Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ok, go ahead and shake your head.....but I just figured out how to put my I phone pictures on my computer.

So, therefore, this is a hodgepodge of pictures.

Mom, do I really have to go get a haircut again????

My daughter made these cupcakes for her son's birthday LAST year!!

I know this is grainy, but I tell you I love this pic of GS .

This is Bentley almost every day!

 My future DIL gave me this for Christmas....I think it is just gorgeous with the candle inside!

We had a little get together with a few bloggers, and Laura for Decor to Adore made these adorable mini cloches!!

This was this past Easter.  We went to a Resurrection walk.  I thought this was fantastic!

A little turtle love going on this morning!!

See the one swimming??

Oh, oh, the ducks are watching.....!! Quack, Quack, really, get a room for goodness sake!!

maybe, we better take this someplace else!   The neighbors are watching!!

Updated  I posted how I did it in my newest post!!  Just scroll up!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

It is ALL Carol's fault!

Carol from Oasis in the Desert just showed off her lovely craft area.  Lots to ooh and ah over.  However, for me, there was one picture that just peeked my interest!

See the beautiful blue hot glue gun hanging there.  Well I wrote Carol and seriously asked her how she keeps her glue gun so clean.  I just knew there must be a secret method.  Carol emailed me back laughing saying....she never has cleaned it and uses it all the time.  She asked me why does mine need cleaning?

Well, by this time I am literally crying laughing.  I could barely type to tell her she must be a very neat which she said she HAD to now see my glue gun.....

So, you see, it is ALL Carol's fault.  I would Never willingly let you see this.  Either I am a horrible crafter, or I don't know....glue crazy???

Ok Carol... enjoy....I think I may have to go buy a nice clean glue gun....for photo opps ONLY!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


What a beautiful weekend we had.  A little windy, but cooler.  I try to make myself sit outside and rock just to enjoy it!

My hubby for Easter told me a package would be coming.  I waited all week, but no package....pouting!!

But this week it finally came and oh my is so cute!  He is always finding the neatest things on the computer.....

Can you tell what it is?

We are Two Peas in a Pod!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Neighbor's Yard

Summer is quickly approaching here in Arizona and I thought you might enjoy seeing my neighbor's yard.  She is amazing with her flowers.....Yes, this is in a Mobile Home park!!


Gorgeous isn't it?

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