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Wow!  I love how some of you think!  You had me traveling all over the place.  I can only WISH I was in Hawaii.

No, we were in our beloved Payson.  Twenty to 30 degrees cooler there than Phoenix.

Here are a few pics....

Wednesday evening, my hubby said, oh, by the way, I have a surprise for you in the camper.  I had seen this darling tin VW at HL, but it wasn't on sale.....he went back (on his own ladies!!) and got it for me...(and by then, it was on sale!)

We worked on the kitchen area.  It is FAR from perfect....but, we did the best we could.  Remember, our intent was not to strip it to the bare bones.  Hubby had to improvise for the back I put cup hooks.  The fabric on top of the curtains matches the cushions, but it hides his repair job to where he took out air conditioner.  We tried to think of a lot of ways to make it look good.  I came up with this, and it does do the trick!  (Notice, still No pompoms on shades.....I tell you,...don't bank your money.. invest in POMS, cuz obviously, they are valuable!!!)

We took out the old propone light....and had to hide the hole.  I found the Follow Your Heart sign at HL and it was the colors and I LOVE the saying!

I know, really, desperate for a shot....but I love my new little orange cutting board!

And how many of you can say you have an orange doggie butt?  (it is for his leash!)

there is where my VW sign is...(oooh....bad grammar there!!)

Our trailer was quite the talk, and even had a man come and want to take pictures.

Oh, so trailer-y!!  But the lights are just toooo cute!

See my sweet little shade in the window?

My hubby would sit out there till really late....just relaxing (well, here he looks like he is thinking about something he wants to do...I KNOW that look!).

Oh, and look....I found a peace charm for my teddy bear!!

When you go to a small town...(although Payson is getting bigger! :(  ....)  you have to hit the area diners.

We went to the Beeline Cafe and let me tell you, there breakfast was delicious!

When we were driving around we saw a guini hen...don't know what that is...but it was just on one of the streets....

Ok....Vee, you will see this shot again....this is a Notecard waiting to happen!!!

Looking out our back window.....

Oh, you HAVE to have Yard know that right???  I am a novice! day, I will have to take pics of all the different camper yard art!!

Well, we are home again.  I am going to take a nappy pooh!  But otherwise....ONE HAPPY CAMPER!!

I named our 1971 Shasta 1400 camper Sunny.  My hubby always says AZ has one sunny day after another sunny day!

I will be posting her restoration here....cuz, it is going to take a while!

I took them of Sunny.  You may want to leave at this point.  She needs work.  My husband has gone into obsessed mode.  All you wives know it, I am sure.  I have thought and planned, but we are NO where near me doing much.

Our plan is to clean this beauty inside and take her someplace near.  I need to see if the cushions are worth saving.  My gut says no, but foam is NOT cheap, so we will try sleeping and see what happens.  I do NOT want to spend money on making covers, and then we can't use them.

I bought one little piece of fabric for something on the curtains.

Ok, here are pictures, don't say I didn't warn ya!

See the original Shasta sign.  None of the windows are broke.  The screens need rescreening.  That is the original door and screen.

This is the refrigerator.  We don't know if it works...if it does, it is propane.  Yes, we are keeping it.  I will use it for storage if nothing else.

We have no idea what this looked like.  It is a 12 volt light, so you got me on that one!

(ok....70's alert....warning, warning!!)

This fabulous!! wallpaper is on the ceiling by the vent.  And YES, we are keeping it.

Now, some serious work went into those rods and curtains....thread was wire!  and that only to keep it sorta on the rod.  This is the foam I have been talking about.  We believe it is the original.

Broken light fixture.  As much as I don't want to, I think we are going to have to replace these. There are 3 that match.

Yes, I have the original table and it is in great shape.

This is a picture of the broken wheels that open the windows.  I have NO idea where on earth to find those.  We need a lot of them.

This is the worst area.  See the air conditioner.  Well.  That doesn't belong there.  It is coming out, but of course, it ruined that area.  The screen that is all rusted can be replaced.  But that area will never be back the way it should be.  We have all the drawers, all the handles and the stove has all the knobs.

  Ok, this should be up one, but this is what those knobs look like.

This is the floor.  Now you try to figure this out.  It is the original laminate.  And there are no holes and is down flat.  However, what on earth did they do?  Why the red discolor?  We don't know what we are doing.  Glue in AZ will not work....when it is closed up and storing, the glue will melt.  I really don't want wood floor because of the (oh, oh, I am going to get the 70's roll of eyes again) we are NOT painting the paneling.  I heard there are other styles of laminate that goes down like the wood locking in place but isn't wood.  But, as my hubby says, don't worry about that....we got other fish to fry!!

I know some of you may question this next statement.  But, I love my Lord and I have been praying that the Lord would help us find a little camper that we could afford.  My purpose is that with my husband's work schedule, we can get away for a day or so, now and then.  I NEVER think of the C word when I am up north in MY mountains.

I KNOW, the Lord answered this prayer.  We still cannot believe what a gift this was to us.


andrea@townandprairie said...

This is so reminiscent of our interior of our Comanche. I'm sure she'll be darling! Following you back!

Karen said...

Hey Girl. It has so much potential. Take it slow and enjoy the hunt!!!

Karen said...

Hey Girl!
Well, it has so much potential. I have every confidence you and your man will have a ball fixing her up!!!! Yay!!

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