. I did once have a real kitty. She was precious, her name was Felicia. The only cat I ever had besides this one!!

Our bedroom isn't very large....but we do love it. I think it has a very luxurious feel. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great week bloggettes!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I can't believe I am showing this!!

well, I am finally "out of my closet"! and seriously, I had NO intentions of showing my work...but so many of you apparently think I should.....It is JUST a pretty cabinets...and I have a lot of "Stuff"....but here goes!!

My motto!!

I know, this is sad....on my list is to buy new towels, all white...but I haven't got there yet!!

See, I told you it wasn't anything fantastic!!! but it is done! and it better stay that way!!
I NEED an ice tea!!! hmmm, and some chocolate....and now what is on the list???
Our toilet! Plumber coming this afternoon.....see why I don't have new towels?????

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have been inside my closet for the past two days. Ugh! What a job. But it is looking better....

Where does all this stuff come from?

So I will be back in a couple of days.....I HOPE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Swap with Karen

I have some dear friends in my life. Some like Kathy and Rose...I have known and loved for over 30 years. Then there are my "church" girlfriends...Candy and my sweet Misty....more than 10 years....and now I have my blog many I don't dare start to list them. But you all know that Marty and I went to California for a few days to spend with our friend Karen from Some Days are Diamonds.
Karen and I have only known each other a couple of years...but we have become close friends. We have the bond of OC, Ovarian Cancer. I am battling it, she saw her mom battle it. But we are more than that......we love to decorate, shop, find a great treasure, eat good food...craft and create.
Karen suggested we do a swap.....oh mercy. She is like the queen of this and I am a newbie.

So Marty and I went to Karen's home and I could not wait to spend time in her amazing studio. I was looking at all the goodies and I came upon something that was really to my LIKIN!!!
Karen, where did you find this? That is for you Ceekay...that is your swap!
I was speechless. I could feel the tears coming......It is soooo precious.

It is a little memory box with dividers....

Karen made the flower on the top and finish it with this vintage jewelry piece.

I know....I know....major hoarding here! It is filled with bits and bobs of lace and ribbons...

She shared some of her precious collection of old buttons. I vaguely remember her saying they were part of her mom's collection, which makes them even more precious.

She told me I needed to create with these watch pieces....well then Karen....don't make them look so cute on a tag.....!!!!

Always bits of orange, my fav color and teal, the color ribbon for OC.

The one little gift I didn't know what it was....

It is an old needle that!!!
You are too good to me is a treasure, just like your friendship!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Little Soapbox

Better late than never! Some time ago there was a meme at Lisa's Tarnished and Tattered to decorate this little soapbox available from Target. I started working on it...but I was slow!! I finally finished it and I am quite pleased.

I didn't want to cover the box totally...I liked the texture of it.

The picture is my mom and dad on their wedding day with my mom's dad.

The locket was my mother's.

The double heart was a ankle bracelet my dad bought my mother. She wore it and I wore it many years when they were quite popular.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Anniversary

We had such a lovely dinner this evening. I finally got to wear my fancy dancy dress. It is sparkley!

This is the roof of the car while we were driving to the hubs said it was like having a disco ball in the car!

Here we are....Not as young as the wedding pics, but still very much in love.

My dessert was berries and Chantilly cream. Heavenly!

Hubby had Key Lime pie. The meal was fantastic. We went to Flemings in Glendale. They were so attentive and I have to tell you this.....they brought the bill, and our waiter says that their gift to us for celebrating our anniversary with them was 37 percent off the bill. My husband almost needed a defibulator!! The look was priceless. They also gave us a framed picture of us....
Hubs did take me to Brighton which is right there, but they were closed already...which he then breathed a HUGE sign of relief.
A Wonderful Day!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebration Week!

This week for our family is a busy one! Our first grandchild is turning 8 tomorrow. We are going to surprise him and take him McDonalds to school......he LOVES chicken McNuggets! He called me on the phone the other day and said, "Grandma, guess what? I am in 2nd grade now!" I just adore that boy.

Then on Wednesday the 18th, my hubs and I celebrate our 37th Wedding Anniversary! We are going out for a "fancier" dinner, which I always look forward to. My husband is truly my best friend and the love of my life. We were 18 when we met, 19 when we married.....we knew NOTHING about being married!! but we KNEW we wanted to share life together. Through joy and heartache, sickness and health, my hubby has been my rock. When I didn't think I could make it through the next 5 minutes taking chemo, he would tell me I could do it, and I did. Believe me when I tell you, I KNOW many people do not have this blessing in their life, and I am forever grateful to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful man.

Happy Annivesary Hon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Estate Sale Finds!

So Candy calls me and says, you want to go to the Estate sales. I said...I'll go, but I don't need anything.
Most the time I go and don't find anything....well, today was NOT that day!

I found something at every one!!

These sweet little boxes were 50 cents....each
1.00.....I just know that this will be perfect for some swap down the road!

1940 Salem Godey plate...approx. 8.00 each....there are more patterns...mercy, I see a new collection starting!

The old sprinkle top for bottles...25 cents.

Two old frogs 50 cents each

Doilie 25 spoon 50 cents....
Oh, I cannot stand it!

Little doilie 25 cents - neat bottle 50 cents....

There is writing in the glass....sometime without my contacts in, I will read what it says!
Found out that the little bottle is a Edison Battery Oil bottle from the early 1920. The oil was used on the railroads. Thomas Edison's name is written on the side of the bottle. Amazing what you can see if you hold the bottle to your nose!!

6 silver spoons...3.00.....
Now here is the question....what are they spoons for? They are not serrated so it can't be grapefruit...I am thinking oysters?
These are Citrus spoons...marking is 1947 Roger Bros AJ. Apparently worth more than the 3.00 I paid.

This sweet box I bought with Liz from Rose Vignettes, a while back. It is perfect on top of!!!!

My new little cabinet between my washer and dryer. This was on clearance at Homegoods. I have been looking for one for 4 years....I am thrilled.
I also bought a fantastic crock at another Estate sale, but it is filthy, and I will do that tomorrow.
Fun, fun, fun!!
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