Friday, August 14, 2009

Answering Your Question of...

why I am not keeping the violet dishes!!

I know they are so pretty....but so are the other many dishes I have! I did check Replacements and the plates run $14.99 ea. Thank you for all the comments on my tablescape.

If any of you lived close and wanted to buy them that would be great...but my house is only so big and I have added others to my dish collection. I don't have room to keep everything. Wish I had a basement! I haven't used them because frankly, they have to be washed by hand. I chose not to sell on Ebay or through the blog because I do not want to pack them up so carefully and the mailing cost. Seriously, there are so many pieces, it would probably cost $50.00 to mail. So, I have had good luck at our consignment shop. They should be with someone who will display them and love them.

Please, don't think I am without....I have a whole bedroom closet with shelves that would prove otherwise!! I appreciate all your concern for the dishes, my hubby tells me that is how I am when I watch Cash in the Attic!....but I am sure someone will be thrilled to get them!

Wow, any of you interested in some adult children???? No, I didn't think so!!

(Just kidding!!!)


dana said...

Oh, my husband would LOVE it if I had your ability to "let go" of things I don't use! I do know what you mean about having only so much room, however, I have learned with this house (and it has TONS of storage) that I am capable of filling up the amount of space I have..very easily!!!
Sorry that little Bentley is an early riser!!! I'm so glad his other fine qualities out weigh that issue!! Have a great weekend. L, Dana
Oh, and I LOVED your tablescape!

Decor To Adore said...

Hey sweet if you click on the blue SMEEKS on my post it will lead you to the contact info.

Also, please email me (under my profile) so I can send you an evite. I can't seem to bring up your email address. Grrrr.

There's going to be food and drink. Does your son like food and drink? Ha hee totally rotten!!!

Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay! Oh, I'm going to have to go back to your last post and find out about your violet dishes!
Thanks for popping in to see me. Yes, I'm trying to learn to use my laptop. They are different aren't they? Hope you're feeling good, Dear Sweet Friend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

{oc cottage} said...

Tooooooooooooooo funny!! ;)

m ^..^

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thanks for the explanation. May I make one suggestion, this is what I do when I change dishes. Keep at least one piece of the set so you can remember it well. I kept a few pieces of the very first set of dishes (my wedding casual china.) I still love to use a piece of it sometimes.


Nanette said...

Hi Ceekay,
I understand about the dishes. I am thinking of parting with some of my dishes also. Some of them are so heavy and big. I like the smaller lighter ones. Funny how your taste in dishes changes over the years.

Picket said...

Morning girl....ohhh you are just like me...I have so many dishes and
will still see one that justs makes me there comes a time when I have to let go of some so after long thought and debate I will give them to one of the kids but with the unspoken understanding that if I come to their house and see them and get a tearful look in my eye they are suppose to kindly offer them back to me!!!!! lol lol Hope you are having a fantastic weekend sweetie!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hand washing dishes - naaaaawww! There are too may other things in life to do instead! They are lovely but I don't blame yoU!!

hugs, Linda

Charlotte said...

Oh I sympathize. We have so many dishes that a lot of them have been relegated to the cabinets in the garage and some to the Goodwill.
Re your comment on my blog. Yes, I'm glad God is still in control too. It would be so much more scary if he weren't.

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