Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tea Blog-a-thon

I love blogging. I also like sleeping. But the two of them, don't like each other. I learned about this glorious blog-a-thon late Tuesday evening. I told myself, oh, you should do that TOMORROW. I went to bed. But visions of teacups were dancing in my head. Ok, it is now officially, TOMORROW.

Gracious Hospitality is hosting this Blog-a-thon. Cruise over there to get the complete rules and see other posts. We are to share a picture of our favorite teacup and saucer; describe it and tell it's history (or make up a story about it's past). Why is it meaningful to you?
Well, I couldn't make a decision. No surprise there! I simply could not decide which cup is more special. So I will show both. I cherish the 25th anniversary cup because I cherish our years married. This cup is almost 10 years old now, but it is filled with so many memories of that special day we had celebrating.
But....I really like this cup. This is my birthday month teacup. I love the violets on it and that it says February. I always was happy that I was born in February since it is the LOVE month.
So, now that I have made that indecision, maybe I can get some sleep! Post, and close. Say it and close.


Marcie said...

I love both your teacups. We are nearing our 25th anniversary, and know what a special time that will be. I have a daughter born in February, so the "love" month is special to me also. And, the violets are so delicate and pretty. Hope you got some sleep! :)

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you so much for sharing in the Gracious Hospital-i-Tea blog-a-thon. I love both of the teacups you selected for your post. The first one, a 25th anniversary teacup and saucer, has much meaning attached to it. It's beautiful! And I love the February teacups --- perfect for the month of LOVE. You said it well. Happy belated birthday to you!

I'm so glad you joined in the blog-a-thon and look forward to your future posts.


ellen b. said...

Congratulations on being married 35 years and I'm glad you shared both cups. I love the Royal albert shape (even bought a set myself because of the shape) Blessings on many more years of marriage!!

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing two teacups with such personal connections.

Sharon said...

Love your tea cups especially the birthday edition. I have several personal favorites myself, it's very hard to choose just one.

You visited my blog and asked where I got the pink and green heart charm bracelet - I made that bracelet with my hand painted charms, it was sold and is now in the hands of a private collector. I offer my work through my website which you can find via my blog if your interested.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Your teacups are so beautiful, looking and meaningful :). 35 years of marriage seems almost unheard of these days doesn't it?, how wonderful for you and your husband, congratulations I pray you both enjoy your 50th! Thank you for sharing.

Kathi :)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love that anniversary tea cup and saucer! Isn't this blog-a-thon going to be fun!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What lovely teacups!! :)

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