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Thursday, January 29, 2015


I just can't believe my life.

My husband and I purchased the cabin-ette in May.  We have worked to get it fixed up and enjoy.

I went up last week and my hubby calls Friday morning and asks me to go look at another park model just a few models down.

Well, I did, and guess what?  Yep....he bought it.  So Saturday we cleaned the carpet.  And Sunday and Monday we moved and put the smaller place up for sale.  I promise I will post pictures next week.  We came on Monday afternoon, because I had a chemo treatment on Tuesday.

I am getting old.  I tell you, on Saturday morning we had to run to Walmart.  I literally fell asleep standing up at the cash register.  This is our 17th 41 years and no, he was NOT in the service.  15 of those, including this one were fixer-uppers.  I told him, I have to have a year to enjoy this one and don't even ask me to look at another one.  By the way, I stayed in the new one and my husband golf carted everything over except the bed.  It was hilarious!  We had an audience....but that is not the first time!!

So, sorry, no pics this time.....but I will get there. 

Hope all is well with my bloggettes......

Joyfully, (tired)


Sunday, January 18, 2015

So Fun to Change a Few Things

At Christmas, while I was opening a gift from a friend, my husband informed me that he never really liked the pictures I had on a wall in the Great Room.  I have had them for 10 years....he finally got to it!!

Well a couple weeks later, our park was having a big garage sale.  And I found a gate.  $2.00!  It was with timidness, I asked my hubby if we could hang it on that wall.  So down the pics came....

You can sort of see them in the above pic.....I kinda liked them, but....

I LOVE the gate.  It isn't old, but with all the black I have it is perfect!

Off to HobLob and I splurged on this burlap wreath.  I rarely spend the money for something like this until it is on sale....but I KNEW it was what I wanted!

While there....I found this sign on clearance for our cabin....

And finally, we bought a rug in Payson for the cabin.  But it would not lay on the carpet that was, I brought it home and put in in the living area.  Then I thought, oooh, I would like another for the dining room.  Well, it took 2 stores, but we found it!  Thank you Jesus! 

By the way, I usually have a tablecloth on the table, but I decided to let the wood show.  I absolutely LOVE this set....

Ok, so that was all my money for the month!!  Good thing next month is my birthday!!

It makes me feel so good to have a fresh look, even in this tiny home!!



Friday, January 16, 2015

Hi...some little things....

Been very busy going to several doctor visits, but I did have time to pick up a few things.....

On one of my tips to our cabin, I stopped at my favorite little store, The Shay Bird, and found these adorable doll gloves.  I have never seen any like them, so I HAD to get them.  They are laying on my old photo album that Karen redid for me!

This isn't new, but I love this prim pillow.  I believe this saying!!

I found this after Christmas at Michaels.  Just a box, but I loved the Flea Market sign of it.

I know I showed my new orange Tibitan Wool pillow, but I picked up the other one at Kmart...on sale.  I think it is so pretty.

This is the top of the TV unit now with the Christmas down.  

The light color throw was a Christmas gift and I found the soft furry pillow at Walmart!

I took my boxwood wreath and put it on the coffee table.....

The orbs were from Christmas line at Big Lots....but since they were brown, I knew I could use year round.

So sad, my tulips are about done.....I did enjoy them tho!!

Have a great weekend....


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