Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Friends!

Carol at Charli and Me did this New Years Meme and I thought it was so good I added it for my New Years Post.

1. Of all of the things currently inside of your fridge, what is the thing you like best? Blueberries. I love berries and grapes so much. I am sure I eat too much when I have them, but I love them so much, I eat till they are gone!

2. Pick a quote, any quote, and share it here. It may or may not be appropriate for the season. My quote if you can call it that is "Truth is Truth" - Ceekay

3. Of all of the weather you've experienced in the last seven days, what was your favorite moment? Well, we have had a bit of a cold spell, which I enjoy, because I can wear sweaters!
4. Regardless of what you celebrate, or when, or why, what was your favorite gift that you received recently? I have received so many beautiful gifts lately, all precious to me because of the giver...but nothing beats being here this Christmas! and well enough to enjoy it!

5. If you have pets, do they behave differently when you are home more than usual? No pets here....sniff, sniff.
6. Post one favorite photo you've taken this year and tell us why you like it.
I just love this picture of a teacup with floating candles in it...I smile everytime I see it.

7. Have you made any new friends this year? I have made so many wonderful blogging friendships since I started blogging last February. My blogging friends mean an awful lot to me even if they don't realize it. They, even without saying it, encourage me to press forward and strive to do what I can each new day.

8. Have you read more books this year than last? I am not a book reader, however, I love magazines. I now have 2 subscriptions to Romantic Home and Romantic Country Home that I devour!

9. How many 2009 calendars do you have? Two, both of puppies. I tell you, I have puppy fever! One is a mouse calendar...as in computer mouse....my husband loves them!

10. Did you learn anything new this year? (a skill, a hobby, a food, anything)? I learned so much...not only from decorating and crafting from blogs, but from my pastor and fellow believers at my church. 2008 was a wonderful year for me and I am so grateful.

Now it's your turn. Would you like to do the meme? I look forward to hearing from you.... Let me know if you do!!

I wish for all of you a Wonderful and Safe New Year's and a year filled with joy, laughter and good memories. I pray that you will feel the Lord's presence in your life every day in 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ceekay's 2008 Blog in Review!

***I did the collage on Picassa 3***

Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting a 2008 Blog Review in pictures. This was not easy as I had hundreds of pictures to choose from, but I tried to pick ones that meant the most to me over the year. I hope you enjoy it. I believe if you click on it, it should enlarge.

Happy New Year 2009!

Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Shopping!

Yes, I was one, along with my tolerant husband, out shopping Friday. We hit Target, which is become our tradition. I really wasn't looking for anything in particular except for some candle holders I had seen before Christmas. Well, I think I hit the jackpot. Now, I really didn't buy that much, but what I got was well worth the trip. Mostly I bought some plates (shock!), tablecloth and napkins, and some fabulous napkin rings. All these items will be future Tablescape Tuesday posts, since they were not Christmasy, but considered "holiday". Cracker Barrel was having a fantastic sale, but be proud, be very proud...I did not buy anything but a few 35 cent snowmen for my tree and some votive candles. Oh, I was very tempted to buy, hmmmm, dishes!!! but I refrained. I can't invite enough people over to use all the plates I have already. But they are beautiful.

Gold mercury glass birds. They only had 2...now, they have none! All these items were purchased at Target.

New glass bulbs for my bedroom tree - next year!

Glittered pears for one of the apothecary jars!

This is the candle holders I saw and wanted. Gold Mercury glass. I got two. Oh, I just love them.
I am continuing to "play" with my new camera (a Fuji fine pix). I tell you ladies, I just was spoiled this Christmas. I always am, but this year especially so. I am so blessed to have a loving and giving husband. He knows what I enjoy, that is for certain.

I hope everyone has had some time to relax. I am surprised at how many of you already have Christmas decorations taken down. We always leave it up until the day or so after New Years. I am in no rush. I still am enjoying looking at my beautiful trees.
Oh, and for some of you who have been wondering....NO, I did not get a puppy. I guess that is a good thing, since we like to get away occasionally...but this is the longest I have ever been without a dog. I did see a PRECIOUS teacup Chihuahua. She was such a baby doll and my hubby even had a name for her....Margarita! He thought her bed area could be called Margaritaville. But, alas....no puppy.
And I have to add - 200th post is coming up very quickly. I will have to think about what kind of give-away for celebrating it, and the new year! I will keep you posted.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Shots!

with my new camera! Haven't quite figured it all out yet...but I thought this pic was cool as it caught the snow swirling in the snowglobe..
Merry Christmas!

