Monday, August 31, 2009

Just popping in to say Hi!

***Monday Evening*** I first want to thank you for all the encouraging notes. I believe I am starting to come out of the chemo haze. Whew! This ain't fun. However, I do want to remind all of you that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Please, please encourage your health care providers to get more information out regarding this and ALL women's cancers. When more info is out there and more women speak up, more research will be done. We MUST find a cure, not just for me, but for all the brillant, talented, giving, and loving women out in our world that are suffering from this silent killer.
Till later in the week...have a good one!***

It has not been the best weekend. I wanted to post but this is the closest I will be getting for now. Mostly, I have been sleeping. I am hoping that the worst is over and tomorrow I will start to feel better. Thanks for all the prayers and concerns. I am hanging in....but that is about it.
Have a great week and talk to you soon....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hubby says "A Sophisticated Tablescape"

Time for Tablescape Thursday at Susan's. I was putting some dishes AWAY and my husband said, " Are you doing another tablescape?" I said, "No, I did one, did you see it?" He says..."oh, you mean the sophisticated one?"

OK...sounds like a good title, better than my Black, Brown, White and Gold Tablescape!

My hubby took this picture...he is much taller than me.

I really love brown, black and gold together, especially in this house, because the great room area are all in those colors. Candlesticks are brushed bronze from Kohls over 3 years ago. I have never been sorry I bought them. I think they are just stunning and use them so many ways.

I picked up just two sets of this plate, saucer and cup from HGs a while back on clearance.

Under the salad/dessert plate, I have just a plain brown plate on my black chargers.

Here is the cup and saucer. Love when the flowers are in the cup!

These are the little glasses I got for $1.00 at an antique store in Prescott a few months back.

I just put the good fancy orbs inside my cloche...all the right colors!

The darling pitcher is from Heidi from Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly last Valentine's Day swap.

The honey spoon hooked on the cup.

Here is that sweet creamer and sugar. I use these a lot for just the two of us!

These are the hand forged napkin rings I just got from our Payson trip.

I just love them...I love that look!

Close-up of the napkin. Bought at Anna's linens with Kathy almost 2 years ago!!

Love candlelight...

The candles are "swirled", well, not really, with gold flecks. Target Christmas clearance.

I am so anxious to see all the other lovely tablescapes. I will do my best to get to you all this week...but I am not at "top notch" please be patient. Thanks for all the prayers. I SOOOO need them.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whoo-hoo! I feel so important!

Now I know that many of you ladies have been published in magazines and articles. That has never happened to me (insert whining here)....but, I got the sweetest message from Chrissy at Chrisy's Cottage in Payson AZ. Unfortunately, it will not go to my comments, so I am being very show offy and putting it here myself!

Hi, Ceekay Was nice to meet you at my store in Payson(Chrisy's Cottage) Hope you can make it up again soon.Some day I hope to have a wonderful blog like yours! It was lovely...

You can see the lovely pictures of Chrisy's Cottage here. I am trying to encourage her to start a blog and make it possible for us blogging ladies to buy some of her beautiful items.

Getting ready for Chemo on Wednesday...but I have my Tablescape ready for talk to you then!! Have a great week!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Great Weekend!

We debated about what to do for our anniversary. We seriously thought about going to Vegas. We love the Venetian. But it is hot there too! And I wanted some cooler we went back to our place of dreams....where we WISH we had a cabin or Pine.

It was sooooo beautiful. I went to garage sales and almost every antique store around.
This group of stores has a fence made like leaves...the flowers grow up around it.

This is one of the stores decorations....

Then it rained....I love when it rains up there. It really cools off and smells so good.

It took a few tries to get this sunflower....see the black bumble bee? But it was moving in the wind....
We stopped at a new antique store. It actually is the owners home also. Pine Station Antiques....
I think my cousin had one of these or similar to it when we were kids. Isn't it cute....and yellow - Katherine!!

Cute little treat stands made from teacups...

And a whole room of antique train items...

This was the arbor walking pretty. And she was so kind, she said bring Bentley in hubs got to look too!

On the way home today, we got more rain....

Ok, I chuckled with this picture...cuz I told my hubby that the women on the blog will laugh that I show rain drops....hey, we live in the desert....rain is a HOT TOPIC!

Oooh, this could be interesting!
But, no, it quit raining LONG before we got home.
What did I buy....well, nothing too exciting. I got some Polly Pockets for my granddaughter to play at our house, a Feb 1954(my birth) National Geographic with the greatest Coke ad on the back, and some adorable, and I do mean adorable napkin rings....I will show at a tablescape.
No antiques...not that I didn't see some I would have loved. There was an antique sewing machine....very rare...but, hmmmm, not in my sad budget. Lots of OLD milk glass....and some crockery....but, I enjoyed and left them behind.
Bentley was so cute...he loves going on trips with us. Of course, I don't know if it is the trip, or the goodies "Daddy" gives him. The vet asked my husband, you aren't giving him table scraps are you?? Hubby said, " noooo, we don't give him scraps, he gets fresh bought just like us!" Bentley has learned that food comes out of those talking sliding windows!!
Thank you for all the well wishes and sweet comments for our anniversary. My husband is always amazed that so many people that I have never met will leave congrats on our anniversary....but we bloggers KNOW how it is!

