Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Many Picture Frames??

I am laughing at myself right now.  I know that my friend Candy is saying, sure, you tell me I have a lot of picture frames...
But I do love family pictures.  The other day I went around and took shots of all the different frames I have out NOW.  (we won't talk about the ones I have stored away! )  I also have to say, this does not include your typical wood frames.  I didn't take those.  So, I will show you a few of my favorite you have your sweet tea?  This could take awhile.

 I love this picture and frame, it is of my husband and me in Hawaii.....such wonderful memories.  See the hair?  I was so bald from chemo, but I always wore a wig. 

 I love scrolly frames.  I know the pic of me and the kids isn't the best, but I love this picture of them with their pinwheels....they were so little.
 My son messed up GD's hair and it was the greatest shot....This frame was perfect with the round opening.
 I love this frame.  It is black and gold...the pic is of us on the slab of our home being built.

 These two frames are the oddest color...sort of between gold and silver...with my grandchildren little!!  They are of those old fashion settings. 
 This frame I am crazy about.  I like the crystals hanging in each frame.
 My mom bought me this frame probably 35 years ago at Hudson's.  I have all my old family pics in it.
 Another scrolly one!
 My wonderful friend Karen made this one for me....that is Karen, Marty and I in California.
 This is a huge frame in our hallway.  I love it, but I never, NEVER change the is just too hard to get back up on the wall!
 Ro and I have this same frame.  It is probably 35 years old too.  (do you see the baby on the left...I will have to show that frame sometime....that is me!)
 This was my mother's frame.  It is painted on a was falling apart and I had it repaired.
 Mini frames are so hard to find anymore....this is my mom and dad.
 This vintage frame I picked up when my kids were about the age in the picture.  My husband when he had a beard!
 This silver frame has a picture of my Grandpa in the Dodge band - 1918.
 I love what the frame says...we can go anywhere, if we go together, no matter where we are, we're home.  I found this frame when we first moved to AZ....I kinda wasn't real happy to be here at first. (I tried several times to get this clearer, but really, the frame is actually kinda blurry itself)
 Love oval shape frames...this is my husband's mom and aunt around the 40's. Look at those hats!
Ro bought me this gorgeous teapot is a favorite of mine!
This is a 2x3 frame...kinda brass colored.  It has a chalk print of my husband's grandmother as a child.  Wish I had that doll!!!
 This frame is was a gift for our 25th anniversary - hmmm, 13 years ago!
I made this collage for our 25th of just the two of us in those 25 years.  Note:  remember to take pictures of just you and your husband.  We didn't do this enough once we had kids. Now I wish I had more pictures from back then....

Are you all still here?  Nope, I don't collect I?

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just playin'.....

I felt like playing around with my pictures, and then, my son decided we should play around with my blog. I hope you like the new look. I am able to now make my pictures X-large...yeah!

If you heard moans and yells Monday night, that was me every time my son clicked on something....I was worried I would lose my whole blog. But all turned out well....and I calmed down - eventually!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I rearranged!!

I don't know.  I tend to move slower now.  So something that many of you bloggers do on a weekly basis, takes me a while.  Like this latest change.  I have been thinking about it for about, oh I don't know, a Year!  But I knew it would be a job...and it was!  I switched the cabinet behind the family room couch for the half table by the dining area.  I LOVE it!  I had to take everything out of the cupboard and that is saying somethin'.  It gave me a little more room by the dining table and the woods match perfectly.  The half table makes the walkway behind the couch so much more open, although it really isn't.  So, take a look and see if you like it.  I hope you do, cuz, I ain't moving it again soon!

Put the same things I had just put out on the cupboard.

I took this pic so you could see the dining area and the color of the wood.

You can see more behind the couch so I foofed up this area a bit....
Don't you just adore lanterns?  I fixed mine to have a nod to my trip to glorious Florida...

This is the table behind the couch.  After I saw this picture, I did center it better.

I am quite pleased!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cutting Boards

I was doing my usual blog reading this morning and saw that Marty talked about a couple of her cutting boards.  I told her I would show mine also....
It isn't that I have cute boards...she has me beat on that! But I have a memory story on one of them.

