Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Mondays are usually my hubby and my run around day. He has Monday and Tuesday off from work. Yes, he still works...yeah for money, sad for me. Anyways, he was a sickie. Don't really know what hit him, but he was down for the count. He is much better today, so hopefully, we will be able to get out. I decided to just post some random pictures. Also, unfortunately, I had to take off my adorable background paper. It just kept getting "hung up" and I didn't want that. I am going to try some others when I get over my initial frustration with it! This is how my table looks right now. Very tropical. I think it fits since we are in Monsoon here now!

This is what I wish I was doing today. Hugging and kissing on the grandkids.
I think I must be in a travel mood. Here are some souvenirs that people have brought me from the Holy Land. I have never been there. The little Testament that says Jerusalem. A carved camel, a communion cup and an antique oil lamp. The oil lamp actually has papers to verify that it is a genuine piece dug up from archeological digs.
Well, back to the present here and now. Hope you all have a fun Tuesday!


Happy @ Home said...

Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. Your table setting is so pretty and your grandson is so cute!! Also, you have got some really great things from the Holy Land. I guess if you can't travel there, the next best thing is great friends who bring back such nice souvenirs.

Kathy said...

I see you have your background up again - looks adorable and it's YOU! Glad Hubby is better and you got to go out together today.

Sandra said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Ravenhill Cottage and taking time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and will be back to visit again. :o)


Alex said...

Good to hear your hubby is feeling much better! :)

PLEASE stop by my blog today for a special award I gave you.

Have a good day.

A Hint of Home said...

Table looks super, as always.
Cute picture of you and little R.
You wish they would let you hold them more.
Happy you figured out your background.
Hubby, glad you're better!

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