Sunday, April 29, 2012

You All are Thinkin' that I need Therapy!

I know it....oh, no one has said it to my face...but you are all thinking it....and I don't blame you....I am thinking it myself.

You see, I have kept another secret.  During all my move, while I was packing, unpacking, moving, removing, crying, hysterically laughing....I knew the day was coming!

I am leaving tomorrow for Florida for 2 weeks.  Go ahead.  Get it out of your system.

"She just moved and isn't settled in, and all the boxes aren't unpacked...she barely can find her comb, and she thinks she is ready to fly to Florida?  She must be nuts!!"

Do you feel better now?

Well, this has been planned for months.  Tickets are bought, so I am out of here.  Oh, please don't write and tell me how wonderful it will be because my husband will have it all done when I get back...Uh, that will be a NO.  It will all be here waiting for me.  So.....

I am outta here!

See you in a couple of weeks.

Oh, so you will know I have done something!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The 3 best words I have heard in a LONG time!

Furniture all fit and looks great.  I told my husband, him and his hammer and drill are mine, not romantically!!!   although, I think that a man hanging his wife's pictures and "stuff" is very sexy, in my opinion!

We got our internet almost without a glitch!  So give me a few more days and I will be back to regular postings...

I miss all of you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am NOT a Hoarder, no really I am NOT~

Lord, help me.  This is all my brain says over and over.  Pleading....for the boxes to disappear.

Yesterday, I lost it....Sunday I had a crying melt down...but yesterday, I laughed and laughed and you know what happens when us Mature women laugh too hard!  So I worked and I worked and I got the great room all put together as much as I could.  I told my husband tomorrow (now today) I will get the bedroom together.

The birds woke me at 5:30 this morning...and I saw the bathroom box still sitting there.  I came out and said to forgot that box....he said, without flinching, without looking up from his phone..."open the garage really, go open it...."

Well Beverly Hillbillies here we go!  I couldn't put another quarter in there.  Now where this stuff came from or is going????  I mean, there are no rivers here to drive up to and "make it all better"!

So, up your prayers.....cuz, I have already cried, already hysterically laughed...what is next?

A Padded Room????

Oh NO YOU DON'T"  Don't you dare try to bring room padding into this MH....I don't have ROOM!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Think of Me Please

Well, we are down to the final days....the big move is Wednesday.  I would ask all my praying blogger friends to think of us....I am trying to be strong, but I must admit, I am not winning that battle.  I don't know where to put things.  Not know, the stuff...extra make-up, note cards, things that don't matter, but do!
I will not be hooked up to any service until next after today, you won't hear from me for several days.  Don't forget about me, I will be back!

Till then,


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Boo Boo

Remember when you were a kid and you scraped your knee....mama would wash it, and put a Band-aid on it and kiss it...and life was all better!

My husband brought me these a while back when I was sick.  Aren't they cute?...I am sure they are for kiddies, but I is one inside!

I have my share of boo boos right now....remodeling is definately hard on a Old not as young body!

I don't know when I will post again for a could be tomorrow, or it might be a week.  Just depends on what we get done....but I will be here.  I am doing my best to visit most of you, at least a little.  Life will get normal least, that is what THEY tell me!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Note Card Challenge

I tell you I LOVE this meme at Vee's.

I just wish all the years of blogging, I took better pictures.  AND

I can't believe how hard it is to find 4 with a common theme!

These months set of notecards is loosely Patriotic!

I hope you like them.....

I am off to the MH.....I worked on the patio yesterday and I am thrilled with how it looks.  I will show you soon!
Have a good day!  I will be visiting tomorrow.  Hubby has to go to his official I get to rest!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Most of you surely will know what I mean.....I give!

Super woman, I am not.  Moving day is coming around the corner.  I however, am a mess!

Too much on my brain.  I know the problem...they say that is half the battle.

Usually, BEFORE, when I have moved, 1..  it was bigger, not smaller.
2..  I was younger
3... I wasn't remodeling and moving at the same time
4... I still had some semblance of sanity!

Oh, if I only could wave that magical wand.

Now, I KNOW, it all doesn't have to be done right away.  I get that, but when everything is going to have a place, there isn't much room to just stash it and do later.

It is so getting to me I almost just drove all the boxes to GW and called it done today!  I didn't...but boy, it sure sounded tempting....

Ok, so I am done whining...well, probably not, but I will stop typing about it....thanks for listening!

I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures.

I used to wear this pin when my kids played soccer.  I gave it to my daughter on Saturday when we went to the kid's soccer games.  She recognized it right away!

