Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuff, uh, I Mean Things I Have Been Doin'

A couple of weeks ago I went to Liz's fabulous home and we talked, laughed, ate, talked, and did some crafts.
These are some cards I embellished.  I bought the note cards from Target.

I also made this sweet little tag...I took some stamping advice from Liz...and I do love how it turned out!

I totally understand why Liz named her blog, Rose Vignettes.  She has a talent for vignettes throughout her home.  I came home and said....I need to foof!!

I redid the top of the commode in the main bath.  I am thrilled with the results!

Liz made this sweet pic for me a couple of years ago!

I made this one with scraps of paper and a sticker!!

I just love this sweet bunny!
This is how it looks in the evening with just the lamp on.
It was a fun day and I hope to do it again soon! 

Shamelessly joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday!
Joining On Suttons Place for Open House and Charm of the Home.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ladie's Retreat, or How to wear Ceekay out!!

Thursday afternoon I packed my ORANGE suitcase and went far, far away to Scottsdale Plaza Resort!  My chuch Girlfriends group was having a Women's retreat.  I am telling you it was NON-stop from Thursday at 3:00 pm to Saturday at 3:00!  No, I did not make it to everything....but I gave it a good ole college try as my husband would say!
The group of gals I went with started with going into Old Towne Scottsdale and having dinner at Cowboy Ciao.  Wow!  that was a fantastic meal and let me tell you, the eating never stopped till I got home!

This was my shrimp dish...did I ever tell you how much I love shrimp??

OH MY GOODNESS....we all shared this!

The evening session started with meet and greets, praise songs, and a wonderful message on Hope.  I felt that was timely in my life.  I would say there was 125 women that attended.  Afterward it was game time...I ducked out and went to bed in my gorgeous resort room.

The centerpieces

After the morning session, we had free time....which meant LUNCH.  We went to another fabulous restaurant at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.  Then....oh, the angels began to sing....we went to Charming Charlies!!!  There was about 40 of us converging on this store and we were there for about 2 hours!  I NEVER knew there is a clearance corner!!!!!  I DO NOW!

We came back to go swimming for a was 114 degrees.  Then it was a quick shower and back for the evening meal...eating again!!  There was an evening session and more fun time.

Bunny greeted me Friday morning to say Hi!

Great songs of Praise!

Saturday morning, after what??  breakfast! (Thank God for elastic!)  the last session and farewell to all our new friends.  Then my 3 pals and I went to Goodwill in Scottsdale and shall I say it....LUNCH!  My son and his friend met us at another Goodwill where he took me home....I was done, done, done!!!

ceiling in this Historical restaurant!

Oh how wonderful to have girlfriend fun!  It was so great!  I don't have a lot of pictures....I hope to get more.   There was a gorgeous huge flatscreen in the hubs would have loved it!  I NEVER had a chance to turn it on!!!

Sheila, me, and Kate!

Sheila, me, Kate, and Lora

I am glad to be home though!  Be it ever so humble!  Bentley Boy was so happy I was back!  Hubby too!

Tuesday is chemo.  Believe it or not, I am anxious to get started and kick this cancer's butt!  It was a great month though!!

Just Wanted to say HI!

I have been attending a ladies retreat with my church for the past few days.  I just got back and I want to tell you about it...but not today.  It was funny that the Theme was Rest and Rejuvenate and I did not rest!  We were on the go the whole time.  So, give a me a day or two and I will share...have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rest of the Story.....

Me:  Hon, I am going to run to Walmart.
Him:  Why don't you take the car!
Me:  I am going to be awhile...I just want to look.  The only thing I am buying is Peach Tea.

La, la, la....time alone to shop, look at Walmart.  Ooooh, starting to put out Fall....hmmm, I don't need anything but I wonder what is in housewares.  I'll just look.

OH MY GOODNESS.....I can't believe this....Oh, I don't need them.  But they are only 75 cents each.  I'll just get two.

La, la, la....looking, looking...hmmm, where is that clearance isle...oh here!  No, don't need that, nope...WHAT, what is there????  Oh, I have to buy them...I only need two!

Later....Me:  Hon, I need to run into the Dollar Tree.
Him:  What do WE NEED from there...?
Me:  I just need to see if they have 2 of these.....Oh Dollar Tree, please don't let me down!!

What did I buy????


No really, can you stand it???

I made the napkins just from some fabric at JoAnns.  The napkins rings...I put those together YEARS ago.  Placemats and Melamine Lemon dishes...75 cents each at Walmart.
Black plates...I have had.
Lemon know, The Dollar Tree.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's New Copy Cat?

Yep, that is me.  I admit it!

When I visited with Liz she had the most fun and interesting centerpiece on her nook dining area table.  I asked questions and started working!


 Note to self...15 lemons is NOT enough!!


Here is Liz's....

hers is more gorgeous....and I have to get more lemons!  BTW, this is the LARGE cannister from Walmart.  Liz's is the same size.  It is deceiving how big they really are....and trust me....finding the right label is NOT the easiest thing in the world. 

I do still like mine though.....AND

there is more to this story!!!! come!

Joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is SOME of what tired me out!!

I would suggest you get your tea or wine now...and I apologize from the very beginning.  I am having trouble narrowing down some pics.  You will see why....

First of all, Dana, our friend from Stone Rabbit sent me the most adorable gift.  I had been looking everywhere but could not find....

 the pink Hostess cupcakes!  What a treat!  and she included this amazing sign.

I can't wait to frame this and put it right above my computer!  Thank you so much Dana.

Then it was our 38th Anniversary.  My husband took me again  to Flemings Steak House.  It is a favorite of mine.  A little pricey, so we usually save it for our anniversary.

 They always give us a card with all the employees signing...

 And take our picture!

 They sent our cake home with us, because I had to have the berries and chantilly cream....


Do you all remember the birthday my husband said "Nothing says Loving like a new set of Four!"...the tires for the car??  Well this year he said, " Nothing says Loving like Communication!"

 WE, got a new flat screen TV!  he said that flowers on this TV will seem like they are right in the room!

And a new cell phone... I did really need this....He did get the sweet PINK cover for me!  See I do have a bit of pink in my life!

Then today, Saturday, my son invited his sister, her children and us over for a BarBQue at his NEW PLACE (oops sorry, just a bit of JOY slipped in there!) was delicious!  Of course we had to enjoy the pool at the clubhouse.  It was 107 today!!

My grandchildren are fish!  They swim so good...even though they sometimes still use the floaties!  We had so much fun.

 We raced....
 He won!!!
 A quick moment of brother and sister love...catch it quick!!

 There was a lot of cannon balls!

 And time with uncle....

 Hugs with Grandpa...he got there late cuz, he had to work!!
 And birthday cake!!  This guy just turned 9!!
So see, I don't get tired for NO reason!  I really have been busy!!  and I LOVED  every moment of it!
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