Saturday, July 27, 2013

Before Summer is Over

I figure I better show my summer centerpiece.

I love sea shells.  Especially ones that I have found myself.

When I went to Meri's house for our craft day, I mentioned how I had been looking for a 3 tiered thingy ...!!  and she said, well you found one!  She was so sweet to give it to me and I came straight home and filled it with my shells.

I wanted to show this sweet salt cellar.  I bought it a few weeks back at an estate sale.  I haven't had one previously with the silver tray.  $2.00!!

Thank you for all your encouragement on my health.  As my hubby would, you aren't dancing in the street, but you ain't dead either!!  that pretty much sums it up!!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I took my grands to see Despicable Me 2.  What a cute, cute move and my grandchildren were so funny.  My granddaughter tried to ask me when was DM 3 coming out...but I couldn't quite understand and I was asking her all these "did you mean ????"  She was laughing so hard at me.
Then my grandson...he would lean over and tell me what was about to happen.  I said, you haven't seen this movie....he says...(he will be 11!)  I saw the TRailers grandma!  Obviously, I am not UP with things.

All three of us was ooohing and aaaahing over the preview of the Planes movie.  We HAVE to see that one.

Then my granddaughter.....who likes to spend grandma's money by the way!!...says, look, they have a picture machine!!

Now, if it were not for my cuties....I wouldn't share, but here is a look at how short and curly my hair is coming in. 

What a Fun day.....but today.....I am resting!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunny's Maiden Voyage (with us!)

We took Sunny (our vintage camper) up to Payson.  My hubby wanted to actually stay in her to see what we need to concentrate working on.

All went well.  We had a wonderful time.  Met some really nice campers and about wore ourselves out!

Ok, here is a bit of reality.  You know those gorgeous pictures of the vintage campers and they are so pretty you want to live there full time.  Nope, you don't!

1.  We actually used our camper.  So undoing the seating, getting out the bedding, making up the beds, (we each took a side) NOT a simple task!  Of course, I don't have a lot of arm strength, so I was battling it! 

2.  Cute table settings are adorable.....and I will do that, but trust me...paper and plastic can go in a bag and you can throw it away!

3.  Where you are supposed to keep your clothes, is one we are still working on.  I used for me, one for hubby, and one for meds and etc stuff.  I put them on a cabinet in the "bathroom closet".  That is NOT working for me.  I cannot keep lifting those and digging through to find flip flops.  We do have a plan, and I will share if it works.

4.  The cute chairs I bought at an estate sale that were gold and 70's ish.....yah, uh, those are gone.  We bought good 2013 zero gravity chairs and enjoyed them immensely!

5.  I found out that my dream of having an RV one day is still alive and well.  We used to talk about it BC...(before children) but then it went to the is back.

6.  Oh, and the 3 hour nap I took when I got home was WONDERFUL!

Every camper needs a bear doesn't it....I looked and looked for a peace sign necklace....gotta keep looking!!

Remembering the pillows on the couch?  So cute and adorable.  Uh, yah, that didn't work for me either....I didn't want to actually use them, so up on the shelf they went!

My sweet owl that Mary from Mrs. Redo made for Sunny!  (Those bars hold up the half of the bunk that got cut off.  That is what I am cutifying!  I think I will macrame over them one day.

I found this mat at Home Depot in Payson and I had to get it!  Don't look at the floor....we are not there yet!

This is the shelf, and the curtains....see....

I even have LOVE beads!

We had to modify the lamps that were there because the shades were crumbling....we found these shades.  I covered them.  I intend to put pom poms on them to finish them out, when someone decides that pom poms are not diamonds and I find at a reasonable price!

Poor Bentley, I do not know if he LOVED camping or hated it.....he wanted out all the time, but it was raining....then when he was outside, he wanted back in.  He just couldn't decide.

We had a storm that seriously, I think topped all storms.  This pic is on the way home....

We are home, have our to do list and thinking....When can we go again????

You can find me partaying here: Dwellings, The Heart of Your Home.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh Just Phooey!

I know I haven't written and I am sorry.  I want to thank each of you that have sent prayers on my behalf.

Frankly, I am not feeling great.  The "lump" on my throat seems to have gone down, but I feel sick.  I really believe I need an antibiotic, but apparently, I may have to have a biopsy.

We are hoping to be able to trial run Sunny sometime soon.  My hubby has worked tirelessly - trying to get her ready.  A lot of the connections for things needed to be replaced and that wasn't so simple to find or to do.

I promise, I will get pictures.

Sorry I am not just isn't in me right now.

Oh, and please pray for my dear friend Rose (she used to blog) as her brother passed away Sunday.  He was a fine man, married 40 years to his wife, and fought so hard to enjoy life.  We will miss him.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Scare

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a shower to freshen up.  I always massage my hair, for the reason I THINK it helps it grow faster. 

