Friday, January 29, 2010

Silver Sunday #5

This is either an issue of unorganization, or forgetfulness. Yes, AGAIN, I found more silver in my home. Even my friend of 35 years, Ro, said, "I didn't know you had so much silver". Neither did I!
It is so funny. I will think, oh, what about???? Then I get up and go digging. My husband says, what silver are you looking for now?

This is my son's baby cup. I never had it engraved. And I STILL want to do that! Those by the way, are my shoes from, well, let's just say they are olden!!

See this odd thing? It is real silver...but what do I do with it???

I serve petit fours when I have some girlfriend's over!

This is not real silver, but chrome again...I treasure this as it was my Grandma's. It is clearly Art Deco....

See the bakelite handle??

This Hershey Kiss is not real, chocolate that is. It is a weighted balloon holder. These were on the tables with balloons for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

These are so wonderful.....

silverware holders for a buffet. I use these alot, since most holidays, I serve buffet style.

I just love Silver Sunday at Gypsy Fish. I so look forward to it each week and seeing everyone's silver. And the ladies that participate are so good about visiting...I love that!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am sure you heard it....

the squealing around 11:30 AM?? that was ME!

My friend Candy and I went Estate Saleing....and I found a treasure. At least it is a treasure for me!

This "trunk" type box. It was used to mail parcels. I was so excited....

Original label still on it!

These were the stamps and the date 1949 of its last mailing. Look at the metal casing....

33 cents to mail a package! Today...almost $33.00

This was from and to.....

The strapping is perfect. I just love this kind of "thing". Plus, I can use it for storage....

I had such a fun time and yes, I did buy some other things...a couple which will be part of a giveaway for my 400th post in the future!

The only down side??? I AM TIRED!

Remember to check out the other Show and Tell's at Cindy's.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silver Sunday #4 and Mosaic Monday

Today is Silver Sunday at The Gypsy Fish! I laughed at myself because I keep saying I don't have much silver, but I keep finding stuff!

The above collage is of my sugar tongs. The little nugget of Silver was purchased in Tombstone AZ... btw, so many of you have asked about the doilies I have been showing. These were a Christmas gift from my sweet friend Misty. She crochet me a three piece set, one brown, one taupe, and one black. She knows me very well!

The little spoons are my salt spoons. I pick these up when and IF I see them. I have many salts but as you can see, only a few spoons. They are so precious though. The fan spoon is a sugar spoon I picked up at an estate sale. I just love the fancy spoon part...and what better than a Cherry Kiss!

The silver goblets on the left of the collage were from our 25th Wedding anniversary. They are engraved with our names and our wedding and anniversary date! The gadget on the right is a cake server. Every once in a while you can find these silver serving pieces at Ross, for not too much money.

This little silver angel lives in my curio cabinet. It was a gift from a co-worker so I would know that he is praying for me. I know this comes as a shock to many, but I am really not an angel person, but this one is special.

This is an odd little set. It is not silver but chrome. I bought it at an antique store in Michigan...but I have a question. I know it is a condiment set. Salt, pepper, and mustard. Why mustard?? I need to find a spoon for it though.

This is another non-real silver item, but it was a letter opener my husband and I gave to my grandpa for his birthday one year. When he passed, we received it back....but see, we had it engraved....

Makes me get a little teary eyed...

Well, I am off to see all the other wonderful silver things and the fantastic and talented ladies doing mosaics on Monday for Mary's Mosaic Monday. Thank you to all who left comments last week. That was soooo fun to hear from many of you!

Who knows what silver I will will find for next week. Man, I still wish this was diamonds...!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Little Craft!

I have been seeing these sweet match boxes redone in Blogland. Actually, there is a swap that I did not get in fast enough...but I thought they were so cute, I would try my hand at them for my own enjoyment. I love how it turned out. I have no idea if I did it the way you are suppose to, but I did the best I could. I will definately will be making more of these. I didn't fill it with anything yet.

You know me and my creams, whites, and blacks....
I love this toile paper.
This little flower is on the front of the "drawer"
I lined the inside with paper also.

It is a very simple project...just a little time consuming to get the right size of papers....

Friday, Sherry from Country Wings in Phoenix is coming over for a craft day. We have tried to get together, so hopefully, this time it will work! I am very excited about it.