 This cutting board is about 18 years old.  It is probably one of my most precious possession!  ???
When my daughter was about 11 years old, she was in 4H.  One day while I was at work, and Dad was probably watching TV!  a friend of hers came over and they worked on making a floor mat for one of the fair competitions.  They had to nail pop bottle lids on a piece of board.  They used my cutting board that I had to go under the nails....and it ruined the cutting board.  My daughter was all upset, thinking I would be angry, which I might have been to be honest.  She and her friend, got on their bikes and went about 3 blocks to a Pamida store, like a K-mart.  She took her piggy money and bought me this cutting board to replace the one she damaged.  Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes as I tell this story.  I cherish that memory.  I don't cut on it sits under my oil and salt and pepper bowls by our stove.

 This apple cutting board, my husband saw at CB and wanted to buy it for me...I love the little apple knife.
 This little cutting board is really about 30 years or more.  It was a gift from Ro and it had a chunk of cheese on it.  It slices cheese.  I tell you, I love this thing...cuz, I love me some cheese!
 This is the board I use whenever I am cooking.  I bought it when we moved into this house at Ross.  I like that it is round.
And this knife was handmade by the Amish in Michigan.  My friend Kathy gave me a whole set last Christmas and I think they are wonderful!!

Well, you didn't know  I could make a post out of cutting boards...but I did!!  Do you have any favorite cutting boards??

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Top of my Very Expensive Fixed Refrigerator!!

Did you hear us crying???  We tried to keep it to a low whimper...but we were definately whimpering.

That was painful.  Apparently something went out to do with the cooler to the freezer to tell it to wasn't.  But it is nice and cold now!!  If you come for a visit, it will be hot dogs and cold water...but we will share what we got!!

Well, of course, the big black box got a good cleaning, so I foofed the top a bit.  Not much.

I had the baskets.  I added my bunnies in a basket and the letter K...both for Kitchen and our last name.  I tried more "stuff", but it took away from all my "stuff" on top of the cabinets.

I am shamefully joining in with Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.  But trust me, I gotta get some mileage out of the fridge.....since I am HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby restricted!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Grands!

Father's Day started with worship, followed by lunch at one of my husband's favorite restaurants, Abuelos.  They have the best bacon wrapped shrimp in the world!  Our daughter and her children met us there.  I totally forgot I had brought my camera until we went outside.  The kids wanted to pose.

 Our grandson will be 9 soon.  I told him, oh no, double digits next year!!  He thought that was funny!
 Granddaughter faking being girly....she is all boy!  She wants a back pack for school, kindergarten, with flames on it!!
 She thought it was fun to sit in this old guys lap!
Poor grandson wouldn't fit in the tiny square....he was a little put out by that...but I told him, you are just getting to be a big boy now!  He always wears his blue and orange glasses when he comes to see grandma...and he always says, "because orange is your favorite color Grandma".

I guess you can tell I am pretty much smitten with both of them!

And what else happened today???  Our refrigerator up and quit.  Water everywhere.  Hopefully, and I do mean, please hope and pray, that it can be fixed and for little money.  We really did not need this right now...but what can you do??  I will let you know what the damage is.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Odd plates!

I hope I am not alone here.  I have some plates that I rarely use, if ever.  But I can't part with them.

You see, I am trying to purge some here.  I have gone through all of my cupboards now...and I really have taken some things to Goodwill.  But some items, I can't part with, even though....I don't need or use them. Hubby doesn't get it...but you will, won't you?

 I  found this Pennsylvania Dutch plate at a garage sale years ago.  My dad was PD. 
 My grandma used to say this.
 I think this is so funny....
 My mom had my birthday year plate for me.

 Then I found my hubbies at a flea market.

 This was a depression glass plate of my mom's.  I don't usually like green...but I LOVE this plate.  So deep of a color.

And my president plate....
when Carter was president.  I would like an updated one...I have seen them at CB.

So there I have a few of my odd and USELESS??? plates.

You get it....don't you????

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