Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny on a Stick - Really!

Hubby (Monday morning, driving in car): "Do you want to stop anywhere after your treatment?"
Ceekay: Yes, I need to go to P*er One.
Hubby: What do you need at P*er One?
Ceekay: My Bunny on a Stick
Hubby: Oh, something for the grandkids, a chocolate bunny on a stick? (like a sucker?)
Ceekay: No, the blogging ladies are having a Bunny on a Stick day at Grits and Glamour. I have to get one and make something with it. (Like....why are you so behind things...you know, the typical jumping moss bunny on a stick. Geez, get with it!!!)
Hubby: Shaking head. "Whatever!"
Ceekay: "Keep your eyes on the road! I am not kidding...I HAVE to go to P*er One!!
Ta Da!!!!! Cute? I think so! Introducing Bunny on a stick jumping over Big Bird's Bottom Half!

Now, could anything else get a giggle like that??

Happy Wednesday aka Bunny on a Stick Day! (I LOVE Blogging!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Such a Great Saturday!

I was so looking forward to this Saturday, just to have a day without treatment. That in itself was ENOUGH for me. Friday evening I felt pretty good and did a little picking up around the house. I received a phone call from my dear friend Amy. She wanted to know if we could spend some girl time together. You betcha!
Amy came over with a gorgeous sandwich lunch that we ate outside on my patio. We talked and talked. Then she said..."let's get our nails done." Well, mine needed it, so we went over and got our nails filled and she treated me to a pedicure. We came back to my home and had strawberry cheesecake that she had bought and spent a little more time just laughing and chatting. I tell you, it was my kind of day!
Amy brought me this huganormous!!! bouquet!

and 2 of these precious luncheon dishes.

The cups on the bottom are square! So cute!
I was so happy that I felt good and just enjoyed this time together so much. A memory making day!!!
I am hoping that I will feel this good tomorrow and get to go to morning service. I HATE missing. I just always feel "out of the loop" when I miss church. AND, my hubby promised to take me to the new Red Lobster that just opened near our home. Oh.....shrimp...come to mama!!!
Have a great Sunday, blogville. I will try to post again for Tablescape Thursday. I have a goody to show!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show and Tell - More Spring!

I am so glad it is Friday! One more treatment for the week and two glorious days to try to get perked up! I have been visiting blogs, but not too much posting. Today for Show and Tell at Kelli's I thought I would show a little more spring popping up at my home.
You all know Kathy at Mimi's Garden. She is an amazing artist and I begged her to please do a picture with a nest for me. I got an amazing package the other day and this was in it! A beautiful robins nest. I miss the robins from Michigan. We do not see them here in AZ. I just love this gorgeous painting.
Then my husband knew I was feeling a little down. I don't do blah very good. He surprised me with this beehive rope candle. Now when he buys something he always says it is his part of stimulating the economy!!

It has a beautiful copper holder and extinguishes itself! So pretty!

This is truly my favorite Easter decoration. I have had it for years. My friend Ro at A Hint of Home made this for me when my kids were little. It is our little egg house with me, my husband, our son and daughter. It always reminds me of the Weebuls the kids played with. (By the way, the picture behind that you sorta can see was also from Kathy YEARS ago! - I hang on to things a longgg time!

This little duck is also a fav of mine. I just love that "antiqued" look. You know, I just am not finding the same "cute" holiday stuff this year compared to past years. I don't know if the stores aren't stocking as much...Do any of you notice that also???
Well, I am going to enjoy my weekend. We are having absolutely beautiful weather and I want to enjoy it before it gets too hot!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend also!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday Metamorphis!

Susan at Between Naps On the Porch hosts this Monday Metamorphis. We are to show something we have changed. Years ago, this would have been an every week thing for me. I was always moving things around, changing vignettes...but now, I tend to leave things as I like them.
Now this one though, it a bit unbelievable, even to me!
When we moved into our home, we bought some new furniture. I begged my husband for a couch with a chaise. We found one, right color and with the loveseat with a cushion to a footstool that made a chaise.
Well, we didn't have it maybe 2 weeks, when I knew I hated that thing. It was impossible to get into, and the feet went downward. But, then my life changed...yada, yada, yada...and I just beared with it. Now, with finances being watched more closely, well, a new set is not in the near future.
Ok, I will try to get to the point...but I really have to set the scene. A couple of weeks ago, I had had it with that stupid chaise piece. So, I cut it off!!!
I removed the back portion of the cushion from the cover, cut the foam with a butcher knife and folded and pinned the excess fabric under the cushion.
Voila - love seat with no chaise.
THEN, I called my husband. I told him what I did...he said, ok.
But when he came home, he loved it! It just gives us more room in there, which is a smaller area to begin with.
I would love to find a round ottoman sometime...but again, the economy...so that could be a while.
So....I know it is not the average metamorphis...but here it is!!
Couch with useless chaise.
Couch minus the chaise!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes! It is Friday! and Springing into Action?