Cutie Grandson

Adorable granddaughter..

Yep...that is my son!
We had a fun day. I am beat! The mess is semi-cleaned, but I gotta get up early in the morning! Talk to you all then...hope your day was wonderful also!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

We Call It Christmas for a Reason

I want to wish all my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas. You have all become very special to me in this past year. I know that many of us are of different faiths, but this time of year is very precious to me and my family. I BELIEVE! Yes, I love everything about Christmas...the lights, the songs, the decorations, Rudolph and Santa....but the reason I BELIEVE is because we are celebrating the birth of my personal Saviour - JESUS.
I am determined this year that I say Merry Christmas to everyone I come in contact with...not only to be nice, but to stand firm that this is not JUST a holiday (which came from HOLY day!) but the time that I celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is my right and my honor to say it!
So...all that being said, I wish for all of you a wonderful time with your family, good food, wonderful time of sharing and all your dreams of that day to come true.

I will not be posting until after Christmas. I want to take time to enjoy and reflect. I may check on your blogs but I do not plan to post until next Saturday December 27!
Until then....Ceekay

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jan and Tom's Christmas Card Swap 2008 and Show and Tell Friday - Christmas Tea

First off...I apologize for the last of my posts being so long...but ladies, Christmas is coming and there is so much to talk about! First of all is Show and Tell at Kelli's. The first thing I have to show is in honor of Kathy at Mimi's Garden. I know right now she is loving this little tree. Who knows Kat...she may come to visit you sometime!!

My friend Candy and I went to Carefree Arizona and had tea for Christmas.

Everything on the table is mismatched...I just love it!

The garland around the room had these huge silver butterflies in it.

I fell in love with these mini clip on birds....

And these little crystal ornaments.

Each table had a little white tree with ornaments. They were full at one time, but everyone keeps buying the ornaments off the tree??? Now, who would do that?

Here is the precious menu.

High tea....yep, it was good!

Oh...did I mention that I bought the bird and the crystal for my feather tree!!!

Also for today, Jan and Tom hosted a wonderful Christmas Card Swap. It was so much fun to find just the right card and a little something to mail to 10 - fellow bloggers. Today we are posting our cards that we have received. I received 8 of the 10 cards. Sheila's card and cute gift tags from The Quintessential Magpie.

Awake Tea Bag from Alaura from Cottage Rose

A sweet Christmas music CD from Laura at Our Scented Cottage.

Darling doily angel from Jan at Jan and Tom's Place

a sweet silver snowflake and recipe from Megan at Wandering DC

6 little snowflakes and 4 great recipes from Kathy at Mimi's Garden

Adorable recipe cards, a sweet little notecard and tag from Diane at Diane's Musings

A wonderful homemade card and white snowflake from Joy at Joy to the Blog

It was so much fun going to the mailbox and receiving another sweet card. I really enjoyed this party and a big Thank you to Jan for hosting it!

I cannot believe it is the weekend before Christmas! I know everyone is busy and it is hard to blog and read blogs, but I am trying my best! You know me, I don't want to miss a thing! (if I can help it!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trim the Tree Thursday..One week before Christmas

Today I have a lot of pictures for Trim at Tree Thursday at Brett's...these are just odds and ends around my home that are special to me...(husband inserting here...they are all special!) Anyways...no rhyme or reason...just wanted to share.
This wreath hangs on our bedroom door. $2.00 at Walmart...hung with ribbon.
Love ornament hangs from the wreath.

A mini snowman from when I was a little girl.

Mini tree from my mom, years ago.

Beaded wreath on my favorite chair!

$1.00 Nativity set from Dollar tree. It is too cute.

They look almost like Precious Moments.

Little snowflake tree in Guest room. This used to be in my cubicle at work.

Precious little snowflakes and snowball garland.

A Snowbabies music snowman...his head turns and plays Frosty the Snowman. My daughter gave it to me when she was babysitting years ago.

My feather tree. I took the boa off. Too dark and took away from the delicate feathers. But I did find...

Ok, pink girls...squeal here...a pink little skirt with BLING! Hobby Lobby 50% off!

It is a wonderful life you know!!

And little teddy will sing to you while you uh...well you know....Winter wonderland...she moves too...and can I add...has a Muff!!!

A precious story...A Cup of Christmas Tea. The ornament is just like the story's. I hear that there is a mini tea set out there...but I haven't seen it.
Hope you are still here...lots of pictures I know, but...hey Kathy, aren't you proud of me????
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