Monday, October 29, 2012


My hubby and I have been enjoying the cooler weather and taking some little jaunts on the East side of Phoenix.  We used to be West Siders!  It is all new.
We came upon a sweet Farm Market.

It is Vertuccio Farms in Mesa......

It has a sweet little store that was so fun to see area made products.

Well, I had to buy this!

Many of you know why.....I just could not resist!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


was  fun day....I met with fellow bloggers for lunch.  I am waiting for a pic to post....we talked and talked....I thought I might hit HL before I drove home, but when I looked at the clock after all that talking, I knew I better head to my side of town.

I did stop at JoAnn's by my home.  It is not a super one, and I wasn't hopeful for much but I did find a sweet pillow at 70% kind of deal.

My hubby when he stopped for some pop and tea brought me home this....

I said, is this my witch's broom?  He said no, just knew I would love the scent.  It is cinnamon and it has filled the whole house with it's scent.....

I did have all my pretests done Thursday and I thought all was fine, but found out yesterday that I have basically no phosphorus in my system.  I didn't know I was supposed to, and I sure don't know where what I had went, but I am now on a supplement.  Praying that my levels will come up so I can start chemo on Tuesday as planned.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Hubby will be with me this week.  He always stays home the first week of a new treatment....just to make sure I am alright.  We went for our "cart" ride with Bentley.....

he is getting anxious for Howl-o-ween!!

No, really are not a a Good Boy!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Is anyone out there that believes like I do, that somehow time is faster than it used to be?  I am struggling to keep up with everything and trying NOT to get frustrated!!

I have so much to post about, but finding TIME to do the posts, challenging.

Spending most of yesterday at doctor's offices and tests...didn't help, but it was necessary.

Tuesday afternoon my husband, due to a Groupon purchase, took me out to lunch someplace we didn't even know existed in Phoenix.

It is called the Farm.  We loved it.  Just a bit of country, right on the edge of a mountain.

Enjoy some pics!!

The lunch comes in Baskets....and this pie was delicious!

 Look at this patio girl had heels on...she was struggling to stay upright!

I had to take this pictures....I told my hubby, the girls will love all the rusty chippiness!!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Show and Tell!

There is a new commercial here for Cox with a dad who embarrasses the son.  We love that commercial!!  The dad goes around and says PAR_TAY!!  That is what I was thinking when I said SHOW and TELL!
(I know, I can be a little strange at times, but hey, good place to blog, my strange!)

Ok, anyhoos, while I was at Mary's, we had a craft night and lookie, lookie what I made!

(Ok, strange again, cuz I wanted to say, I made something while it is still popular!  not like when I got my white go-go boots, two years after they were popular...kinda how my life goes!!  Ok, show the pics Ceekay)


Yep...that is right!  I made, the watch just a prop....I don't have one of those....but I borrowed it from Mary for the picture!   

Here they are at Home!  (I made the pillow last year)!

  These pumpkins are so pretty in person and have so much texture.  Thanks Mary for the I am going to be PAR-Tay-ing at these parties!

 Blissful White at Timewashed
Kristen's Creations

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This is Hard!

I know you don't want to see every picture of my trip....but mercy, it is hard to pick and choose.....there is so much to show you.....

After we saw the Monument of the Gods, which I showed in my previous post we went to this small town.

One of the stores wanted you to write on it's chalk board where you came from...

what a wonderful quaint town with the old buildings...

This is supposed to be good spring water to drink!!! ain't!

Mary and I.....

The next day we went to another town...sorry, maybe Mary will remind me of the name....

Now, I have seen deer before...however, these deer are not afraid of cars...they are right on the road...just walking and enjoying life...I could not believe it!

This is not with Zoom...that is how close they get!

The colors were at their end...but still beautiful!

Wanna go shopping???  Sorry, electricity is off shopping!

I have to tell you a little story....some of my pictures Mary took...why???  cuz she pulls off the road, like in a ditch, the car is almost vertical on its side....I said Mary, we are going to tip over...."oh NO....we do this all the time! " Ok....can you take the picture please and get me out of here!!

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