Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Am I Here, or am I There?

Think of a cat trying to catch it's tail.   Yep, that is kinda me.  Where is that wide spatula?  Is is here (home) or did I take it there (cabin)?

Anyways....I am almost done with my $1.00  chair makeover.  Yep, I think you are gonna like it.

My favorite room at the cabin is our bedroom.  I finally have a shabby chic ish room.  Hubby kept it semi controlled!

Finally got my little chandy hung ...

There are just no words....no words....I am in LOVE!

 I think I might have been a bit embarrasing for my hubby when I found this on clearance at HOBLOB!
He said just get it....and let's get out of here!!

We are currently working on redoing the steps into the cabin from the AZ room.  Bigger job than we thought.

It is also getting ridiculous hot here in Phoenix already. So I might be there?????



Friday, March 27, 2015

Finding Treasures

One of the things my hubby and I love to do when we are up north is to go to yard sales and find out of the way places.

 I could not  believe I found this Longaberger basket for $3.00.  Katy bar the door, I was taking this home!

Then I found  this hour glass for $2.00.

The trees were all in bloom!

And the  daffodils popping out!

The sunsets are beautiful....

We went to a storage unit sale and the whole area was decorated.

and of course, there is always time for a little Bubba wrestling!

At home, Bingo is over for the season....I found the Bingo coasters so I made this for the girls at my table.

I will be posting sporatically.  We do not have internet up north....but I will check in occasionly.  The Lord is Faithful and we are enjoying our time together!



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Little Look

into the AZ room at our cabin.

This is right by the back door going outside.  The carpet is in fairly good condition.  We have some paint touch ups to do....but I love the burlap valances.

This is behind the couch and over.  I think I showed the clock...but got shelf up for old stuff!  I am not done with it yet.....but you get the idea.

I bought this wire racky thing from the Old Brick House last month.  A friend had given me the blue insulators.  See the bit of wood?  That is actually a piece of the pole that the insulators would have screwed on to.

I had the relax sign on our other cabin....so that is on the wall over the heater in that room.

We found this old Midcentury cabinet for $20.00.  I cleaned it up as best I could.  I would love to paint it, but I am still working on that one with a certain man!  Anyways....I took up from home some things...

Some crocks, my mom's McCoy, my flower frog collection....etc!

I am standing at the front door looking into the AZ room.  Hubby's shed door is open...oops!


 I had a small piece left from the valance so I made a little square for the table.  The little pot clock is from CB.

I took this picture while I was sitting on the couch inside looking into the AZ room.  Disregard the pink carpet.  We are waiting for our new carpet to come in, and I went a bit daring for me.  I hope I like it....I think I will!!

I want to thank all those who pray for me regularly.  I didn't mention anything, but I had a health scare this week.  All is fine now, but never take your days for granted.  It wasn't really cancer related, but it is linked to treatment of my cancer.

But I feel good, and I am going to the Old Brick House tomorrow.  Note to self:  leave checkbook HOME!



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Before and After

Our park had a group yard sale.  I always love this sale because things are so cheap!  I did really control myself  UNTIL

 it was marked $6.00,  I got it for $5.00.  Oh, I could see it!


I love it!  Yes, we need to paint....this is the cabin....and we need to replace the carpet.....but, I think it is so cute!

I have had the little wire vases for years, but now they have a home!

Thank you for all your comments on my blogging.  I will continue.  I found the comments most interesting as several of you feel the same way I do.  And, also interestingly, many commented from Bloggers I never knew. 

We have done several things at the cabin, and I will be showing some of those things this week.  I also got a beautiful gift from my son and his girlfriend for my birthday!  Late but very nice!

And then of course, there is the necessary Hello from............



Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When does a blogger stop blogging?

I have asked myself this question for well over a year.  And I am still asking that question.

Do I love blogging....?  Yes


But, see, I am an ole girl.  When I started blogging  in 2008 we were a small group.  It wasn't a business.  It was more like having a pen pal.  I realize things change....life happens, nothing stays the same.  And for you that are blessed to have made your blog a business, I  applaud you.  I love reading your blogs.  You inspire me.  But, in my life today, that just isn't a priority.

But then I ask myself, I post these things about my life that apparently most people are not interested in..  I live a simple life.  I know I am not a super blogger, but my stats (which honestly until today I didn't check ) are really nothing.  I know people are busy, but guess what?  I get busy too!

I do not do twitter, my blog does go on my personal  FB page.  I no longer sign up on the Mega memes.  I mean, let's be honest.....none of us are going to read over 200 posts each week.

So when does the preparing of a post, sharing parts of your life, become silly - time wise?  When time is such a precious thing.

I am not saying I have made a decision, but I am wondering if any of you ole bloggers out there understand what I am saying.

I am not quitting right now.  But the day is coming.  If  I am writing just for myself, then I might as well do it in the privacy of my life.

Don't get angry with me.  This is not about numbers.  I guess, for me it is knowing that someone is interested in what I am doing and saying.  If  my posts are no longer of interest, then maybe there is another way FOR ME to connect.  I started blogging when I was diagnosed and could no longer work.  It filled a definite need in my life at the time.

If  you want to enlighten, please do......but if you want to rant.....do it somewhere else please.  I have always tried to be open and frank and kind on my blog.....and so I shall continue until the day I choose to stop.


Monday, March 2, 2015

What do you do up there?

In Payson?

Well, we walk the dog, we build things, we paint things, we visit with neighbors, we go garage sale-ing, and we find interesting spots.

This is a little country store stuck NOWHERE!  And they were not open.  During the day on a Friday.  But, that won't detour me....I will go back!  I bet it is interesting in there!

Oh my goodnes.....I can't wait to get inside!


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