Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ok....there is so much more....

however, I will never get done if I keep up at this speed.  The final journey on my girlfriend trip was

I couldn't believe it was happening.  To be in NY and see the Harbor, Ellis Island, and Lady Liberty!

I really need to show some new things I have found....and our new cabin-ette!  So even tho there were more great places.....This is it for my trip pics for now!

No more big alone trips for this girl.  However, I am trying to convince my girlfriend to go to Round Top sometime next spring for a couple of see Junk Gypsy!  I pray it will be possible.



Thursday, August 14, 2014

You know we had to Do Tea!

On the way home from Lancaster, we went to Abigails Tea Room.

She had a gorgeous stained glass window in the entry.

It is very Victorian....

I loved this lampshade and I inspected it, and it was made like that....

My soup was served in a tea cup.  Haven't seen that before!

Here are the items to eat....very good!

More of the beautiful home....

I loved, loved this clock.  It was a clock on 3 sides....

Isn't it gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's take a step back!

I wanted to show the label of the Hershey syrup I bought for my grandchildren.  You just give them a picture from your phone and they make the label.  They give you the one on the bottle and an extra.  I kept the extra!

Isn't that the cutest!?!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Was I tired yet?

Ugh, yep!  But I still had a little traveling to do.....Candy and I went to Lancaster County and stayed in a darling little house in Amish country.

Now, there is a German name for ya!

 Amish buggies were everywhere!

 Lots of Amish use these pedaless bikes....

 Oh my goodness, I love this food.   Ring Bologna, and the Apple Fritters...oh my goodness!
Trust me, I had sauerkraut as much as I could!

Gorgeous farms as far as the eyes could see....

 and clothes hanging on the line!

 We really did take a Amish buggy ride!
I chose to sit with the Amish gentleman.....

And then I tried to get out!
After Candy got herself up from the ground from laughing.....I finally got help from the Amish gentleman.  He wouldn't be in the picture!  So,  he grabbed my ankle and put it on the step!
I am sure that was against some rule, but I would probably still be there.  I love this picture so much.
But, I realized I cannot be Amish. 
No no, not this girl.  I really found out that I LOVE electricity!  Oh, and I really like cars.....they don't raise their tails!!!
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