Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yes, Virginia....Ceekay really was young once!

This is us with our son....he was 2 months old....this was in our first home...and I loved that wallpaper! I just got this picture from my cousin...don't even remember it being taken...  btw, my husband was hot!

Man, this brings back so many memories....(1982)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grandma is happy this weekend!

My daughter, her husband, their two children and two other kiddos came over on Saturday.  We grilled hamburgars...my son-in-law does a great job grilling....
Next on the agenda....going for Golf cart rides...

Everyone got their turn to drive except the littlest one!

Our granddaughter told grandpa, she was practicing so she would be ready to drive a car...she is 6!

Then, it was the pool...

 Frisbee in the pool...that is a necessary item in the pool....those kids played for over an hour....

The littlest one doesn't like the water...so she and Grandma watched...

Then everybody got dried off....and had to go to a birthday party....

Grandpa and Grandma...they were busy too......NAPPING!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just like Marty's! Well, kinda!

Did you all visit Marty today as she talk about Silhouettes?  Well I commented to her and told her that I have one too!!  So....just like in Kindergarten...it is Show and Tell!!

I found it at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $1.00.

I guess this means there might be more that go with it......

This is the artist.....

I love that it looks like they are having tea!  Of course, you KNOW I want some more!!

Have a Great Weekend everyone!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Cherries

In my opinion, you can't beat plain old fresh cherries on the stem!

I know, I was in my artsy fartsy mood this morning!!  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AZ Cinnamon Roll Lover's Unite!

Oh MY Goodness.....................

if you are near Scottsdale, run, drive carefully, but get there....

Sweet Tooth Fairy Gourmet Bake Shop

(You may not see them, but there are angels surrounding this cinnamon roll!)

This darling shoppe has the most delicious treats...

And the story isn't just that it is good, but the store originated in Utah.  The owners are close friends of NieNie, from NieNie's Dialogues.  They have a cupcake named in her honor.  I told the owner that I would post about this on my blog and that everyone would know!

But on top of the wonderful connection...and I am NOT KIDDING NOW....

This is the best cinnamon roll I have had since my mom's recipe that she used to make.  It took me right back there....oh, OH!

I had one bite left from my half of roll...I was savoring each bite, my husband says, "I can finish that for you".....Huh?....keep your lips off my cinnamon roll.  I mean, I do have my priorities!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Party, Party, Marty Party!!

It is Summer Cloche time! at Marty's.  But you all know that.....so as Heidi Kl*m says...on with the show.....

I know everyone is doing this....but I love my old frogs stacked in a small cloche.

This is about 2 inches high...made of buttons...

This cloche is very tall and in previous years I have had my teacups stacked, but you know, change is good...so now it has a mini photo album on a candlestick.

This cloche is a cheese dome from eons ago....I have a sweet basket with wine corks in it...by my Frenchy waiter that Marty gifted me...

This teapot for one was a gift from my husband years ago....it is in our dining room....

My hurricane lamps with a "cloche" for my husband 1976 pocket watch....

This cloche is a favorite of mine.  It has it's own stand....right now it has a sweet grass basket from Charleston and the Greer, SC mouse.

Marty and I have the same cloche....this is one that I really intended for a gift, but I could not part with it!  I have a cake candle inside and have my birds from Dollar Tree around it.

Marty showed this cloche...this was my first non, glass cloche...and I always keep a bird in it....

This cloche is on our dining room table.  It was green but (take a breath here!! shock of shocks!) I painted it!!

I love to have my bird hanging on it from my dear friend Karen.

And it is setting on a charger that I bought in Cali with Karen at TaiPan....love that store!

By the way, this has very little to do with cloches, but Garden Ridge is coming to Mesa!!! (angels singing!!)

Now, I have a confession....I wanted to find a new cloche for this party.  And my hubby and I looked, but I couldn't find anything that was "different"!  So, I refrained and stuck with what I have.

Ok, I am sure you probably need a drink of some sort after this long post...so I will let you all go to look at more cloches at A Stroll Thru Life.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Just a little homesick!
Sander's chocolate, Vernors, Bumpy Cake, Frankenmuth, and Up North!.......
Michigan will always be home!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gerber Daisy Love

The hubby got points today....

He brought me gerber daisies....

and what is better than gerber daisies????

ORANGE Gerber daisies!!
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