Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to Michigan!

Well, I am packed, nails, toenails, hair done, and house clean! I will be leaving very early Wednesday morning to fly to Michigan. I ask for your prayers as I do not really like to fly. Also, since my illness, I am not as confident with getting around by myself as I once was. And I am going to be gone a month!! If I make it that long away from my husband. I wanted to post my outside decorations before I left.

This guy is new from Hobby Lobby....I could not resist!
I will be checking in when I am at Kathy's house. And hopefully posted a bit while I am there. So don't forget about me!!! I won't be forgetting about you all!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I just could not believe this!

I had thought about showing my outside decorations for Show and Tell at Kelli's...but that will have to wait.
I so wish I could describe my hubby adequately. Oh, you know, he is a hard worker, loving husband and father, good provider, etc. But he also has made my life very exciting. I never know what could happen from day to day. He says to me, I never promised you a rose garden, but I told you it wouldn't be boring!

I was surprised yesterday when he handed me a box of candy. We both are trying so hard to diet. But then I saw it was from M & M's. I love anything
M & M. So I opened it. I couldn't quite see what was on the orange little candies....oh, I see, Love you...oh.....our saying 1 Life, 1 Love....isn't that sweet?? mmmm, what is on the other one??? NO! It couldn't be

My picture! I could not stop laughing out of glee. I am immortalized on orange M & M's!!! He absolutely cannot top this one.
***So many have asked...am I going to eat them....my husband and I had 1 of each one and then I put them away....I just can't bring myself to eat them right now, maybe someday!****

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

20 Things I love about Fall!

The Inspired Room is hosting 20 Things I LOVE about Fall. Since I do love Fall I figured I should join in. 1. The colors of the leaves
2. Hayrides
3. Cider and warm sugar donuts
4. The Cidermill
5. The crisp smell in the air
6. First time to wear a cozy sweater
7. Pumpkin patches
8. Warm cozy fires in a fireplace
9. Hot cocoa with marshmellows
10. Scarecrows

11. Wrapping up in a warm and fuzzy blanket with a good magazine

12. Pilgrim figurines

13. Apple pie (oh my goodness!!)
14. Gourds and pumpkin decorations outside
15. Mums and sunflowers
16. Baked apples (yep, we have a theme here)
17. Acorns
18. Turkeys
19. Warm socks

20. Oh, this is absolutely the best...walking on the fallen leaves and hearing the crunch under your feet. Seriously, it brings a tear to the eye.
If you are new to my blog and would enjoy seeing my fall decorations, you can go here and here and here too!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Orange, Gold, and Brown all over!

What is? Our home!
I have quite a collection of Harvest items....here is more of the house decorating.....

Cracker Barrel this year.
Gobble, gobble...and he really does say it!
Rose from a Hint of Home made these pilgrims about 20 years ago, no really!!

Top of my Harvest tree....I think it is the best part!
I am trying to become more photogenic!!
Dishtowel - Walmart!
I so love this candle holder...it isn't just for Fall...but it is the color for it!
It is so fun to see all your homes and decorations. I can hardly wait for (shhh, you know....I'm dreaming of a white.....)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall!!!!

My favorite season is finally here officially! Even though I do not decorate country anymore, it just isn't out of my system completely. My little harvest stuffed dolls always "sneak" their way in the decorating. The "wired" pumpkins and the plate are from HL - Hobby Lobby!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Have a Happy Weekend!

It is finally starting to cool down a bit...we are only in the 100 degree now! I am totally done with fall decorating...will show more of that this coming week.

To everyone who left a comment about my Annies, ok....I am keeping them! I am so glad you liked them too and understood why I like them so much. No, I did not make any of them. I probably could have, but uh, no.

Haven't seen my new grandpuppy yet. I will let you when I do. I will also try to get some pictures.

Went "looking" at our new HomeGoods. Yep, you heard me right. I JUST looked. With my trip and Christmas coming, I am trying so hard to behave. They sure have some yummy plates though! My husband reminds me that I don't NEED new plates just to do another Tablescape Tuesday!!

