Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hubby Shakin Head Around Here...

oh don't act you haven't seen it....you fix something up, create a treasure, and your husband looks at it and shakes his head.  Yep, I got that WHEN, he went into our Main Bathroom.
"Seriously hon, you gotta decorate in the BATHROOM too!"
"Uh, yeah, doesn't everybody???"

 I just love these $1.00 reindeer from the Dollar Tree last year.

Do you hear her singing??  Sleighbells ring...are you listening...in the lane, snow is glistening...

Yep, even the bathroom has a bit of Christmas!!
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oi Yei,Yei...

or in other words.....this is a lot of work!

 My new Valerie Par Hill carolers....I love them!!

 Of course, I had to put out my black Christmas tree!

 I laugh, because he looks like he is sitting on the POT....he actually is sitting in a chair I just put in on a crock....He reads the Christmas story...

And this is just a start!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bye, Bye Birdie......

Dinner is done, kitchen is clean...kids have gone home, grandpa and grandma are pooped.  But I wanted to post pictures of our Thanksgiving Turkey Decor...they are all gathered up on the dining table, waiting to be wrapped up and put back into storage.  I always am a bit sad...saying goodbye for a while to my harvest decorations....but I can't waste time on tears, cuz Christmas is coming FAST!

 We found this last poor scarecrow at Hobby Lobby the other day....80 percent off...he was $7.00!

 This was the last and ONLY K at Hobby Lobby....got for $5.00.

 This turkey is probably 20 years old.  I get the biggest kick that he is sitting in the chair!

 I looked everywhere for Pilgrims this year with no luck.  This poor anorexic ones were the best I could do...they are probably 20 years old too!

 I changed out the scarecrows for the turkeys....

 When I visited with Karen, she gave me this beautiful cornacopia...she was changing colors...you can see it is perfect for our home.

This is so funny.  My grandkids take Karate...I found this outfit after halloween, so I wanted Bentley to wear it when they came.  He was scared to death of it!  He would not move...

 This is how we always see our grandson when he comes over....he could do this for hours.
 This is our son's girlfriend's little boy...he liked the Legos too!

 Our granddaughter playing with the magnetic hair card...

 Me with my kids!
 Our son with his girlfriend...

 They were helping clean up the kitchen

 Trying to tell Bentley it was all right!!

He may be Karate Dog...but he is the scared Karate Dog!

We had a wonderful day.  My grandkids are getting so big.  My granddaughter had to wear the orange T-shirt....just for Grandma....they always run up to me and tell me how much they love me....can there really be much anything greater than that?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble Gobble!!

I want to wish all of you a very blessed Thanksgiving.  Our family will be getting together to enjoy all the traditional foods, play games, and give a prayer of gratefulness to our Lord and Saviour for his many blessings this year.  I consider all my blogging friends as one of those blessings.  Enjoy your time with family and friends....talk to you later in the week!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Advent Creation

I finally got the wash caught up.  Did the grocery shopping for Thanksgiving and held an estate sale...thank you for all the good thoughts.  Don't you hate when life is so swirly twirly you don't know if you are coming or going....I really enjoy calm!  and the older I get...the calmer I want it!
While I was visiting with Karen - Some Days are Diamonds....we crafted for 4 days!  The biggest and most challenging was an advent calendar.  Now you may think this should be easy peasy....but each day had to be different.  It is hard to find that many different numbers.  In fact...my poor Num 23 is is waiting.
But oh, I love how it turned out!  Just a dollar tree cookie sheet and some magnets.  Hope you like it!

I am crazy for my little snowman.  I made the sign from bits of paper....

Soon, we will be using our advent calendars...how in the world is it almost Christmas?

However, I also this week (cuz you know, I didn't have ENOUGH to do!!!)  - did some major Christmas shopping.  We don't do much purchasing here....very small compared to many....but I got my Grandkids all done!  My daughter went with me and boom, boom, cart full.  Yeah!!!  I already had my daughter done, so all that leaves is my son and a few close friends.  Those are my favorite gifts to find!

Well, here we are at the start of another week.  I hope (but I am not counting on) it will be a bit CALMER!!  But hubby and I are taking a day of rest together today and NOT going or doing anything!  Don't you LOVE those days occasionally???  I laugh every time I think of it because when I was much younger I used to want to go and do.  I would ask my Aunt Barb to go and do with me and she would say, how bout if we don't go and don't do?  I thought HOW boring!!
I get it now, Aunt Barb!!
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Friday, November 18, 2011

I Must be Getting OLD!

Boy, I cannot get caught up!  I am still doing laundry from my trip....I still have the jewelry to put away....and I am still trying to get rid of a cold....but I am getting there.  Of course, life doesn't slow down just because I am behind!
Our family is facing ANOTHER major challenge.  Not a health issue this time, but still much thought, time and energy is being spent on it....I can't go into details now.  Just know that because I don't visit like I wish I could, it is NOT what I want....I just have to do what I HAVE to do right now.
Here are some more thoughts from my vacay!!

There be CHICKENS in South Carolina!!
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