As I was doing that I found a lump on my neck near my collarbone.  I immediately called my oncologist and he wanted to see me.

To say that I was, am frightened....well....

Anyways, I have no clear diagnosis.  I will see him next week and see if it is still there.  This could be a chemo side-effect affecting that lymph gland.  I could have a virus.  Oh, it could be more serious.

Thank you for all the prayers that I know many of you pray for me each day....maybe, we need to bump them up a bit!

Meanwhile, I am sewing curtains.  The key word here was sewing.  My hubs got out my machine and although when the kids were young, I sewed all the time....I could NOT remember how to do the bottom bobbin thingy.  Finally got it!!  Like riding a bike, SORTA!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Want a Peek????

Ok.....this is what we have done, besides outside stuff....everything has been washed at least once and I found some fabric......

And then we all, hubby, son and me did lots of work....we are NOT experts....but

What do you think????

Friday, July 5, 2013

Before Pictures

I took them of Sunny.  You may want to leave at this point.  She needs work.  My husband has gone into obsessed mode.  All you wives know it, I am sure.  I have thought and planned, but we are NO where near me doing much.

Our plan is to clean this beauty inside and take her someplace near.  I need to see if the cushions are worth saving.  My gut says no, but foam is NOT cheap, so we will try sleeping and see what happens.  I do NOT want to spend money on making covers, and then we can't use them.

I bought one little piece of fabric for something on the curtains.

Ok, here are pictures, don't say I didn't warn ya!

See the original Shasta sign.  None of the windows are broke.  The screens need rescreening.  That is the original door and screen.

This is the refrigerator.  We don't know if it works...if it does, it is propane.  Yes, we are keeping it.  I will use it for storage if nothing else.

We have no idea what this looked like.  It is a 12 volt light, so you got me on that one!

(ok....70's alert....warning, warning!!)

This fabulous!! wallpaper is on the ceiling by the vent.  And YES, we are keeping it.

Now, some serious work went into those rods and curtains....thread was wire!  and that only to keep it sorta on the rod.  This is the foam I have been talking about.  We believe it is the original.

Broken light fixture.  As much as I don't want to, I think we are going to have to replace these. There are 3 that match.

Yes, I have the original table and it is in great shape.

This is a picture of the broken wheels that open the windows.  I have NO idea where on earth to find those.  We need a lot of them.

This is the worst area.  See the air conditioner.  Well.  That doesn't belong there.  It is coming out, but of course, it ruined that area.  The screen that is all rusted can be replaced.  But that area will never be back the way it should be.  We have all the drawers, all the handles and the stove has all the knobs.

  Ok, this should be up one, but this is what those knobs look like.

This is the floor.  Now you try to figure this out.  It is the original laminate.  And there are no holes and is down flat.  However, what on earth did they do?  Why the red discolor?  We don't know what we are doing.  Glue in AZ will not work....when it is closed up and storing, the glue will melt.  I really don't want wood floor because of the (oh, oh, I am going to get the 70's roll of eyes again) we are NOT painting the paneling.  I heard there are other styles of laminate that goes down like the wood locking in place but isn't wood.  But, as my hubby says, don't worry about that....we got other fish to fry!!

I know some of you may question this next statement.  But, I love my Lord and I have been praying that the Lord would help us find a little camper that we could afford.  My purpose is that with my husband's work schedule, we can get away for a day or so, now and then.  I NEVER think of the C word when I am up north in MY mountains.

I KNOW, the Lord answered this prayer.  We still cannot believe what a gift this was to us.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Should be Calm

You would think that with all I have gone through in my life, I would be able to relate an event without such excitement and drama......

Sorry....CANT DO IT!!

This week has been busy.  It started last Saturday when we were estate sale-ing.  My husband got a call and we were on the move.

Well, then, things happen, and maybe this was going to happen, maybe not.  OK Lord, I obviously still don't have this patience thing down yet!

Finally by Wednesday morning, we figured out...nope, not happening.

Then.....we got the call.  

Ceekay, what are you talking about?  You taking those meds again???? is what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!
Our 1971 Shasta 1400.


Does it need work?  Oh do know us by now right. No way was my hubs buying anything ready to go!!!  What is the sense in that?  Oh, but it has an avacado stove and refrigerator! 
Groovy Man, Groovy!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th, 2013

I ran out and took a couple of quick pictures to prove that we are celebrating July 4th!  Although, you don't see any neighbors outside, they do drive by in their cars.

***I see that Honey Boo Boo (Lord, help us!) has Smellavision.....I wish I could send this with Heat-a-Post!!

 I was so thrilled this year to find the bunting.....first time in 40 years I have ever had it!

Please know that my wheelbarrow has faux in it....

I clipped this onto my America sign in honor of our fallen.

Have a Wonderful July 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Arizona's heart is broken.  Please pray for the families of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives fighting the Yarnell fire.

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