Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is SOME of what tired me out!!

I would suggest you get your tea or wine now...and I apologize from the very beginning.  I am having trouble narrowing down some pics.  You will see why....

First of all, Dana, our friend from Stone Rabbit sent me the most adorable gift.  I had been looking everywhere but could not find....

 the pink Hostess cupcakes!  What a treat!  and she included this amazing sign.

I can't wait to frame this and put it right above my computer!  Thank you so much Dana.

Then it was our 38th Anniversary.  My husband took me again  to Flemings Steak House.  It is a favorite of mine.  A little pricey, so we usually save it for our anniversary.

 They always give us a card with all the employees signing...

 And take our picture!

 They sent our cake home with us, because I had to have the berries and chantilly cream....


Do you all remember the birthday my husband said "Nothing says Loving like a new set of Four!"...the tires for the car??  Well this year he said, " Nothing says Loving like Communication!"

 WE, got a new flat screen TV!  he said that flowers on this TV will seem like they are right in the room!

And a new cell phone... I did really need this....He did get the sweet PINK cover for me!  See I do have a bit of pink in my life!

Then today, Saturday, my son invited his sister, her children and us over for a BarBQue at his NEW PLACE (oops sorry, just a bit of JOY slipped in there!) was delicious!  Of course we had to enjoy the pool at the clubhouse.  It was 107 today!!

My grandchildren are fish!  They swim so good...even though they sometimes still use the floaties!  We had so much fun.

 We raced....
 He won!!!
 A quick moment of brother and sister love...catch it quick!!

 There was a lot of cannon balls!

 And time with uncle....

 Hugs with Grandpa...he got there late cuz, he had to work!!
 And birthday cake!!  This guy just turned 9!!
So see, I don't get tired for NO reason!  I really have been busy!!  and I LOVED  every moment of it!


Tina said...

All of this excitement in your a few have every reason to be tired! But it looks as though you had a great time!
Happy Anniversary!!

Blondie's Journal said...


It looks like you had a wonderful anniversary...your gifts and dinner were the icing on the cake! And what better way to celebrate than with all the kids...they make us feel so young! And you, my lady, look wonderful..I don't think I could post a picture of myself in a bathing suit in a million years. You look terrific!!

Now rest up a bit and enjoy that chocolate!! Yum!


Gayla said...

oh my goodness, Honey! what a precious day... I know you made lots of people happy... thanks for sharing your grandkids' photos in that magical blue pool.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I'm glad you didnt narrow dont the photos. I wouldnt have wanted to miss a minute of all this JOY.
oh my- your lil grandgirl is the absolute cutest ever.. handsome grandson too.
thanks for letting us be a part of this through your pictures.

Kimberly said...

No wonder you're tired ... you've been a busy gal! Thanks for sharing :) 107 degrees? Oh my goodness! Your grandkids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome time! Happy birthday to you and to the nine year old! So much fun in the pool, I loved all the pics - my fave is the one where your grandson is shadowed and the pool is bright blue. Send me the chocolate, I need it quick :) You have a wonderful family and building great memories with them ... but honestly, 107?!?! Come to Virginia where it's "only" 90 :)

Shelia said...

HI Ceekay! Wow, what a haul you've made! :) How sweet of Dana to send you those cupcakes. Sounds like you had the most wonderful anniversary! You'll love your big screen TV! You look so cute in the pool with your little sweet grands! Life is so good and be blessed, sweet Ceekay.
Shelia ;)

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Ceekay,
What a wonderful 38th anniversary you enjoyed with your beloved and family. Love the pic of you two cuties and your cake yummo!! How special of the steakhouse to make it so perfect each year!
How fun to swim with the grands. The pool looks so inviting and the kids are too cute.
We are still at 107 degrees too. Pool is like bathwater.
Enjoy your new Flat screen and phone. Blessings for many more wonderful years.

Hugs, Celestina Marie

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

CK, sounds like the perfect anniversary and the new TV and phone are super. Love all the pics at the pool. How fun is that. Hugs, Marty

Cyn said... wonder your a tired lady..doing all that fun stuff! Great pics!

Susan said...

Ceekay there you go having all that fun again without me!! LOL. You have an awesomely sweet family!! Congratulations on your 38th wedding anniversary! You guys look like you are still honeymooners!!

Liz said...

Awe! What a great party!!! :) Looks like it all came together! :) You look great and your having such a wonderful time.

Congrats and Happy Anniversary. :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh.....what a terrific time you had! So much to celebrate and enjoy....congrats on your anniversary and the techy gifts (I got a new phone for our anniversary, too! :).....happy birthday to that sweet boy! LOVED your pool look so cute and happy!! YAY!!

Our weather is cooler, but it's SOOOO humid. It was 75 this a.m. , so I decided to try to jog. It was SUNNY and super duper humid. I really struggled to reach my goal, but I did. However, it would have been easier to wait until was so much more pleasant..even had a bit of a breeze. We had big time storms roll through three nights in a glad we didn't have them last night.

Love your lemons in the jar, too!

Wishing you a super duper week! L, Dana

Darla said...

So much excitiment, you should be tired~

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary sweet CeeKay... You bless me so much.

My mannequin girl's name is Josephine! I love it!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a perfect way to spend such a perfect day! Here's to many more.

Adrienne said...

Happy anniversary a bit late! It sounds like you had a wonderful dinner. Loved seeing your grands in the pool. And you!

Bonnie said...

Loved seeing your family. That pool sure looks inviting. Whew! 107! Your anniversary looks nice at the resturant and that cake makes me hungry. Beat it was delicious. Great gifts too.

I got a kick out of the comment about stapling paper to the bottom of your dresses if they were too short. They should have made us do that!

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