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Friday, February 27, 2015

New Light at the Cabin

Hubby says it looks like a garage lamp....but he put it up for me anyways!  I bought one of those old looking light bulbs.  It is fantastic in person.  I love the valance also.  I found it at Anna's Linens.  The top picture shows the little pulley that holds the cord.  LOVE!

I have a new light ordered for the little dining area, but it is on back order.  So, that could be a while!



Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cabin Love

Do I really have to explain why I love it at our cabin??

And hubby working on....

Our new deck and privacy fence!

Hi BentleyBoy!  Do you like Daddy's work?

I sure do!



Monday, February 23, 2015

I am back!

I have been at our cabin.  Celebrated my birthday!  It is amazing that it was a year ago that I had my 60th party out on our you remember?

First of all, I am sorry that my posts are far between, but I do not have internet at the cabin.  That is good and bad....but I can go to the community hall and get it there, but we have been so busy, I just didn't!

Mesa has a new store, and I thought I would take some pictures.  It is a salvage store only open 3 days a month....but that is good because some of us need that time to recuperate. It is the Brick House.  It took me a bit to find, but well worth it.

Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry....but I was hyperventilating!

This is the ladies restroom....the skirt around the sink is burlap.

Oh, Lord, keep my little money in my purse.....

This was pricey, but so unusual.....I would LOVE that in the bathroom at the cabin.

After I paid....they gave me a heart cookie from a nearby bakery.

They will be open again on the 12th of March, I will be there!

Ok, I also went to a couple of garage sales and found...

Two of these chairs for $15.00 each for our AZ room at the cabin.

Oh, and you all know about simplifying.....It is going so well (snicker) that I bought this mirror.  Now you KNOW I needed it. (yeah, right??)  But I have never seen a dresser mirror on a stand.  I plan on painting the stand.  It was $5.00. 

Ok, I should quit.  I have more.  See you in a couple of days!!  Have a good week!!


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