Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Got a New Sewing Machine!

and yes, it really does work!

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life came over last week and brought me a birthday present.  She hit it out of the park!

Ok, all together.....OH MY GOODNESS!  (insert squeal)

This precious mini machine is complete with the case....

And a heart ready to be sewn!

which all goes so perfectly with the little pin case from Debbie at Ribbonwood Cottage.  She made these and I ask if I could buy one, and she being so sweet, sent this one....can you just swoon....all homemade...look at those little buttons!

Here is the precious!

Thank you my dear friends....I already thanked the Lord for you, now, I am thank you!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

This has GOT to stop! and a question!

Ok...when you think of think HOT.  And it does get hot.  But you don't think of snow and sleet.  But we got that this year....and it doesn't seem to want to stop being cold.  It was 32 degrees in Mesa this morning.  And I know to many of you, you would be thinking...where did I put my shorts.  But you see, we don't have the clothes for this.  I own 1 sweatshirt.  My poor 2 long sleeved sweaters are going to be pumpkins in the Fall!  So, please, whoever was supposed to pay the heat it!

Now to my question.  I have searched high and low and have had no luck finding the add ons to my rolling pin holder.  There are some, but they are made differently.  If any of you knows where I could order some, please let me know...or maybe you had one, and no long use it....I would love to buy it from you.

This is how my add ons look....

The measurements are 7" between rings....and the rings are approx...3" top to bottom.

Thanks so much....have a great Monday!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

What is behind door 2?

Ceekay's story time....

I hate my front door.  No, I am accurate, I HATE it.  It is old, ugly, and literally shredding.

Everyone who sees me on a regular basis KNOWs my feelings about it.

Hubby however, says "we have bigger fish to fry"  (translation:  we are NOT buying a door, cuz we have to do this and this....blah, blah, blah....)

We went estate sale shopping yesterday.  There was 9 in our general vicinity....but really, there wasn't much we needed or wanted.

We go to almost our last sale.  Hubby and I always separate.  He hits garage, I hit the kitchen.  As I am heading out to the patio, I see my husband.  He looks like he is having a spasm.  He is trying to get my attention, but at 6'5" he isn't good at undercover.  I go up to him and he whispers....go to the shed.  WHAT?  go to the shed....there is a door in there....shhhhh.

So I go to the shed and there it is.  Ceekay's manna from Heaven!  $80.00.  I tell hubby, BUY IT!

He says, " I want it for less!"  Me:  Are you Nutz.....get the door, start the car!

He goes and asks the lady running the sale.  Will you take $40.00 for the door?  By now, I am having a spasm!

She says....OK!

I won't go on with how we looked trying to get the door in our SUV.  Or how many hours it took for my hubby to get it hung.  My favorite line of his though was...I am going to push it your way, just catch (the 300 pound) door!

It still needs some tweaking....but I am in love!

I will tell you later about Marty's visit when my house was in total chaos.  It always happens that way!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bye Bye Tulips...

Hello Roses!!

My neighbor bought them for $1.49 a dozen at the grocery store on Tuesday....left over from Valentine's day.

She was so sweet to bring them to me as a Belated Birthday present.

By the way, my tulips mostly stayed straight, not droopy....I tried the Pinterest idea of a penny in the water.  It must really work!!

The sweet little chicks "Dancing with the Carrot"!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So....I thought

I will be gone for a bit in March....why don't I just skip the bunnies this year and go straight to my bird decor....

well.....when hubby took Valentine tub (yes, only 1 tub for Valentines) (I should get some kind of award!!), he brought the 3 Easter tubs home.  Go through these and get rid of some of it...(spoken by hubby).

Ok, so I will only put out what I absolutely love and get rid of the rest....

Hmmmf.....she says....

Go ahead, you all tell me how I get rid of...

 Look at that face....

 Maybe these???  sure, they are not cute at all.....

These are REAL easy to part with!

Yes, this getting rid of some of it.....went REAL WELL.......
I think I will suggest he get rid of some of his tools!!!  (Oh, did I say that?)

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Monday, February 18, 2013

My President's Day!

I am typing this at 7:15 pm, to hope to make it to 8:00 without going to bed.

I tried to celebrate my birthday like a rockstar!

Trying never to take for granted another birthday, nor complain about getting older.....

My hubby took me to breakfast!
Then I came home and two of my friends and I went to Garden Ridge....their first time.  Did I buy something??? is my birthday!  I had to Misbehave understand?!?!

Then I came home and my neighbor came over and planted some flowers for me for my gift.  After that my hubby says, come on....we are going to supper at Red Lobster.  We don't go there often, but it is one of my favs.  We had a coupon and a gift card!

Came back home, took Bentley for his cart ride and now I am typing this.

I wanted to show you my tulips I got for Valentine's Day.  This is the progression of them.  They might last another day...they were beautiful though.

I have tons to talk about and more pictures to share.... (oh, and Easter is trying to peek it's head in here too!!)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

From:  ME

Happy LOVE day!

My blogging friends, today, I want to tell you how much your prayers, concern, comments, visits, cards, gifts, and friendship means to me.
Daily, I look forward to hearing from you and sharing, even through this medium and have grown to love you.  
Have a Fantastic Day full of LOVE!   

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Something Old is New to Me!

Last week my husband and I went to an estate sale.  This is a new adventure for us together since his work days got changed.  I showed the scale I got last week and I hinted there was something else.  Well, after I cleaned this item I carried it, (and it is rather heavy) all over the house.  WHERE was I going to put this?  I really wanted it in the kitchen, but I have no walls.  And then today it hit me!  Hubby hung it up and then the squealing began.  How did I live without this?  I am in love!

Ok, I know some of you are squealing now too.  I got this gorgeous antique for $15.00..and actually, my hubby saw it before me.
See the little bottle and rose up at the top.....the rose was Hobby Lobby find.  It is burlap...and the bottle is the lightest blue....a neighbor gave it to me when he found out I like bottles.

 Now, this isn't the greatest shot, but I wanted to show you where it is in the kitchen....

Ok, one other stop I made.  There is a precious store near me called the Rustic Hutch.  I really have to contain myself, because I just don't need all the pretties.  But these coasters had to come home with me.  (Shelia, I KNOW you love this first one!)

I put the antiques one near my little table in the Living room for my drink while watching TV.  Oh, it is so cute.  Just put all those things together and you are speaking my language!

We have enjoyed the estate sales so much, I think it is going to be a regular Saturday morning activity.  Hubby is so funny though when he sees things that he can't believe someone is granny's undies!! I am used to it already!!

Have a great week.  I am thanking the Lord each and  every day for feeling good, eating good, walking and driving....never take those things for granted.

Life is Wonderful!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Heart....

Heart pillows ...

Heart brooch that belonged to my Grandma...

Hearts on plates.....

Hearts on S&P shakers...

Beaded heart coasters...

Heart candy....shhhh, disney!!

 Cup and heart saucer...

Hearts on wine glasses...

Gemstone Heart rock from son's friend...

Hearts and Teddy Bear refrigerator magnet!

Heart sign...

Hearts on handtowels...

 Heart shaped box...

Heart shaped crystal gift from hubby!

Hearts on figurines...

Mini tin hearts from my Mom 35 years ago...

Mini handpainted porcelin box...

Heart ornies on Valentine tree...

Heart shape ring holder....

But the greatest hearts living in my home......My Hubby's and Bentley's .
(Although hubby would say not necessarily in that order!!)

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