Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogging Break

Do you all wonder what is going on.....well, I wish I could really tell you.  If you follow my FB, you saw that I was hospitalized for a few days. Not fun at all!!  I have to go tomorrow morning for a liver biopsy again.  This is to get the type of tumor it is for DNA and see if a certain drug would it attack it better.  My cancer has gotten a little worse and frankly, we are confused as to what path to take.  No I do  not want to have the biopsy, but you do what you have to do.  In the meantime, we are preparing for hubby's knee replacement surgery next week.  Hopefully I will get through that before I have to start another chemo regimen.  The Lord is faithful, and I am depending on Him that we will climb above this.  I admit that this has me a bit stressed out.  I depend on my hubby so much with all my treatments, but now, he will have to depend on me.  So prayers are appreciated.

I will not be blogging for a while.  Frankly, I just cannot add it to the plate.  I do think about all my blog friends often and pray that your summer will be fantastic!  I am hopeful that I will be back to blogging soon in the future, but honestly, I just can't say.

Thank you for all the prayer and concern for me over the last  8 1/2 years.  Words will never tell you what it has meant to me and my husband.  Pray for a cure for cancer.  It is such a nasty thief!

Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and He will direct your path......


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