I haven't forgotten about my awards. I promise I will get to those lovely gifts to me. (To many I-s in this post...sorry..but then again it really is all about me!:)
I hope you all have a great and wonderful weekend enjoying your families, friends and worshipping. I always look forward to Sunday services and visiting with my church family.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Show and Tell - My Annies

I thought I would break away from the Harvest pictures this week for Kelli's Show and Tell. I wanted to show my precious Annies. These poor beautiful dolls live their life in a Hope Chest. When I was more Country style, they were out. I have a cousin who collects Annies, so I imagine one day I will send them to her, but as I told hubby the other day, I am just not ready yet. They still make me smile when I open the chest and "play" with them for a bit. This is my Shopping Annie. She has a bag that say's Leave a Note.
Annie and Andy. I just love that pillow.
She is just so cute with her country star. I am sure you see why I can't part with her.

This Annie is in LOVE

And my mini Ann and Andy. This are probably 20 years old or more. They are out all the time.
Party time!
Have a great weekend and visiting all the other Show and Tells.

Oh...PS...I am a Puppy Grandma. My daughter and her children just adopted a baby Schnauzer mixed puppy. His name is Murphy and I must admit...I can't wait to see him. Remember, I have serious puppy fever!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday #4

My friend Candy is coming to scrapbook on Thursday....so I thought I would show my plans for our lunch for Tablescape Tuesday at Between Naps on the Porch. I am using my patio coffee table. The dishes were my late MIL's and the pattern is a Knowles design.
These little hand embroidered napkins I bought at an estate sale.
The little juice glass was also my MIL's. I found the tea bag holder at an estate sale also.

We will have our choice of hot or iced tea. These little swizzle sticks were from Linen's and Things.
It should be a fun day of getting lots of pages finished and a bit of "gossiping" over a light lunch....let me know when you are in town, I would love to have you join me!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, tag it is me! Kathy at Mimi's Garden and Susan at Between Naps On the Porch tagged me for 7 weird or random things about me. Now, I have done something like this before, but I will try to think of 7 different things.

1. I do not like my food to touch one another. I really would like partitioned plates like they have for kids! I absolutely will not eat my dessert on my dinner plate...that is just gross!

2. I missed being Salutatorian in High School by less than a point!

3. I do not like roller coasters!

4. I was named after my grandmother.

5. I always want to win at table games...I can be very competitive.

6. I hate shepherd hook pierced earrings.

7. I really don't like wearing a watch. I do wear one occasionally, but I rather not.

Ok...here comes the hard part. I know a lot of you that I read have done this Tag. So if you have not and you are on my Blog Roll.....Tag you are it!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn Show and Tell #1

****Update...thank you to all who have left comments for me. I promise I will get to your blogs. I am a bit behind..busy weekend. ****
I am a Happy Camper! It is Autumn!! I LOVE Autumn. I have been decorating my home all week. You see, I justify all my fall decorations because we can put it up in September and take down after Thanksgiving. That is 3 months...we have no other holiday that lasts that long!
So for Show and Tell at No Place Like Home, I am starting to show some of my decorations. Well, our decorations, because hubby has a part in it too!
Last year while visiting my friend Rose, we saw this Autumn tree. I took a picture of it and we did it ourselves in each of our homes. I KNOW Rose will post hers also. The picture really doesn't do it justice, it is really beautiful.
Close up of the tree.
Pumpkins everywhere in the Family room.
We never sit on this chair, so why not decorate it??
Ok, back to hubby. He went to Walgreens and came home and surprised me with these salt and pepper shakers. I am saving the pumpkins for my Thanksgiving table...the acorns I have on the table now.
Well, I hope you all are enjoying the coming of this wonderful season.
I won't be home all day Friday, but I promise I will get to your Show and Tell's. It really is my favorite day of the week!
By the way...just to tell you HOW much I do love the Fall...I am going to Michigan in October. If you want to see me...I'll be at the Cider Mill!!!
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