Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Most Thoughtful Gift

This gift came to me a few months ago, but I just haven't posted it.  It is hard to post....because really, how can I even begin to tell you what this gift meant.

A lady friend that I know from my kid's highschool, Cindy, is a master quilter.  I haven't really seen her in 12 years, but we do connect on Facebook.  She surprised me with this most awesome, precious quilt.

I tried to thank her, but the words sounded flat to me....but they were heartfelt.

I will just let you enjoy the pictures, as best I could do....

The fabrics are stunning, the work is amazing.  I cry everytime I read it.  I do have the book What Cancer Cannot Do....but to have a quilt!

Thank you Cindy again.  I treasure this gift, but even more, the thought that you would do so much for me.

Monday, May 27, 2013


My family is taking time to remember the many who have served and are serving to keep America free.

Oh, our precious America has it's flaws....but I still love her.

Many members of my family have uncles, my cousins, many friends.....

To all of them here and in Eternity....we thank you.  We may not say it enough....but, we say it when we speak with freedom.....when we vote unpersecuted, when we worship as we desire, and as we put our beautiful flag out to fly....

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

I Found a Gem

Hubby and I went Estate Sale-ing today....they were not great, but I guess that is because of the holiday.  Anyhoosadingy......

At the last sale, in the garage, I saw the top piece of some wood.  I asked my husband, what is that?

Oh, I saw him pull this box out, and I said, I want it!  I want it!

We went up to the checkout, and she said, oh, that is a dollar!!

In the words of Marty....YIP SKIP!!

Hubby said, well, the blogasphere is going to like this!!

Do you see that writing?  Oh my goodness!!

Look at the dovetailing (I think that is what it is called)...

Be still my beating heart....I am IN LOVE!

This is where it is sitting on our patio.

Sorta across from our bistro table.....see the candlelier?  Another sale find!!

While I am at it....I got this sunflower stepping stone a while back for 50 cents...
It was all faded....
Went and bought paint....sealed it....and

Oh, I love estate sales!!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

So I used my burlap ribbon!

This is my Spring wreath yesterday morning.....

I only had burlap fabric so I stripped some and made a bow....BUT

then I found my fabulous ribbon at HobLob and voila!

Oh yeah, much better!

I had the coverless books waiting.....and the dried rose from my very own rosebush! this too!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A big box came to my house!

it was my mother's day present from my husband....

Aren't they pretty?  I told my hubby they are too pretty to use!  But he already gave the old set to my I will use them!!

I am crazy for the a metallic copper.

Have you tried these new pans that you can use regular utensils on and they come easily cleaned?  I have the fry pans already and LOVE them! These he bought from QVC, but they have them all over.

Oh, and I have to show you my roll of burlap and lace from HobLob!  I saw it and didn't even think twice about the cart!  It was half off this head's up.  I mean really, burlap and lace...had my name all over  it!!

I was telling Bentley how excited I was....he was just puzzled, but laid back down probably thinking....maybe I will get an extra treat...cuz if Mama is happy, Bentley gets cookie!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some more snippets of the road trip!

Long before I got on the plane....I searched and found out that St. Louis had White Castle.  I begged Candy to put it on the list.  She has never been....

 and I dare say, she won't go again!  She was less than impressed.  About like me and Sorgum.  Anyhoo....I was in my glory, being a DEEE troit girl!!

I walked on a lot of these kinds of sidewalks...

 and I would so love to take my son-in-law to this restaurant!

These were the kind of decorations inside of the stores in St. Charles Missouri.  A darling collection of shops and eateries.

 Sorry so dark....but did I mentioned, it rained?  What day?  Pick one!!

 We stopped in the old soda fountain shoppe....and that is my Root Beer Float!

I got this pic for my hubby....oh, the outfit....uh did I mentioned it rained and it was COLD????  I have about 4 layers on...cuz, it was supposed to be Spring!  But it still was fun.....oh, next, I will have to show you the Mississippi!!  She was a floodin'!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Keepsake from my Trip

On my first full day in Alabama, I saw this item.  But I had 2 weeks that I need to have money for, so I promised myself, that if I still had the money, I would buy it before I went home.  And I did!

It is called a Blessing Ladle.

Never seen one before, but I love what it says....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

UG White

In Athens Alabama, there is a hardware/hunting store...but really, it is partially a museum.  We were in there quite a while.  And I treated Candy to some Sorgum candy....she loves that stuff....I took a taste.  Nope, I am NOT a fan!


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