Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have always loved initials. Can't explain it. Just like them. I have always wanted a set of monogramed towels. When we were first married I did have engraved glasses, but for once, I loved them so much I actually used them and they are all gone now. But I still have some intials around the house.
This K I bought on clearance at Kirkland for $4.00.
These handtowels from Linen's and Things when our new store had a grand opening.
This K I printed off the computer on linen paper. I saw this idea on a blog. Sorry don't remember where, but I cannot tell you how rich this looks and you would not know I did it on a home computer. The frame from HomeGoods for $3.50.
If I find more initials I will be apt to buy them, however, I find them harder to find these days. I know Hobby Lobby carries them, but often my letter is out. They have quite a few Q's though!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tea Blog-a-Thon #7

Just wanted to add for you that are interested - on Tuesday I saw my oncologist for a check-up and all is still well. My husband and I are very thankful to our Lord and to all of you who pray for me. Thank you so, now on to more fun blogging!!
This week for the Tea Blog-a-Thon at Gracious Hospitality, we are to talk about the tea itself...what we prefer, etc.

I am definately a tea drinker. I may have 1 cup of coffee in the whole year. I keep a variety of teas in my home. Sometimes I will have a cup of peach tea, apple cinnemon, raspberry, or Lady Gray. I do not drink herb teas or green teas. When I have a cup of tea, it has to be a black tea and my favorite?
I found Earl Gray probably 30 years ago when going to lunch with my mom at the cafe in Hudsons, Detroit area. It was such a treat. We had always had Lipton! At first it was difficult to find in the grocery stores. Of course, that isn't the case any longer. My husband knows that we better have a good suppy of Earl Gray in the house. I am not above sending him out special to get it for me!
This tray is pretty much (minus the cookies) what I have every day. I have beautiful tea cups, but I prefer this glass cup because, (take a deep breath here) I nuke my water! I like that I can see when it really is boiling. I always put real sugar and milk (or half and half if I have it) in my tea. I use "pinks" for ice tea, but it has to be real sugar for hot tea. I really do think it makes a difference.
I usually have 2 cups of tea a day - one mid-morning and one later in the evening, that one usually by the computer!
When I go out to a tea room, I usually will try one pot of a specialty tea...rose hips, Earl Gray with lavender....but I always finish out with my good ole faithful Earl Gray!
I must not be the only one either that has this love, because my poor waiters on our recent cruise, were always running around looking for Earl Gray for me. That section in the tea box - was always empty. My hubby started taking extra for the next day!
So, have a great tea week and enjoy a cup of tea with me!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't Need anything, really!

Yep, I was a bad girl yesterday. I went Estate Sale Hopping with my friend Candy. It was her fault really.....
I am not supposed to be shopping. We just took a trip and hubby asked me to not buy anything for a few weeks. No problem, I don't need anything honey....
Then came, "You want to go garage saleing?"
Well, what was I to say....NO??? Come on now, I had to go WITH my friend. I know you all understand. It is a kindness issue after all.
So for Show and Tell this week....let me show you, What I don't need!

I got 8 of these sandwich/dessert size dishes...Pressed glass...$5.00
This teacup (insert squeal) for $8.00
I know...another one...$8.00
2 Tea infusers 75 cents
Frame for my K - $3.50

We had such a fun day....I actually bought 2 other items...but those are for another day. Until then

Show and Tell

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let me Introduce My Children

I have to brag. I have the best children in the world. I have never heard a sassy word, or seen the eye roll. They have been very easy to take care of, they require very little attention. I truly am blessed...Please meet my children.....

This is Emma
Stephen and Michelle
Annetta & Russell
Christopher and Misty

Ok, I really do have two lovely children. They are grown and I also have two amazing grandbabies....however, they did, and they still do, require much attention! I wanted a large family, however the Lord knew best and gave me what He knew I needed. So, I have my ever obedient, always well maintained, and QUIET children to fill in the gap! I am sure you would brag too!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tea-Blog-a-Thon (2 Weeks)

I hope you all have a cup of your favorite tea to sip on, because I know this is going to take a while! I missed last weeks Blog-a-thon @ Gracious Hospitality, so first I will get caught up!
The theme last week was clothing and accessories for when we go to tea. Now, I go to tea fairly regularly. My mode of dress is usually dress capris or slacks and a (what I call) frilly blouse. I love black and white, so a lot of times those are the colors. However, one item of my grandma's would be perfect for tea!
It is her shawl. I usually have this on display in our guest room, but I think it would be precious at a tea.
Now two things I love in accesories more than others....bracelets and purses. Just ask my husband. He will gladly tell you about my purses! So sometimes I wear these cutsie bracelets to tea.
The chain on the card was purchased at a craft show years ago. It is a pin on "necklace" with cups and teapots. I love this on a sweater, which unfortunately, we don't wear too much of here. The pin was a gift.
This blurry pic of a pin, was one I made...yep, me! I took a class at a scrapbook store and we made these. I do wear this often.
These little bracelets have teapots and cups and spoons. So hard to get pic but I got these at the Dollar Tree, a few years back, before it was called Dollar Tree.
Sometimes, when I go to tea, I feel like a queen. Well, really, I want to be queen every day! Anyways, this necklace and bracelet are a fairly recent find.
Well, finally, on part one, this is me about 4 years ago at a tea room that has since closed.:( No only did they have hats to put on, but gloves and fur stoles at every chair. Oh, it was just toooooo cute! I tried to take pic of a I could do...
Whew, ok, on to this week. We are to post a recipe. Ok, lets first understand each other.
I often have lunches and teas at my home. My recipe for the success of these?
MY HUBBY! He is so good to help me prepare almost everything. And my best idea for a dessert.....A BAKERY!
OK, at this point, Kat at Mimi's Garden is on the floor dear friend and her 20 precious recipes!! However, I did pull out a fav of mine. I give credit to my mom...she passed this to me as a young bride. So here it is
Pistachio Nut Bread
1 Box Yellow Cake Mix
1 Pkg. Pistachio Instant Pudding
1/4 c oil
1/4 c water
1/2 pint sour cream
4 eggs
Mix the above ingrediants in a bowl using a wooden spoon. Then make the following mixture:
1 c Brown sugar
1 t. cinnemon
1/2 c chopped walnuts
Grease 2 loaf pans. Pour 1/2 cake mixture in bottom of pans. Put crumble mixture on top of batter. Repeat batter. Run knife threw all layers a few times.
Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Do not cut until cool. (Which at my house means hide it!)
OK....I am totally exhausted and am running out to Safeway for a Petit Four....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Summary

