Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh come on....

Seriously.....first it was the, the air-conditioner.  My husband took off the thermostat and we THINK he fixed the problem.  But it was a tense filled few hours.  It is just too hot to be without air conditioning right now.
You know, I would like to go to Hobby Lobby or Ross again some time this year!
I am fine now.....I always keep chocolate hidden someplace for just such moments!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

More eggs!

I am amazed at the Lord's creation!  We again have eggs...5 of them.

Aren't they beautiful?  I can't wait...I hope I see the little ones!

I hope each of you have a lovely weekend.  I wish the weeks would slow down a bit seems like everything is so fast....I am telling you, I just put the Fall decorations away!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Sweet Gift from Years Ago...

When I worked for the Attorneys' Office, one of the advocates brought me the sweetest gift.  Her sister made it.  I have treasured it for years.  I do believe that the talented woman has since I cherish it even more.  I am amazed at the work in such a small treasure.

This little gem is made of simple felt.  The embroidery and blanket stitches are so amazing.  The size is only about 3" by 4".  As you can see I have never used it.  I am that way with things that I think are so cute....

Just stopping by to say is quiet here right now....and still HOT.  I already have done my work for the day.  I am doing some creating...but too soon to share yet.  Have a good hump day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A July Project

I KNOW, you don't want to hear it....we are ALL HOT!  We are all thinking of cooler weather...but I must be getting cabin fever, because the last few days...I have been on a creative kick.
A friend from church gave me a silver piece that was beyond usage for it's intended use.  So I sprayed painted it ORB and made a floral arrangement - Marty style!
Do you know what it was?

I just had to tuck in some lace!

It is a old butter dish with a rotating lid!

I only used what I had in house...but I think it turned out pretty good...for someone who really doesn't know what she is doing!!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Meow, meow, Meow....

We at Thinkin' of Home heard there is a party going on at Confessions of a Plate Addict.  A big kitty birthday party....oooh, we love parties!!
 I wanna go....there are carrots at parties....No bunny, you can't aren't a kitty!
 Quack...a it a pool party?  No pool for you this time!
 I know I am going...everyone in blogland LOVES Roosters....No roosters this party....kittys....
 Let me get my party outfit....where did you put it Mama?
Bentley look in mama's aren't a kitty!  You act like one, but you isn't!
 I'm a kitty!  I'm a kitty....and I can bring a ball to play with!
I know I am an old guy and very heavy...but I am a you think they will let me in?

Well, kitty, old cat, if you want to get up from your nap...I think you could go!, I think I will just stay here, but Happy Birthday Baby me some catnip!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Boomerang Album!

Last summer Karen (Some Days are Diamonds)  and I decided to do a swap, just the two of us.  In my basket full of goodies I gave her was an antique photo album.  It was falling apart, but I thought she could use the cabinet pages for something.
Last winter, Karen and her hubby came to visit AZ for the races and my husband and I met them at Cracker Barrel for dinner.  She had a surprise for me.  She doctored up that olden album for pictures of my then upcoming trip to SC and Florida!
So I finally got it all put together and may I please say....Oh MY Goodness!!  I am crazy in love with it!  It took a little thinking to find just the right pictures, some resizing and delicate gluing....but here it is in all its glory!!

I just love this picture!

Candy and I in Key West, tired and sweating, but still having FUN!

And in all my favorite home colors!

Thank you SO MUCH Karen!

Please continue to pray for my friend Kathy from Mimi's Garden.  She is doing better, but still ill.  Her family appreciates the prayers so much!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's a Cloche Party!

Whoo hoo!  The cloche party hosted by Marty is finally here....this is a favorite event of mine.  So I will quickly show you my cloches and then I have to go.....there are LOTS of blog sites to visit and swoon over their creations.

My living room coffee table is ready for summer....and all my seashell collection.  I used apothecary jars, lanterns and cloches.  My husband collects lighthouses, so that is his contribution.  I love turtles, so one of them strayed into my lantern that is sitting on my shell wreath I made.  The little cameras are from the Dollar Tree years ago.
I have other cloches around our home....

 This one with baby items....
 The little shoes were mine.  The spoon and bonnet are from estate sales. 

 I keep threatening to paint this ORB....but I still haven't!  There is an egg I decopaged...and flower seeds....

 I just adore this cloche.  Right now it has a miniature pitcher in it....I think this is too cute, even if I say so myself!
 I LOVE mini books.  I don't have many, but aren't they cute stacked up in this cloche?
 That really is a mini Bible....

Thanks for visiting my blog and my cloches.  I love when you leave husband always asks about it!

Ok, see you in the blog neighborhood....cloche coveting...I know, I am just kidding!!! (maybe!)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cock-a-Doodle Morning!

Would you like to join me for breakfast?

The roosters have started our day with a song of sorts!

Sunflower placemats - recent purchase at HomeGoods
Plates and Bowls - Krogers
Goblets - Dollar Tree
Flatware - Target
Juice Glasses - were my Mother-in-law's.
Glass cups and saucer - Big Lot
Egg Cups, Sugar and Creamer - Estate Sale
Salt and Pepper - Ross
Napkins - are really handtowels and sorry, I don't remember.
Roosters - Wherever I can find them!!

Now that we have enjoyed our breakfast....we can continue on with energy to all the other lovely Tablescapes at Susan's....see you there!

Joining the Rooster party at Shelia's.  
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