Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Weekend

You never know what the weekend will bring.  Unfortunately for me, they are about to really change as my husband's shift is changing.  You don't want me to start on that......however this weekend we went to our estate sale-ing travels and Lookie what I got!!

This hutch is fabulous.  Why no one got it before me is beyond me except that the Lord kept it for me!  I wasn't even looking for one, but this one said take me home.  It is solid wood, gorgeous, and $100.00.  If you count the money I got for the old one, which sold right away, it was only 50.00!  I am in LOVE!

I also made a doily banner for our guest room.  This is the one with the 4 poster bed.  I think it is so cute in there.

Have a great week bloggers....if you need me, I will be sitting looking at my new hutch!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ship Shots...

I am going to post pictures from around the ship.  I am having a little tough morning with the this won't be fancy....but I hope you enjoy seeing all the Art Deco style around the ship.

 Floor Mosaic  of the ship as you enter the lobby.

This is looking on the outside of the ship with all the rivets.

 Isn't this the coolest mailbox?

The light fixture in our restroom.

Original faucet.

Bell in honor of anniversary of ship.
 This is funny.  It sits right outside Chelsea's Restarant.

2nd Class children's play area.

 Can I  just take this home please?

Original china.

Call buttons to get service to your room.

Looking out a cabin porthole.
Look at all the beautiful wood.

Smoking on ship was allowed and very much in style.

Original postcards....5 cents.

This is on the Promenade.  One side was the library and the other the 1st class smoking lounge. Now it is all shopping.  Oh, by the way.....make sure you have money and lots of it!!

This Frieze is gorgeous and is original.

This framing of all the different woods used on the ship.

Look at the door with the little round window...

These are original dolls that you could buy in the ship's heyday!....and no, they won't let you buy them, as IF I could afford one!

This is the original tub "turner on-er"....Gee, I don't know what it is called.

Cold, warm and hot.....

All the clocks from around the world above the lobby desk.

Have a good day my peeps!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Royal Jaunt

I am still trying to get my get up and go back.....but I wanted to share a bit of where my hubby and I went.  We drove along with our friends....Candy and Long Beach, CA.  We had reservations to stay two nights at the permanently docked Queen Mary.  And we were treated like royalty!

I will show more pictures, but I haven't had time to organize I will just show you a bit....

This is a card that I intend to frame.  It is a drawing of the Queen Mary in her voyage days.

Hubby and I on the deck ready to go to dinner at Sir Winston's.  The weather was beautiful!

This is the four of us ready to go eat at the 5 star restaurant.  Trust me, we ate.  When we came down from the dinner, I was laughing so hard at myself.  I told my hubby that my dress fit me $$$$$ ago!!

Some of the view from the ship.

This is looking down the corrider.....all the original wood.  It was stunning!

But this is my favorite pic....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Did you think I went away?

Well, I did!  My hubby and I took a quick little trip.  I have pictures, but honestly, it kinda wore me a bit please be patient, and I will tell you all about it!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Are you ready for BINGO!

Wednesday is Bingo night in the ole senior citizens park....and I attend when I can.  If you ever see the commercial for Life insurance with the Bingo ladies....yep, that's me!!

One must be properly prepared for a fashionable evening of Bingo.....You must have

A Dauber bag.  A neighbor gave me this one.....

Colorful Daubers!  I have learned you have to have at least 2 different colors.

For me, my tic tacs, chapstick and kleenex are a must!!

I had no idea what these were, but they are number tell you when you are one or two away....and if you make a mistake daubing the wrong number... never know what they might be nibbling on and you need some change to buy some also!!

A ticket must by the rules ( oh trust me, they make sure you live by the rules) and have your ticket showing at all times!  or the Bingo police will find you!

A lucky frog????  In my opinion....he ain't.  I really don't "do" frog stuff, but they were part of the gift...

This is my cute little bag from some soap....I put my nightly pills in here....and everyone reminds me at 7:00.....TAKE YOUR PILLS!

Ok....I am all ready.  The only thing I need scream      B-I-N-G-O!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Well, I survived.  It was questionable Thursday.....but I made it.  Just a bad upper respiratory infection.

So today I took my sorry slightly still ill butt and did something.   I had to get out!!

So here is where the randomness comes in.....

I put in my recent purchases in my Fairy Garden....I love this silly thing.  The container is an old oil drip pan.  I don't think I ever shared the hanging gnome.

If I EVER find an old wagon I am going to do another one....everyone stops and giggles over it.

My daughter had given me for my birthday a CB gift card.  I seriously could not resist this mason jar windchime.

These sweet flip flops are from the Dollar Tree!

I decided my old desk needed a slate and an apple.

I love this old thing....I think I am going to brown up the apple a bit!

 So here is a recent estate sale find.  It is an old made in USA mini oil lamp.  I ebayed it and there is one just like it for sale for $39.00.  I paid....$1.00!

I found the sweet little crystal toothpick holder for $1.00.

And the bottom part of an amethyst salt shaker.  I thought it would be cute with a single flower.

This was also a dollar.  It was filthy....but cleaned up so good.

Hard to see but the feet are little birds!

I bought this little sign at 99cents store years ago.....

 Sorry for the shadow....but this is truly one of my favorite pieces.  It is all the names of God in the Bible.

A few bunnies have bounced in ......

This little guy wants his tummy rubbed!

Ok friends, yes, I have been on cold, it probably aided the randomness....but, hey....

That seems to be the way things go around here!!
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