Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Crafting Day!

I have been busy....

I don't even attempt to be as creative as many of you with your gorgeous altered bottles...but I had fun making them!

Nothing like some crafting to make the day fly by....and a song on your lips. My friend always said when we were crafting...."do you know you hum when you do crafts??"

Are any of you crafting this week too? I have sure seen some wonderful Easter items around blogland....I haven't done anything Easter yet....but soon, the bunnies will have to come out!
I am linking to Cindy's Show and Tell!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Princess Birthday Party!

My friend Sally and I went shopping at Christmas and we talked about Birthday parties. I told her that as an adult I had never had a party...I know..poor me! Anyways, I said, if I ever had one, it would be a Princess party....

Well, my friend Sally threw me the princess party of all parties. It was sooo much fun. My dearest friends were there and we just had the best time!

Every girl ought to have at least one princess party in her lifetime!

There were pearls, and beads, and tieras...everywhere! The chandie was decorated with boas and charms that said queen and crowns...

See the sweet picture? Sally is a teacher and she told her girls in her class to make pictures....they were hanging in the dining was precious! Look at that darling pig complete with tutu!!

Here we are...the court!!

I received such wonderful gifts....but this was a is a Life magazine from February 1954....originally cost 20 cents.
One of God's greatest gifts is that of girlfriends....I love each one of them!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Cloche Party!

Today is the long awaited Winter cloche party at Marty's. I an very late in getting up my post, but see, I was with Marty yesterday. She came over and visited at my home and saw my cloches up close and personal! Then she took me to lunch at Mimi's for my birthday. I have some more lovely gifts to show, but since I am already late, I will do that another day! I kept my Valentine's up so Marty could see, so that is how I will show my cloches today! Valentines are being packed up today in fact...and on to spring!

These little tins are a set of three my mom gave me when I was about 12.

Sweet little heart shaped cup and saucer.

Love goblets and a bow and tag from Heidi last year...

Don't you just love old flower frogs??

Old valentines my parents sent each other.

Just some keepsakes of love momentos....

Little heart under glass...

What a wonderful birthday I had....all of your precious good wishes. Some of you even sent me real cards!! Thank you....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok, I will show you now!!

My husband was very excited for me to open my packages....they were yummy!

This is a Brighton earring is a gift from them if you spend a certain amount of money, which obviously, he did!

Yes! I finally got the Business card holder I have been wanting!

It was inside this!

This gorgeous brighton bag. I just love it!

Every touch on the purse is so exquisite...I am thrilled.
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes...I appreciate it so much. Birthdays mean a bit more now than they used to....I no longer utter the words...I am getting old. Getting old is a Good thing....I want it!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lookie, Lookie!

I went to my oncologist today and my husband and I planned on stopping at Brighton on the way home. If you want to know about the oncologist, go to my other blog....My Journey with Teal.

Anyways, as Karen at Some Day are Diamonds knows....I wanted one thing for my birthday. It was a little thing at we went there, picked it out, and then my hubby told me to go bye bye....I knew he probably wanted to get me a little surprise, so I obediantly left!

Out he comes with these....I haven't opened them yet. I would like to wait until Thursday, but since he won't be here that day, I probably won't wait. But you will have to!!

BTW, and this is so wierd I know, but I had to use the little girls room while I was there...and ladies, if you ever go to an official Brighton store, do yourself a favor and ask to use the is ADORABLE!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silver Sunday on Valentine's Day!

This post is going to be a bit crazy...but hey, it is Valentine's day, and I am in LOVE!

First I thought I would show my birdcage....$1.00 at garage was ugly mint out came the spray paint....see the ivy...keep that thought!

Today is Silver Sunday at Gypsy Fish....I found this sweet silver dish at Big Lots for $ I could not resist...hubby contributed the chocolate strawberries....I'd offer you one, but, uh, they got ate!

He also brought me a sweet little heart cake.....I put it on our tray from our wedding with my silver cake server. I also love the wrought iron heart napkin ring...I have four...I found 2!

I thought I better show my xoxo on my front door...I kinda forgot about this....I found at Michaels this year. I think it is soooo cute.

So what did I get for Valentine's day????

Nope, not kidding. My husband says "nothing says lovin like a new set of 4!"

But I did get a wonderful card......

I love it! and him!

Ok, and the ivy...well, I have had this light pole for 3 years...I always add new silk flowers for the different holidays and have seen it in precious posts....but NO MORE...
My beloved HOA (a little sarcasm here) decided that I was a BADDDDDD homeowner and fined me $50.00 for silk flowers. They were loving (oops) to give me 10 days to correct the illegal action. I am sure you agree with me, it looks so much better now empty....because we wouldn't want to offend anyone with silk flowers!!! (cuz real ones do real well here in AZ, oh oh, there I go again!) So, let's see if I get fined for the ivy in the birdcage.....that is up near my house on the table.... and again, I say, my headstone???? WHATEVER!!

Ok, enough of that....I hope you all are having a love filled day with those you love and making memories!!

Playing with Paper!

I thought I would be creative today and make a page to frame for Valentine's Day. The card is a copy of a vintage card my dad gave to my mom many moons ago! I just used what I had....and put this together. I am quite pleased with it and can't wait to get to the Dollar Tree to find a frame for it.

These are the darling dominoe necklaces I learned how to make from our Sherry, Country Wings in Phoenix.

This sweet thing is going to my Granddaughter for Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Love on those close to you! What a fantstic holiday to take time to share our love!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes..I did it! Valentine Tablescape

I worked on this most of the morning...but I figured out how to download my pics on my, although late, I an joining in Tablescape Thursday at Susan's.

This console sits in our dining room. I just love the red hurricanes and the rose plate. If you were here last year you have already seen them...

My chandee decorated for Valentine's day! I LOVE Valentines day!

Placemats - Dollar Tree last year
Plates , Napkins, Heart Spreaders- Target - various Februarys
Bird Salt and Pepper - Cracker Barrel last year
Red glass bird - CB last year
Beaded Heart Coasters - Kroger last year
Heart glasses - Kroger this year
Little glass candles - Target after Christmas 2008
Rose handled server , heart shaped candles- have no idea...several years old....
Hope you enjoy my tablescape this week....
I also will be joining Bargain Hunting with Laurie for the the Valentine Party! Lots of fun this week!!

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