Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ah-choo, Cough, Cough, Ache, Repeat

My wonderful son not only helped me clean my dish closet over the weekend, he was kind enough to share his end of summer cold with me. He is geneous that way! I will be back in a few days when I once again feel human. Have a good week!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Ya Doin' Ceekay?

My friend Candy and I are getting ready for a Yard Sale. You know I have been cleaning closets. Well the last one was my dish closet. My son came over this weekend and helped me. I sat on the floor and he took everything out and we totally rearranged the closet. It looks fabulous!

I could have never done it all on my own! Thanks Son!

I have to also tell you a little story. Our friends that were here from Wisconsin, Mary's favorite saying is "It is a God thing". Well, I have a God thing to share. I know most of you know that I have been suffering with stomach issues on my form of chemo. My friend Kathy in Michigan the other night saw on Mystery Diagnosis a show and called and said...I know what is wrong with you. So I googled it, and sure enough, it sounded like my problem. I called the oncologist and asked if he would just look it up and see if he thought the treatment might help. We have tried everything else. He said, sure, let's give it a try. That was Friday. My stomach on this new drug has been fine since.

So, Mary, it was a God thing! He had Kathy see that show and tell me. I am constantly amazed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Fallen happening here!

No I haven't fallen off the planet! We had some out of town company here from Wisconsin and we had the best time visiting.....yesterday, I had to get some rest. But I am perkier today so I wanted to come say hi and show you some more Fall in our home!

Wayne and Mary. Wayne was a school friend of my husband's and we haven't been together in 15 years!

I loved how the sun was shining through the plantation shutters....

Way cool!


My husband usually buys me a new treasure every holiday and this is a new pumpkin for this year! A CB find! Love it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall is creeping in at 109 degrees

Just let me whine for a second.....can you even imagine how hard it is to decorate for glorious Fall, the warm colors, the fall leaves....etc...while you are "misting"!?!
Please, Please let it get under 1oo degrees.....

Ok, I am done now! At least for NOW.

I moved my gorgeous runner to the buffet in our Living Room. I love to decorate for the seasons here as it is the first thing you see when you come into our home.

I fell in love with how the black looks on the runner. Nothing is new. The K plate is from Kirkland and under the small cloche is a black K. Those are glittered pears in the apothecary jar. The little pumpkin is a soup bowl and inside the black cloche is a darling basket with some wine corks.

On the counter I placed a candle holder that Marty made for me and filled it with these adorable noodles I just found at World Market. I wish I had another apothecary jar, but I don't....the fabic under the jar is from Hobby Lobby and is a napkin, and it has all the words of Fall, Harvest, Autumn, Thanks....
I hope you all have a blessed weekend....and come back to visit. You never know where Fall might show up....and at what degree!!!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

I Went Estate Saleing!!

I really don't know why, but Candy and I seem to pick the record setting heat days to do our Estate Saleing. But it was FUN!

Here are my finds of the day!

Although I have these salts...they were 25 cents I could not let them pass....

These flower frogs...1.00 for both. They aren't the oldest, but if you won't tell anyone,
neither will I!!

This sweet little doily 10 cents and the mini frame.

The shoe hook with Bakelite handle...1.00...Candy asked me...and how many shoes do you need a shoe hook for??? Silly Candy!!

Old cookie cutters...not the best and NO, I don't NEED them, but for 1.00 a bag...WHY NOT?

Old wooden spoon for 75 cents and look at the was 1.00. It is missing a couple of metal pieces...but I LOVE it!

These were just too cute to pass up for 10 cents a piece.

And this darling basket (which, oh you KNOW I needed THIS!) for 1.0o!

My favorite find....1.00

LOOK how small they are!

We had a fantastic lunch at Red Lobster...ooh, I love clam chowder. And stopped at Sugar Daddy's Cupcakes for a treat to take home.
A Great day! Hope you are having one too!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Pretty New Runner

Some of you have seen the pretty pillows and other crafts my friend Melody has made me.

Last year after Thanksgiving I gave a tablecloth to her to make shorter for my table. She is a wonderful seamstress. She gave it to me a few weeks ago - I had totally forgotten. She asked me what was I going to do with the extra fabric because she could make a runner. I gave her the fabric not realizing the runner was for me!

It is stunning. The back is the tablecloth fabric as well as the binding. I am crazy about it.

I finally put something Fall out! Actually, I have worked on my front yard. It isn't quite done, but it is getting there! Oh how I wish I had an old wagon. I have wanted one for years....always at this time of year!
So Shelia, I have Fallen too, I just can't Get Er Done!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All better!

Diamond was found by jeweler and replaced.....curtain rod and hooks replaced.....curtain back up!
Went to bed at 9:30 last night and my husband said at 9:31 I was unconcious. I was so tired from all the DRAMA! But all is well.
Come back soon and see my adorable new runner my friend made for me....