Did a little shopping for Valentines Day this week, so I have some cute things to show in the coming weeks. Hope you are all having a great week. Thanks for all the comments on my Silver last week. That was so exciting to hear from everyone!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday #3 and Mosaic Monday

I so look forward to Silver Sunday at Gypsy Fish and Mosaic Monday at Mary's. I must admit though, I am running out of silver to show. I was talking with a friend and we deduced that silver wasn't a very popular gift in the 70's for brides. But I have dug...and I do mean that literally through cupboards and hope chests and come up with a few things to show.

The first upper left picture is one of my most cherished items. (I KNOW - I say that alot. ) My mom, when I first was married took her first and only airline flight to Florida, back when they fed a real meal. She asked the stewardess (yes, still stewardess at that time) if she could have a set of the silverware. And they gave her a new set. I don't know what airline the symbol is of in the bottom left photo....but as you can see, they were REAL silverware - knife and all.

The above mosaic is of a little box I have on my nightstand. I grouped together a teacup and saucer, a lipstick case, a ring holder and a silver picture frame from our 25th Wedding anniversary 12 years ago!

This candy dish with yummy butter mints was a wedding gift from the president of the college where my husband and I met. It is not fancy by any means, but it is cherished.

This sweet baby spoon I found at a thrift shop last week. It was $4.00 and when I got it home and cleaned, discovered the L engraved in the handle. So now, I can say it is my husband's baby spoon!

This picture is from the first collage. These are my cereal spoons when I was a child. I believe my mom sent in box top labels to get them.

These butter and cheese knives were $1.00 for all at an Estate sale last year...I like that they don't match!!

This fork and knife is from my child's silverware set. It is Oneida and I don't have the spoon anymore, but I would love to find one!

Well, we will see what I dredge up for next week's show of silver. I do know that some of what I showed today is not real silverware in the technical sense, but, hey, go with me on this OK??
Don't forget to check out all the other Silver items today and the mosaics on Monday. Oh, and you friends out there that haven't said you are coming by...say hi ok?? I would love to hear from you!!!

We continue to pray for all those suffering in Haiti. How difficult their life is right now...we are very blessed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

White Tablescape Thursday

It must be my missing snow, which I KNOW many of you are NOT, but white seems to be appealing to my eye right now. I set the table with my Silver and White. It seems very calming to me, probably after all the busy-ness of the holidays.

Mercury candlesticks - Target after Christmas this year
Mirror - Biglot many years ago
Mercury Tea Lights - Kroger after Christmas this year
Snowflake glasses - Dollar Tree 2 years ago
Individual butter dishes - Kroger - $2.49 ea just this Monday!!!!!
Napkins - Anna's linens
Silver Charger - Target after Christmas 2 years ago
White Plates - 99 cents store
Flatware - Harvest - Reed and Barton
Bling napkin rings - Target after Christmas last year
I am off to visit all the many tablescapes at Susan's!! See you again Sunday for Silver Sunday...until then, enjoy your days, use your crystal, and laugh....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trying Windows Live Writer

Because so many bloggers have written such wonderful things about WLW – I thought I might try it!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Silver Sunday #2

Today is Silver Sunday at The Gypsy Fish. I also am doing my Mosaic Monday at Mary's. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The silverware was my Grandma's. Unfortunately, it is not a complete set. It probably was a gift for an anniversary at some time. I really enjoy having it must be at least 50 plus years old.

My next mosaic is of some silver Mercury glass candle holders I purchased for 75% off at Target after Christmas this year. I was tickled! I love the bling on them...they match so well with the bling napkin rings I got last after Christmas sale...Target again.

I told my husband....time to go shopping. I really don't have a lot of Silver. I just love looking at all the beautiful pieces everyone is showing. Some of those serving pieces with all the cut out work is scrumptious!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Winter Display

I am linking up this post to the new meme of Tabletop Tuesday at Grits and Glamour. This should be a fun weekly event and I am anxious to see all the tabletops.

Hello everyone! I hope many of you are getting over the colds and flus that seem to be going around.  I finally got the house back in order from the holiday decorating and thought I would share a few pictures.
We don't have snow here in AZ, so I felt like going neutrals and whites for a idea of Winter!

I am trying to use this new way of posting, but I can tell you right now, I am going back to my old way!

I liked the way the cloches all together on the Buffet looked so I just added some of my white pitchers and a Snowbaby from years ago!

I will be joining Friday Show and Tell at Cindy's Romantic Home.
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