Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am just amazed at how God blesses us, even with little things that really don't matter in the big scheme of things....but just purely makes us happy.

I posted yesterday about my stack of doilies.  On Wednesdays, I go to Sew Sew Sisters here in the community.  We make things for centers that help various people....homeless, foster children, and sometimes things for us too.

One of the ladies was called by a former neighbor that she had some items she would like our group to go through and take if we wanted it.

I walk in the door and there was a stack of doilies.  I didn't want to pounce, so I sweetly asked....does anyone want these.  NO they all said.  "Can I have them?"...Go ahead!

Well, I tried not to start dancing and praising, so not to scare them....but I was inside.

I got 15 doilies and 1 round tablecloth.

Yep, Ceekay is  a happy girl!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For the LOVE of White!

It is Whitewashed Wednesday at Timewashed.   Now I do not have a lot of white....but, in my opinion, there isn't much better white than....

a stack of doilies!

A cake stand on a heart doily....

My little soap box creation....of my mama and daddy's wedding day....

Yep, next to M&Ms....pretty yummy!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The B & B

When my girlfriend told me that we were staying at an old school, I thought about a small school with a few classrooms.  Uh, I was wrong.

Noftsger Hill School

Built in 1921 and was an active school until 1981.

All the above pictures were from our room.

 I wish this was clearer.....but we tried several times.  This is the original school master's clock.

 Other areas throughout the B&B.  I loved all the old school desks.

 This was the main dish of our breakfast, along with yummy french toast and yogurt parfaits.

 Candy and I both fell in love with the S&P.

 There is a chalkboard in every guest room....and all the guests have left notes, including about Michael, the ghost.

Now, Ceekay is there too!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My little trip to Globe

We left Mesa about 10:00 am and drove through gorgeous mountains and remnants of old copper mines.

My girlfriend Candy from Sweet Meanderings.

Hi everybody!

There really is beauty in Arizona!  It isn't all cactus!

This is the Information Center.

Memories of the active Copper Mining....

Ok, this is part 1....the next time will be the B&B we stayed at.  Amazing!
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