This is the gate to get into our community.  During the day there is staff checking who is going in.  I like that!  At night, it is entry by code....the gates are closed.  The big building toward the back is the Community Center.  That is where the workout room and pool and jacuzzi are!!

This picture may seem strange, but I am looking through screening from our car port...those are the mailboxes...which are on the right side of the Community Center.

My husband and our handyman we met at the community worked all day last Wednesday and put up the screening.  It changed the look of the place so much.  It is to help keep the elements and the sun beating down on the car.
 All the posts have water by I dug out the aloe plants (ugly) and have gradually planted perenials in each spot....except where the pot is....I haven't planted one there yet...but I have it ready to go....

This is a red Hibiscus....

This is the side of the shed.....see the plant on the right...??
It was pretty much covering the half of the shed.  We cut it right down and lookie...back it comes!  Have no idea what it is.  It doesn't bloom or anything.

A pink Hibiscus....aren't they pretty?

I don't remember what the name of this was...but I like the little yellow flowers.

I planted a geranium in the pot, but it is not I will be moving it...

Last one!

This is standing at the edge of the carport, looking is hard to see from here...but we have a very large lot....  the pavers were there...but they will go when we redo the rock.
The lava rock has to go, the HOA won't allow it, but that will be done LATER!

Well, I am going to bed.  I have to see what kind of trouble I can get myself into tomorrow!!  Have a good week everyone....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Merry Happy 4th of Easter!

That is about how I feel.  I remember watching the Twilight Zone and there would be an alternate life....I think I must be in it!!

I am sure most of you have done this at least once in your really are not living in the house you are living in....and not yet living in the new one!  Talk about split personality!

We didn't even have Easter dinner this year.  No table and chairs at this house, and no appliances at the new one!  That is going to be fixed this coming Monday.  My stove and dishwasher will be delivered.  I have to wait on the fridge.  I will be using the one from our garage for a bit.  We have decided we want a counter depth one, it will fit so much better, but, well, we need to eat hot dogs a bit longer!

Thank you to all of you who are reading Doublewide Decor.  My husband can't believe it!

I wanted to show April's page from my calendar that BJ sent me....and show my rose picture that I played with in a photo program.  Love to  tell you which one, but I don't remember.  I am trying different ones since the demise of Piknik.

I have to share, but I have no pictures rose bushes are FULL of blooms.  I never had roses before, so I am quite pleased with myself, but I am sure the glory really belongs to make them bloom so beautifully, without my help!!  I have been cutting blooms and bringing them fun!
And yesterday, I was relaxing on the patio and the birds were just singing me a sonnet.  I was throughly enjoying myself!!

Well, I will talk to you all again soon.  I did post something on Doublewide Decor and My Journey with Teal!  Now, I think I will take a HOT bath!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Just Stopping By to say...

Please come visit me at Doublewide Decor.  I have a new post  up there and frankly, I am too tired to do another one here today.  The move is getting closer and we are on full steam ahead mode.  This ole body is having a temper tantrum.  I get appliances next Monday.  The guest room and main bath are basically done.  We are working on the master and great room this weekend. 
I hope you all have a great week.  I will be back later this week - I hope!!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I am going to take short break for the rest of the week from posting.  I will be visiting though....
We are busy almost every day with something happening at the new place.  But we also want to take time Thursday through Sunday to reflect on what our Saviour did for us.  Easter in our home, like many of yours, is more than Easter bunnies and candy...although we do enjoy that also....but primarily it is about the Cross...and Jesus dying and rising again to pay for my sin and yours. 
I know that I personally need some down time to think on how blessed I am to have an eternity with my Saviour and Hope for tomorrow.
I hope that each of you have a wonderful time celebrating and remembering with your family and friends.
Talk to you on Monday....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Grand and Roses! & a question??

I spent Saturday morning at my grandson's first Soccer game.  I am not quite sure he gets the full point of the game yet....but he had fun, and I was a proud grandma...screaming "get your ball R*****!"  "Kick it!"

Today hubby and I spent the day working on the MH.  It is getting there.  I will share some more pictures later this week....
but I did get some roses on MY rose bushes!!

My husband got a chuckle that I found a vase and made a vignette.  Tabletop I come!

and I have a question....

Have any of you noticed a significant drop in your stats?  I do check mine a couple times a week and the last week or so, they have drop by like 2/3s.  I haven't changed anything so I was wondering if any of you up to everything bloggers know what is happening...

So I will be joining some parties....Tabletop Tuesday at Marty's...and Fresh
Cut Flower Friday at Liz's.

Please stop and say hi...yes, I admit...I am needy that way!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

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