Show and Tell at Kelli's is so much fun...HOP over there and you will see so many wonderful items and ideas! Today, I wanted to show just a few touches of Easter around our home.

I am sure many of you have these bunnies from $$ Tree last year!

My daughter just gave me the little birdhouse. It says, The Lord Bless You and Give You Peace....

Sorry this is such a grainy photo, but it is a LITTLE angel my granddaughter gave me when I saw her this week. She is three but picked it out herself for Grandma!

Enjoyed lunch with my grandchildren at this Pizza place.....

Getting a sketch done...my grandson just got glasses!

I enjoyed being able to spend some time with my babies!! They sure love those games...Grandpa has to keep getting more coins.

I am doing ok on my treatments. Little more tired and a little more blah...but livable! One week almost done - 5 to go!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Sounds like Spring is starting to show up! Go outside and enjoy!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

some bunnies in a Basket!
****Edit****the bunnies and the basket are all one, made from resin. I found it at Hobby Lobby this year!!****

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring is in the Aire Tablescape!

Spring is in the air, everywhere I look around....la, la, la....(insert rest of lyrics here if you know them cuz, well, I don't!)

When I thought about my spring table, I just looked for everything I had that was pastels or flowers. Nothing was purchased just for this tablescape except the centerpiece, which came as a surprise to both me and my husband. He ordered me a Christmas centerpiece from QVC and forgot that he did auto delivery. Surprise...spring centerpiece....

The sweet cups my friend Candy gave me as a Christmas gift. There are 6 of them, each a different color. I love the triangular saucer.

Isn't the centerpiece yummy!

Square placemats are from my good ole grocery store a couple of years ago. Each is a different color. Square plates are from 99 cent and Everything store, I don't know when!! The little round plates from Target Dollar Stop about 2 years ago. The napkins were a Big Lot find and the flatware good ole Target! Now, Rose from A Hint of Home wants those napkin rings....I have had them for years and have gotten their money's worth! The little flower candles, again all different colors and types of flowers...the ever famous Dollar Tree.

Cracker Barrel eggs...oops, I was wrong...these are new! I have pink and green ones also.

Cute little duck creamer....ducks like spring too!

Hey, looky, I almost got the whole table this time! I am getting better, hey??

You will see some of these items again, when I do my Easter table. I just change out a few things. But not yet!

Now I am off to visit other Tablescapes at Susan's. Join me!!

**Update on me.....I will be starting Tomotherapy treatments every week day for the next 6 weeks. I chose to try this first before major surgery. I would appreciate any prayers that it will be effective. I don't know how I will feel during this time, but I hope well enough to post some and visit all of you. Thank you for all your concern***

AND...I just had to post this lovely thing. Now, don't laugh...but I just felt like proving that I do cook and bake! and eat off of the plates I show!!!! This apple pie was made from 6 different types of apples and let me tell you...it is yummy, if I have to say so myself! TA DA......ok Kathy, I am ready for my award!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pillow Parade

I know I am a bit late, but when I saw that Kari and Kijsa was having a Pillow Parade, I just HAD to join in...my dear patient husband would gladly tell you...we have pillows!
These are the grouping of throw pillows on our guest bed.
This is truly one of my favorite pillows. It has a picture sleeve...I added the picture of my beloved cousin Connie and me one Easter.

My other favorite pillow. I nearly broke my neck one year when I saw this at a boutique. I always watched Martha.

Even pillows outside...for a quick nap on a beautiful day!

Pillows in the Family room....

Pillows in our bedroom...Love the monogram K!

And many of you know, if it has a "dingle dangle" all the better!

Pillow on a chair in our bedroom!

Pillows on the chaise in "MY Room".

And of course, every tea lover needs a tea pillow!
I am heading off to Ross...and now that I am in a pillow mood...I just may have to check for a new one....
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