Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Pumpkins Speak to Me!

Today is Mosaic Monday at Mary's Little Red House. I thought today to join in the fun I would show more of my pumpkins that have words or verses on them. I will always buy a new one if it says something different. I am a word person (which anyone who has met me will vouch for!) ...I love to use words and decorate with words and alphabets around our home.

Our last beautiful month of our Autumn/Fall decor. It goes faster every year!

Monday I actually am receiving my second treatment. Praying that it goes as well as the first one two weeks ago. And more than that....that it is working. We received wonderful news the other day that our friend Katie who I asked you to pray for earlier this year is tumor free. She will be having radiation as a safety net...but she is basically in remission. This is such a blessing for her husband and three little children. Thank you for all the prayers on her behalf.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun-O-Meter Overload!

Friday was our long awaited AZ Bloggers Luncheon. I mean talk about excitement, fun, laughter, talent, hugs, and major talking all in one room. 17 ladies joined in at Gooseberries restaurant in Phoenix. I really don't know how much lunching went on....hard to talk and eat!

We were to bring an exchange gift. This is my little gift and tag ready to go!

I made favors for each of the ladies and tied a silk leaf and a card as a momento...

This is our long table waiting for all the special guests!

We had a fairy watching over us the whole time!

opening gifts...

uh, this would be talking. I know there are a lot of photos going to be shared on all the blogs. I wish I had more....but uh....well, I was TALKING!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Count

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Fall Mosaics

So much fun to do these mosaics. We get to show them off at Mary's for Mosaic Monday. Join in the fun! These items are just a few from around our home enjoying the Autumn colors!

Giveaway Wins #2

Day two of showing off my lovely "Giveaway Wins".

This lovely grouping of items came from Gloria at Happy to Be! Oh how I love Gloria's blog. Her collection of antiques is just fantastic. She sent me the most adorable bag with notecards and a daily devotional among other things.

Isn't this clever?

Beautiful Fall looking notecards.

A new blogger Myra from right here in AZ sent me an adorable Halloween outfit for Bentley. Yes, he knows he is SPOILED!

My deer friend Katherine from Yellow Rose Arbor sent me the sweetest box with a bookmark and kleenex with a C on it. See the pearl CK?

I simply adore these leaf votives...

Stacey from Poofing the Pillows send this adorable wrapped package with the little friends sign....and inside?

A darling black and white lacey apron. Oh my you see the polka dots??? This is just too cute.

This sweet little copper mold filled with candy,
was part of a lovely box of items from Laura, Decor to Adore. The sweetest little towel and some beautiful soap. And a darling yellow bracelet was all part of the goodies.
Lovely Cindy from Applestone Cottage sent an adorable little chicken creamer, however, the PO apparently thought it was a hand granade. It was totally demolished....but how sweet of her to think of me.

I was saddened this morning to see that precious Amy passed away yesterday. I have been praying for her for the last few months. My sympathy to her mom, aunt, and entire family. Blogging has such joys and laughter, but occasionally our blog family hurts. Joy though comes in the morning when we realize that Amy's suffering here on earth has ended.

One more day of Ceekay's Private Giveaway Wins. What fun this has been! Hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My "Giveaway" Wins #1

As I talked about last week, all of a sudden packages started showing up at my home, for me! I was a bit confused, but eventually figured out that Karen from Some Days are Diamonds had figured out a way to have "my own private giveaway win"! You see, I cannot seem to win a giveaway....I always sign up and then congratulate whoever is going to win...cuz, it just won't be me.....Stinker Karen figured she had heard enough of, she arranged for a few of my blogger friends to send me a giveaway win. What fun!
I am starting today with just a few of the items and will finish later this week.

This darling Fall box from Charlotte. Charlotte was one of my very first blogging pals almost 2 years ago....

it was filled with wonderful goodies from the Popcorn Factory. Uh, what I got to taste was delicious...but my husband really believed this was his private giveaway.

Marty sent me this darling Christmas stocking she made. The colors are gorgeous and I love the little tassels. Marty and I have been able to talk in person and that is so much fun....we live fairly close to one another.

those darling tassels!

Connie sent me this darling apron. I can't wait to surprise my grandkids with this see they have aprons here to bake cookies with grandma...but I didn't have an apron!

I have some more lovely gifts to show...coming soon. Right now though I am back to the doctor's office for MORE blood work. Appropriate that it is so close to Halloween....he must be Dracula!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still Here!

