Sunday, July 13, 2008

What you find when you go through a box!

Added: I wanted to add to this post an award I received from La Rea Rose. It was so wonderful to receive another award. It makes the time spent blogging even a little bit more special. We are supposed to pass to 7 blogs, but since I just passed on another award, I would like to offer it anyone on my blogroll that would love to take it. The blogs listed there I read everyday and they have become a regular part of my daily routine! Therefore, they are Brillante! I was cleaning out one of THOSE boxes. You know you have some. Those boxes that SOMEDAY I am going to go through. Well, I picked one. Most of it got thrown away (hubby is clapping here) but I thought I would show you something I found. My first cookbook. My name is written in the front in my mother's handwriting.
Ok, so this kinda gives away how old I am.
Isn't this cute?
Then, where oh where was this when Quill Cottage was doing Laura Ingalls Blog about buttons. I don't know where or why, but I have it. Someone out in blog land would probably think this is quite the find.
My hubby works nights. When I got up in the morning, (he knows I go straight to the computer) he had this sitting on the screen. This is our saying. Let's all say together, awwwww. He is a keeper! By the way, cuz I know someone will is a coaster covering his name. He is very private about this blogging thing....I got the coasters in Charleston (love). They are like mini Oriental rugs. Too cute. I keep one by the computer for my tea while I blog.
Well, that is the news in AZ. Going to Hobby Lobby Monday.......squeal! Don't know what for, but you KNOW I will find something I just HAVE to HAVE!


Charlotte said...

What a nice keepsake the book is. Love the note from your Hubby. I know what you mean, first thing I do in the morning is check my computer to see if there are any messages. I love it that I have a computer in our bedroom now. I used to have to go upstairs and turn the thing on, and it took forever for it to boot up completely. This one is on almost instantly.

Happy @ Home said...

What an adorable book!! I would be thrilled to find something like that in a thrift shop, but is is extra special that it was yours as a little girl and has your Mom's handwriting in it. How special is that.
What a great guy you have there. How sweet to leave a note like that for you.
Enjoyed your post, as always.

Have fun at Hobby Lobby. I never even heard of that store until I started blogging :-)

A Hint of Home said...

Cute Book! Can't understand why that has been packed away?? What a sweet gift from your Mom.

Hubby isn't bad either. (smile)

Sarah said...

What a great find! I tell my hubby that those old boxes eventually turn into treasure chests! How sweet of your husband to leave that note...the perfect start to your day, I'm sure!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

What neat treasures! Thank you for sharing!

The Berry Patch said...


Love that your husband leaves you sweet notes. Maybe I'll leave one for my hubby. Good idea!

I think I may go to Hobby Lobby too.

Brandee :-)

PS I still have my first cook book. It's been opened twice.

Connie said...

Never knew he could be so romantic!!
Yeah for ( ), he knows who he is.

Do you still have the original Betty Crocker cookbook? Mom gave me hers, but I made the mistake of actually using it for many years. I should have put it away....the poor thing is quite dilapidated.

I've not forgotten the tag....just not too creative right now. I'll get to it.

ceekay said...

Connie...yes I do still have my mom's original Betty Crocker. Mine is used also, but by mom! I could take you right to even has the recipes still stuck in it that she left there!
I didn't keep all her small cookbooks though...I gave them to her friend Bea years ago! Can't keep ya....
PS...I won't let you forget!!!

Kathy said...

Love the book, C...but you knew I would. And very, very nice move, Hubby!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I just love the buttons!

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