Sunday, September 30, 2012

When the Hubby is Home...

there is always things that need to be done.

We have lived here for  5 months and this is what I had to look at in our Master Bath...


Here are a few more Fallin places in our home...

these poor harvest people....they obviously haven't eaten at our home...they just toooo skinny!!

I got this in a Harvest swap a couple of years ago...a felted pumpkin.

This sweet pumpkin was from JoAnns a couple of years ago...

I just love this black crow....

a Michaels bin is a pen.

All these items are on my kitchen bookshelves...just tucked in here and there!

I just LOVE Fall, orange, pumpkins and scarecrows...can you tell???

Friday, September 28, 2012

All Went Well

I had my oral surgery this morning.  I was dreading it....but the doctor was amazing....I remember the oxygen mask...and the nurse saying, you will relax soon.
Next thing I know they were trying to get me to walk to a bed.  Wow, I was loopy!

Hardly any pain far no swelling.  I have been able to eat soft hot tea tonight....

Thank you for praying.   I am thrilled this is behind me.

I have a reason I want to hurry up and get well.  I am going soon to Colorado Springs for a long weekend to visit Mary at Mary's Meanderings!  I know, I am a lucky girl!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look what I made!!

This is why I went to Michael's yesterday.  I just got it under my skin that I just HAD to do this!!

I will simply tell what I did...because, maybe there is ONE person left in the world that hasn't decopaged....

1.  Buy a faux pumpkin....I bought white, because I didn't want the color to show through...

2.  Tear up old sheet music...big, little, and medium sizes.  Try to tear off some of the extra empty part of the paper...unless of course, you want that to show!

3. Take ModPodge and paint the pumpkin.  Do small can use a brush...but I prefer my fingies!!

4.  Let each section dry...this is the hard part...but you can mess up the paper if you lift it before it is me, I KNOW this!

5.  I used an old plastic bowl as a lift....

6.  Keep on gluing the paper on and painting the glue over the pieces you put on.

7.  Before you start decorating, check to see if you have covered the whole thing!  You will think you did...but, I promise, you will find spots you didn't.

8.  When dry totally....decorate like crazy.  My friend Karen, says, put stuff on, and when you think you are done...put some more on....This is hard for me!

9.  Stand back and tell yourself you are brilliant!  This is an important step! Do not wait for your children or husband to tell you...cuz, unless you put it on their pillow, they probably won't even see it!

10.  And do not miss this....pick off the dried glue around your nails for the next day or so.

Joining:  Kristen's Creations and From My Front Porch to Yours and Old Time Farmhouse.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Gobble-ette!

Last evening I asked my hubby to drive me over to Michaels.  I wanted to pick up something for a craft...if it turns out, I will show you later in the week.  We were just browsing and I saw this sweet little thing...and my hubs says, How much?  1.99....oh, he says, let's splurge!!

Isn't it cute!  I will take another pic of it tomorrow in the daylight...but I couldn't wait!

My new little Gobble-ette!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey Y'all....We Have Fall!!

You haven't seen such happy people as Arizonians who have lived through the HOT summer and lived to see the beginning of Fall!!  People you haven't seen for months, all of a sudden are outside, saying hello!

I went around our home and snapped a few Harvest Pictures.  These are mostly from our Living/Family room.


On top of our entertainment unit....

A dear friend from High School who reads my blog sent me this adorable and gorgeous pumpkin....Thanks Gail!!

My Apothecary Jar sits upon our Family Bible...that is a huge nail representative of the nails in Jesus on the cross.

Dollar tree pumpkins!

This is on our coffee table....

I put a grunge candle inside of the huge pumpkin!

I have a battery garland that lights up in the evening!

We have enjoyed the cooler weather and have fixed the doorbell, put in a few solar spotlights outside...hung a new shower liner and my husband helped our son put on new brake pads.

I love feeling like I have accomplished something!!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Great Pumpkin Primp

Debbiedoos is hosting a Primp Your Pumpkin party.

I love parties!  So I brought out my pumpkin I made last year....

I used some silk like striped sewing....gathered it around a ball of fiberfill.....
took some twine and went up and down a few glued a piece of lace....

Used a wine cork for the stem....

Added a touch of bling...

and VOILA!  a primped pumpkin!

Joining in at Debbiedoos....

and at Kim's for WOW! and at Kristen's for Show Us Your Creations.
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