We have company! Before we left on our trip we would clean off this spot because we knew a pigeon wanted to make a nest. But alas, while we were gone, our visitor took advantage and moved in!
Of course, she knows me well, and knows I won't disturb her and her eggs. I will keep you posted as to the new arrivals.
I changed my apothecary jars in honor of Kat @ Mimi's Garden. She loves seashells. She has collected hers, I had to buy mine! Seashells are very hard to find naturally here in Phoenix :)
The large jar has a variety of all shapes. This medium size has white tone small shells.
This jar has white sea glass. So Kat, you can come back now and feel at home! My contribution to summer is ready!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying family and worshipping our Lord. Talk to y'all (did I say that?) on Monday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Show and Tell Time!

Years ago my husband and I used to love to go digging for rocks. We would put on all the gear and walk sometimes miles to find a good spot. Just kidding!...if you knew us (like some of you do) you know that ain't happening.

My show and tell are Rock soap. My husband saw these on one of his favorite shopping shows and had to have them. They really do look like rocks. They smell great too! Now if only they could make them to look like diamonds!

Show and Tell

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pictures from our Trip!

We had a wonderful time in the Mexican Riviera. Alcapulco, Ixtaca, Puerta Villarta, and my favorite, Cabo San Lucas. This is just a taste of the scenery we saw. We were on the cruise ship Norwegian Star. Highlight for me??? I held an Iguana. He was huge! Shopping?? Not too much. Going back?? Maybe - Manana!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Am Back!

Hello everyone! Wow, thanks for all the comments. Hubby and I were gone for 8 days on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We just got home this afternoon. We had a wonderful time of seeing beautiful ports and just time sharing each others company. I will be catching up on getting new pics and post tomorrow. First thing I asked my girlfriend when I called....Anything I missed on the blogs? I just can hardly wait to see all the beautiful things and stories posted.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tea Blog-a-thon #4

This week at for our 4th installment to the tea Blog-a-thon, we are to show and talk about handmade stitched items we use with our tea items. This has been a little bit of a challenge as I really don't have many handmade items. I have many tablecloths and napkins, but they are store bought.
I have this tea pillow. It is embroidered and patched around the edges. Free advice with your tea...hmmmm, free advice?!?
This napkin and 3 others like it I purchased at an antique store in Payson AZ on one of our weekend jaunts. They are not in the best condition, but they are small and nice for a ladies dessert or brunch.
These beautiful napkins were a house warming present to us from a dear family friend. She has one of those magical embroidery machines. The "ladder" effect on the K is cut work. I must admit, I haven't actually used these for eating. Shame on me for that, but sometimes that save it for a special occasion idea is hard to overcome!
Ok, many of you have been waiting. Here is that new tea set my husband sent me. I finally got it out on the table. It is very beautiful.
The doilie under it is quite large. It was made by a church member when we celebrated our 25th anniversary - 10 years ago! I like how cream and white look layered together!
I was wanting to get this post in for this week. I will be taking a blogging break and will return on the 17th or 18th of April. I must admit that I am going to miss reading all your blogs, but I promise, I will get caught up! Have a great week...
Ceekay Have A Nice Day

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My cloche.

I mentioned how my friend did such a great job on her cloche. So I took out the Easter eggs I made out of mine and tried to do another display. You know, it isn't as easy as it looks! I tried several items but they tend to be too wide for the glass cover.

Anyways, I know Deena from Can I Be Pretty in Pink? collects children's shoes. The white shoes are my husbands and the yellow are mine. The rattle was mine also. I put a miniature Bible in there also. I am so thrilled that both our mother's thought to save our shoes!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Girlfriends Day Out!

Yesterday I went to tea at a friends home. Because today is Show and Tell at Kellishouse, I am going to share my friends tea cup collection. When we arrived at her home, she asked us to pick out a cup for ourselves to use. The table was set out on the lanai. It was a perfect day and the quails were our entertainment!

As you can see, my friend has a lovely tea cart. I so would take this is I could. She isn't parting with it though. (?!?) On the bottom shelf is a tea chest like mine I showed yesterday. I found hers as a Christmas present this year. It is decopaged on the top. So cute.
My two dear friends enjoying tea.
This is the cloche I gave my friend for her birthday. She didn't know what it was. I told her and shared some blogs with, she is better at it than me! Isn't that just how it goes??

We had a wonderful time eating delicious scones, tea sandwiches, and yummy desserts. Afterward we went shopping looking for more wonderful tea accessories. We were successful too!
Show and Tell
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