I had my first infusion on Monday. A 10 hour day not including 3 hours on the road. To say I was worn out...well, you get the idea. All went pretty well except for my poor vein issues. My right arm is almost immoveable right now...but we got it done. I have blood tests every day this week. I can only imagine what my arms will be like. All that being said....I really am trying to get pictures of my wonderful Ceekay Giveaway (win)gifts. Please give me a little will be worth it, I promise.
Until later....I saw this adorable plate at CB. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this would be true???

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today is Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. Last Tuesday we took the grandbabies...(I KNOW, as my GD tells me...I am not a baby!!) shopping for their halloween costumes. We all got into the act!
Adult costumes do not reflect personalities of said least I hope NOT!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ok.....what's UP?

I love all my blogging friends. Ask anyone...blogging is a HUGE part of my life. When I got a sweet package one day in the mail...I thought, oh, a surprise! Wow....then the next day I got four packages in the today, I haven't even looked yet at the 3 packages that came in the mail!!!!
I am not that lucky.....just a fact. So I KNOW something and somebody has been up to something!
Thank you to all of you.....I will personally write each of you...but this is just amazing. I appreciate your kindness so much....and even more than that...the prayers that you are all sending my way.
So whoever knows the are GOOD!!!

***alright, so now there was a clue in one of the own private giveaway win!!! I thought I would NEVER win!! You guys are too much! My husband says it looks like Christmas here.***

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Fall Door of Welcome!

Today is Doors of Welcome at Karen's.

We have been waiting for this day to come.
I have a Bistro table with a pumpkin ready to give a hint that Autumn welcome is here!

It looks like I already have some company waiting for me. Well howdy Mr. Scarecrow....

and to your lovely wife as well!

My fall rooster wreath is all decked out to say Come on in!

Looks like Mr. Rooster has his eye on you!

The sunflowers are always a cheerful welcome.

You are always Welcome here!

Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow are so polite. They are just waiting until everyone is ready to step inside.

Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow's eldest son is waiting to surprise them inside with a Harvest Greeting!

Thank you Karen for this fun event. I can't wait to see all the pretty doors!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Decision Made!

I kinda feel like I have been in a little room, waiting to come out until I have made a decision. Today is my day to share that decision.
My original oncologist is concerned that traditional treatments are not working as well as they should. So he sent me to a Clinical Trial oncologist. I was a LOT concerned. My husband and I met with him last Friday. I liked him immediately but the trial he offered last week was just not for me. I like to think I am somewhat brave...but I am not THAT brave! So I was troubled about what to do. Seemed like the more I asked for direction from the Lord, the more troubled I became.
Yesterday I had to return and give them the answer. I said no. He then offered me another clinical trial which both hubby and I are much more happy with. I will be beginning the new infusion on Monday. Hopefully, the reactions should be mild and the results favorable.
Have I mentioned LATELY that I HATE CANCER!
Thanks for all the prayers. They mean so much to me.
So now that I am out of the "little room" and the semi-truck is off my shoulders....on to blogging!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Monday Mosaic!

My husband loves pears. But they are trouble to find good ones! My neighbor called and asked if we would like some from the Farmer's Market. They couldn't eat them all. Oh, they WERE delicious! Of course, hubby laughed when I said, "Don't eat them yet....I can put them on my Blog!" I know NONE of you would have said that!!

So for Mosaic Monday at Mary's....I give you PEARS!

***Monday morning I meet again with the Clinical Trial oncologist. For my praying friends in blogland, please pray that I have clear direction on what to do. Although exciting, it is a bit scary. I will be participating in some trial, it is just a matter of which one...Oh, and I am feeling pretty well right now, for those who have chemo for about a month now. I am trying to get some Christmas shopping done, considering I don't know how the new medications will make me feel....Thanks for all your concern.***

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No, Really, This is my Favorite!

Gold beaded charger - Target after Christmas 2008
Plates - Walmart
Pumpkin Bowls - Target 2007
Napkin - Walmart this year
Napkin Ring - Walmart last year
Too sweet glasses - Dollar Tree this week!

Pumpkin place card holders - Target - orange and cream colors

Wire pumpkin votive holder - Hobby Lobby last year, but they still have some quite similar this year.

Oh, I cannot stand how cute this sugar and creamer is...Ross.

Little spreaders....Target last year...but they have different ones this year...just in case you NEED them!

This sweet little wagon and pumpkin S&P shakers from Kirklands.

I put a larger wire pumpkin candle holder (Hobby Lobby) in the wreath centerpiece I used last week from QVC.

I am a 70's bride. My original kitchen was avacado green and golds. My favorite color is orange, and I LOVE the Fall. I have to put my joy and squealing here, cuz my hubby is tired of hearing it, I am sure! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do....well, at least a little!!
Tablescape Thursday at Susan' of the best days of the week...go visit other beautiful tablescapes.....I'm gonna!!
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