Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year is coming!!

Marty invited us to show anything for Tabletop Tuesday.  I thought I would show my coffee table in our Living Room.  This is my big decoration for New Year's Eve.  Trust me, I will be long asleep before most of you are partying in the New Year!  As our children love to tell us, We are boring!!!

 Happy New Year everyone!
from me too Mom!  Ok Bentley, from you too!!


Tricia said...

So glad to find someone else who is "boring"! Your coffee table display is so clever! You've included so many great elements to carry out the New Year's theme -- love it!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Ceekay,
Put me in the boring catagory too.
I will be asleep when the ball drops. We stopped going out to celebrate a few years ago and decided it was just more comfortable at home.

Love your New Year's vingette. Love how you used the scabble letters.


Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful...I love how it all twinkles!!

I am always in bed early and wake up when the fireworks start going off!!


Shelia said...

Hi Ceekay!! Oh, what a beautiful coffee table and it's all ready for the new year! I'm with you, I can hardly stay awake. We usually go to bed, set the alarm, wake up and say
'Happy New Year'! and then go back to bed! :) We're really party peeps!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;) Little Bentley is so cute.

Susan said...

CeeKay, my hubby and I are boring, he will be in bed by 8:00 pm and I will proably be in bed by 10:00pm. However we are going to my daughters for New Years, so I may stay up........LOL

bj said...

ahhh, this is such a cute post, Ceekay.
My birthday is on NYEve and sometimes we have a party. I love this cute idea for one of my tables. I surely will do this.
Hope you get a good night's sleep on NYEve...haahhaa..
hugs, bj

Happy@Home said...

You may be boring, but your table looks ready to usher in the new year in style. Bentley looks so cute on the couch.
Happy New Year to all 3 of you.

On Crooked Creek said...

"Mr. Ed" and I rarely spend New Year's Eve together. He works for the Highway and this year, once again, has the Night Shift. .. so . . .I usually go on to bed. How exciting is that? Thanks for sharing your lovely living room with us!

Sarah said...

Oh, we are the same. No more evenings out for New Year's Eve. I'd rather spend a quiet evening at home and get to bed early. ;-)
Happy New Year's to you! ~ sarah

Kathleen said...

It looks very festive. We are boring too. I never drank, so was never big into New Year's. Sometimes I take a nap and then watch the ball fall.
Lived here in NY all my life, have never gone to Times Square!
Happy 2011, Ceekay!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How darling. We're usually asleep long before 12 too! Oh well - at least boring is well rested! Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with many blessings. & Bentley too!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your table decoration is so festive and Bentley is too cute!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Ceekay.... Well, doesn't everything look lovely and festive.... I so admire you chickies who BRING IT for every holiday... I'm still putting away the stuff from Christmas and it would be a miracle if I actually got something out for New Year's! :-)

Your pup is sooooo cute.... Please send him to me!

Happy New Year to you and yours....


Grannys Attic said...

Know what you mean about boring! To old to party with the kids. The New Year's table is so pretty. Love all the vintage things you chose to make if so cheerful. Blessings, Vicky

Chubby Chieque said...

LOVELY! I love everything.
Hope you had a merry Yuletide & peaceful New Year.

Happy TTT to you and everybody around you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ceekay, I wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas, but an early Happy New Year! Your coffee table is wonderful....we're having another couple over on Fri. evening to bring in the New Year (we probably won't bake it, however!! :) and I will definitely "borrow" your darling decor idea! We're playing cards...or dominos. Also boring here,too, Ceekay!

Your family photos are super!!! We had our son and his family over for the night on Christmas Eve...and Day. It was wonderful. We got lots of photos...but the adults don't look so great! The kiddos are always darling. Wish I would've donned a Santa hat...that would have helped my "bed head" I sported in our family pix!! :)

OMG...I am SO SORRY for Kathy's family. What horrible news. I do know Kathy is a faith-filled person and that she will draw strength from The Lord. Did you say the baby is OK? I hope so. It's such a shock when a young mother dies because of childbirth, but the risk is always there. In this day and age, we forget about it anymore. My heart is so heavy for them and they are absolutely in my prayers.

L, Dana

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

CK, love your new coffee table decor. It is perfect for the New Year. So clever. How in the world do you find time to decorate for the New Year. I am in the middle of a mess packing it all away from Christmas. Your vignette is perfect and so pretty. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Ceekay, that looks so pretty and so festive. I hope I am not up to see the new year in, but since I'll have 3 grands staying with me, there is a chance I will be up when the ball drops! I wish you a wonderful 2011. laurie

bj said...

Oh, Ceekay, don't worry one single bit about doing any ole projects. I just want you to rest and do just what your doctor says and maybe you will feel like doing just every day things. I'd give up all projects and new stuff if you would just get well. I KNOW HE can heal you and I ask for that. I also know that it has to be HIS I just keep praying for you. I have a brother that I've been praying almost night and day for, for over 14 years. Just this Christmas, I am beginning to think God is ready to do something. My heart is singing.
hugs, bj

Unknown said...

Sweet Bently! I love your New Years Vignette. :)

Happy New Year!

God Bless!


Adrienne said...

Happy New Year, my friend. I love what you've done with your coffee table - and we are boring on New Year's Eve, too. No parties for us this year. Sleep sounds good!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Ceekay, I'll be another one probably not staying up until midnight. My hubby is usually tired by 9:00! Here's wishing you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year!


Honey at 2805 said...

May you have a happy and fulfilling new year. You are always an inspiration.

Jacqueline said...

Love the table top! You and I must have been shopping in similar places, I used little clocks like this in my tablescape today! They are so pretty and I can see using them time and again. Have a wonderful New year.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Happy New Year to you, too! That is more decoration than I will have:)
So happy to read about your good news...but so sad to read about your dear friend and her loss...heartbreaking and so scary for us moms...will pray for them all.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Good Morning my Dear friend,
May your New Year be filled with many Blessings and abundances of Joy for 2011. From my mountain to yours, Until next year
Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

Unknown said...

Just wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy New Year! :)


Rebecca said...

Best Wishes to you in 2011!!!!

Myrna said...

Love your tablescape, CeeKay!
Happy New Year to you!!

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