Monday, September 13, 2010

It has been ONE of those days.....

Pictureless post here. I better not touch the will probably self insinerate!

Today took some jewelry in to my jeweler to get cleaned....went to Costco, to pick up a certain sale item...that my hubs didn't realize isn't on sale until Thursday.....
Picked up jewelry. Looks on freeway...something doesn't look right with one of my rings - a favorite by the home, got out the loop, diamond missing. Called jeweler...come back tomorrow - 30 mile trip and we will fix it.
Asked hubby to vacuum valances in family room. He is nice and tall, no problem...all done except the patio door. Almost done....valance falls to floor....hooks in wall are broke....extensions fall out, curtain on floor....find one extension...cannot find the, really, cannot find it.

What a day!
The doors are locked. I am not going out anymore today....I just can't chance it!

Is that Salty Water Dad???

I am thinking about my wonderful time in California. It is STILL hot here. This year it is starting to get my my last nerve.

When my son was about 10 my husband let him watch Jaws. We won't go into the debate about that decision that followed, however, our son was definately left with some memories!! Every time we saw a body of water, be it a lake, a river, a pond....he would ask his dad...."Is that salty water Dad?"

He also had a toy shark that he used to play with in the tub. When I went to Cali I found another shark and took it to the ocean when we went to play. Karen took pictures of it.

So son (who is now almost 30).....yep, this is salty out for sharks!!

For all of you that are thinking ?????????? Just remember, we have broke all heat records here in AZ this year. It has finally affected my brain! I am NOT responsible!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


My husband and I will NEVER forget, EVER!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barnyard Boo Hoos

There is a great new party going on over at Happier Than a Pig in the Mud
and I can't go......well, I shouldn't, but I am going to sneak in anyways, cuz I don't like missing really, I gotta know what is going on!!
It is my destiny!!

I know kitties live in a barnyard....I don't know if they play with blue balls, but we will count this anyways.....

Birds....surely there are birds in a barnyard....

Mini milk bottles....oh, yeah, I forgot - animals....well, if there is milk shouldn't one have a cow...but alas, no cow!

But I have bunnies!! These two have been trying to get out of the basket since Easter, but they are a whole lot safer where I can keep an eye on them, if you KNOW what I mean!
Ceekay, where are your chickens.?....packed away in a box, errrr I mean coop. They had to take a hiatus because of Fall.....

yep, Ceekay is feeling very deprived ( insert sobbing sounds here) ......the barnyard is sadly lacking here.....which is really surprising, cuz I know I have heard my hubs say many times, Shut the door!!! were you raised in a barn???
Obviously not!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grandma fun = exhaustion!!

What did you do today Ceekay?? really, NOTHIN!!

My family was over for the day on Labor day. We had the best time. We played Take One for hours....the grandkids ran after Bentley and played with shooting disks....we are still finding them!! My hubs made Breakfast Pizza...and we laughed and laughed....and I got lots of hugging time with the Grands....the best!

We played finger puppets which for some reason reminded me of .....(I don't know why??)

Does anyone else adore the new Geico commercial with Max the Pig? I am telling you, I will stop what I am doing to go watch that commercial....You have got to see it!!

Bentley waiting for another flying disk......

Today, I have been a blob on the couch....and guess who is a blob with me???

Let's all say it together.....awwwwww!

I love that dog.....
so hopefully tomorrow, my get up and go will be back. I keep seeing all the beautiful Fall things popping up all over Blogland....but, me, not so much!!
So until Bentley and I get up and going.....have a great week!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ok, don't say I didn't tell ya!

you better get to Michael's Dollar Stop! Mine just got stocked and mercy me.....I could have spent a fortune! Great items...but already some were getting thinned out.

Yep, these too.....oh, I may have to go back....this was just too much fun!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!!

This Friday is the start of a new meme...Flower Friday at Liz's. I asked her if this means my husband has to bring me flowers every week...I like that idea!

I am a big fan of the flowers from the grocery store. I find them to be so pretty, economical, and easily available.

I treated myself to these beauties Wednesday!

Look what I found at the Target Dollar stop! I had to buy hubby said, I knew that was going home with you!! Does this mean I will be able to find it when I need it???

I thought for Show and Tell at Cindy's I would show my grandparents 50th Wedding Album. My Aunt gave it to me when I was at her home a year ago. This is from 1968.

The article in the Detroit News and the invitation.

This is the apron that every female in the family wore. See it wasn't catered and it was a BIG affaire. So the girls were the cooks, servers, and washers. I was so thrilled to get this apron
from my aunt because it brings back the memory. I believe a couple of my aunts made all of them...and I tell you...that was probably about 30 of them!!

Have a great weekend my friends....
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