Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All that Glitters

I have been a fortunate lady lately and have received some jewelry gifts.  Anyone who knows me, knows they are SAFE with jewelry with me!!  Do I NEED any??  NOPE.....but a girl can never have enough bling, can she??

This is everything on display!  The rope chain is silver and gold (really, stainless steel)....a QVC surprise from my hubby!

The bracelet looks like it is a bangle, but really stretches... I wish I had asked what the stones in the earrings are, but I didn't...because they were a gift from our friends when we went shopping at the Western town.

And the darling C - which is hard to see, has rhinestones in it...was from Rose (A Hint of Home).  I had helped her with some things on her blog and she sent it to me in a card....isn't it cute...I have worn it quite a bit.....she didn't realize that I have a matching bracelet already!!

So, there are some of my treats lately.  Don't you just LOVE treats once in a while?  and I love giving them too!!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I enjoy Pinterest.  Oh, I know some of the issues that have arisen, but it AMAZES  me on some ideas I see there.  I even have a Pinterest folder called, Now, Someone was Thinking!

You know, I have no mom alive anymore, never had a, ideas sometimes that other's think of or hear of....before Pinterest, I maybe would never know.  (Original idea I believe was from Desiring

Last week I saw an idea and I said to myself...seriously, why haven't I thought of this??? 39 years of marriage, the hours looking for this what was it that I think is sooooo amazing?????

All your appliance Manuals in pocket protectors in a Binder!!!  Brillant!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Weekend in a Retirement Community....


Saturday our community had a Box Supper and a Barbershop Quartet to entertain us....

Then this morning our friends took us to Butterfields Restaurant in Scottsdale for a belated Anniversary brunch....

Oh you like Eggs Benedict???? (BJ and I like the same kinds of breakfast foods!)

Then we went somewhere I have never been to.....this little old western "village" Cave Creek.

Now this is interesting!

Don't the guys look thrilled????

If you ever really want HOT sauce...come to AZ!!

Oh my husband thought this sign was so cool.....I vetoed it!!

Plank flooring...

Isn't this the sweetest little chapel....but it was locked...:(

Look, they are selling the redneck wine goblets!!

Guess we better behave!!

Honky Tonk music anyone??

Anyone wanna know where hubby is now.....TAKING A NAP!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Candle holder or...

A Cloche!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Laura's (Decor to Adore) for a fabulous party.  We brought items from our home we no longer were using and did a swap.

I got a hanging candle thingy....but I have no place to hang it...but that was ok, because what I really wanted was.....

The glass candle holder.

Upside down it makes a fabulous cloche!

I bought the little stand at HL half price....

Inside is the little Target soap box that was a challenge a couple of years ago!!
It is memories of my parent's love....
This is their wedding day with my Grandpa.  The locket was a gift from my dad to my mom.

 Inside is some little flowers and other decorations.

I just love it....sorry girls, I got a treasure!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saturday's Fun!

Saturday was a full day!

First there was our Grandson's 10th birthday!

The kids were all wet because they had every water gun known to man out there!

Then it was on to the Melting Pot for our Anniversary Dinner.  FA BU LOUS!

Appetizers to dip in 4 Melted Cheeses...

Yummy salad with Honey Mustard dressing...

Raw meats to cook in Seasoned Vegetable Broth....  chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp....

 and my personal Favorite.....yummy stuff to dip in glorious chocolate.....

39 years.....and yes, my hair was pulled back, but it went flat after the birthday party...I am not a Southern girl, wish I was, but I love big hair!!

We were out past 10:30 you know where your parent's are????
and we were so glad to get home....we were tired!
Monday I got a wonderful surprise.......a doorknob on our bathroom door!!!  Can we all say Yeah!!!

It gets really wild here at our home!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Even More Beautiful

My husband brought me these flowers on Tuesday for our Anniversary today.....
I was afraid they might be wilted by today, but no, they are even more beautiful.

He surprised me with a card and candy also.....the card is gorgeous!

I got him an Adele CD.  Oh, what an effort to get it!  I couldn't think of her name, but I knew he wanted this one song, that I only knew the tune, not the name.  Some clerk pulled the song up on her cell phone and that was it!!  Yeah, success!

We are going to our Grandson's 10th birthday party this afternoon, and then to a late dinner at the Melting Pot.  We NEVER go there...seriously, I think it has been 20 years!

Me and my Zebra purse are excited!.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do you know what this Saturday is???

It is my husband and my anniversary!

39 years!

I tell him that there is a special crown in Heaven awaiting me!!!  But he would get one too!

Because my husband has to work (but really cuz he can never wait) he gave me the most gorgeous flower arrangement.  There was a card too, but I am waiting to open it!

He said the girl suggested 39 roses, but he couldn't afford that, he said I like mixed flowers.  He is correct...I like all flowers!

She asked him my favorite color for the bow!

I was thrilled!!

Sweet huh???  I got the right guy, I tell you!!

We did a little shopping on Monday and he also bought me this purse....

Isn't she cute?

So, I think I will keep him, for at least another 39 years!!!
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