Monday, August 17, 2009

36 Years!

August 18th marks our 36th Wedding Anniversary. I wish I could tell you how much my life with my husband means to me. I was so young, only 18, when we met. And we have had many struggles in our life together. My husband and I have 4 precious babies in heaven, and we battled with infertility. We have had career changes that involved moving from family and friends. And now, we have my health issues. But no matter what, my husband has always loved me, and I always KNEW it. He has always been and always is there for me. He is truly my life companion. I am so blessed to have met a man who loves his Saviour and has loved me and been so good to me through the joys and the heartaches. I thank the Lord every day for this blessing.

We are looking forward to spending some time together this coming weekend. I am sure we will remember together our early years, the years waiting for children, finally having children, now grandchildren. We will laugh at how good we looked back then, but we didn't KNOW it! We will shake our heads and wonder where all the years went. And we will cry and pray that the Lord will allow us many more years together and with many good days.

Celestina, who last week celebrated their 36th anniversary, posted her Bridal picture and it was so beautiful that I thought I would post mine as well. This was truly one of the three best days of my life!

We are still Kissing!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Red Letter Saturday!

I am sooooo excited! I wish there was a way to type excitement better....well, anyways, my Saturday started out quite as normal. I went and got my nails done and on the way home stopped at the mailbox and SURPRISE, there was a box from Myrna from Heirlooms. Oh what sweet precious gifts. I had to leave them though, because my hubby took the night off and we were going to dinner at the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale.

Sweet box decorated on all sides....see the teacup!!

Everything wrapped in beautiful black and fav!!
Such a sweet notecard...

A sweet votive candle PINK!

And a darling crown magnet!!

Dinner was fantastic as usual and then my hubs said, do you want to get dessert here or stop at that Sprinkles cupcake place you have been talking about? Oh, I want to stop so bad, but I think they are probably closed. We went there and they were open...well sorta! The place was packed and it was supposed to be closed at 7 but it was already 7:15. We got our selections and I carefully held the box all the way home. Of course, I was waiting to take pictures.

Look at that bottom right....that is pure chocolate heaven!!

As we meandered through the streets to get to the freeway, all the side streets were barricaded off. Hubby at first thought there must me a parimeter set to find a criminal...but then it dawned on us...nope, the president is coming to the Phoenix area tonight.

We get on the freeway and we are chatting away, excited to try our cupcake. All of a sudden I said to my husband, there is no traffic on the other side of the freeway. The words were no sooner out of my mouth when I saw two motorcycles with lights blazing followed by about 50 police cars.....I was screaming...yep, I really is the president's motorcade!!!!!! Sure enough, there was the president's limosene. Now, that is the closest this ole girl is gonna get to a president, any president. I am telling you....we were both excited. There is nothing like seeing a presidential motorcade in person. It is quite impressive! It was too dark to get a picture, even if I could have...but I had to share it with you...oh, and the cupcakes!!! YUMMO!

Yep, a Red Letter Saturday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Answering Your Question of...

why I am not keeping the violet dishes!!

I know they are so pretty....but so are the other many dishes I have! I did check Replacements and the plates run $14.99 ea. Thank you for all the comments on my tablescape.

If any of you lived close and wanted to buy them that would be great...but my house is only so big and I have added others to my dish collection. I don't have room to keep everything. Wish I had a basement! I haven't used them because frankly, they have to be washed by hand. I chose not to sell on Ebay or through the blog because I do not want to pack them up so carefully and the mailing cost. Seriously, there are so many pieces, it would probably cost $50.00 to mail. So, I have had good luck at our consignment shop. They should be with someone who will display them and love them.

Please, don't think I am without....I have a whole bedroom closet with shelves that would prove otherwise!! I appreciate all your concern for the dishes, my hubby tells me that is how I am when I watch Cash in the Attic!....but I am sure someone will be thrilled to get them!

Wow, any of you interested in some adult children???? No, I didn't think so!!

(Just kidding!!!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Violet Tablescape

TA DA! or maybe DA DA DA DA!!!!!!

Ceekay, what are you talking about? Stay with me. You will find out.

Today it Tablescape Thursday at Susan's. I felt like flowers since our real ones are dead, dried up, and fried....

This set of dishes was given to me about 15 years ago and, please control yourself. It is going. But I thought I would do a tablescape BEFORE I take it to the consign shop.

The pattern is Spring Violet by Cunninghame and Pickett!
I used my green round placemats that I know many of you have napkins and my flower napkin rings. Good ole gold flatware and the infamous 1.00 glasses from Dollar Tree.

The gold design around the edges is fantastic, isn't it?

Love the violets in the cup.

Oh...slow....aren't these cute...found today at HomeGoods. Had to have!

One has eggs...the other

A bird. (I know, I know)

My centerpiece from Valerie Parr Hill at QVC.

Hope you enjoyed my tablescape today.
Now before I go look at more beautious (??) tablescapes....what is the Ta Da??
It is that I had the strength to do it. Oh Ceekay, is it the chemo??? is Bentley. Apparently, Bentley was originally raised by roosters. He wakes up at 4:30 AMMMMMMM!!!! and wants Mommy and Daddy to wake up too! He is killing us! But he is sooo cute, what is a Mommy to do?
And what is Bentley doing right now? Uh, he is taking his late afternoon nap to prepare for his early evening nap, to prepare for bed!!!
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