Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some days just don't go as planned!

Well today was supposed to be my tea with a few friends. So one lady couldn't make it today and another hurt her back and wasn't moving today. I was going to use my new tea service...but when I realized it would be a close friend and myself, I decided to use my Easter dishes, etc...that was already out.
My luncheon turned out great and Amy and I had a wonderful time just talking about all the "world's issues and how WE could solve them! We had great chef salad's and various fruits. And I made berry muffins, but in the tiny muffin sheet. They turned out so good and soooo cute. We thoroughly enjoyed ourself. After about 3 cups of tea, we "mosied" into the living room to draw our visit to a close. I promise, the tea set will come out soon and I will post pictures.
The above nest was my JoAnn purchase. I had every intention of putting it in one of my cloches, but it is just too big. So I admittedly copied some posts I have seen and decopaged some eggs for my cloche. I used music sheet paper, but it is hard to see in the pic. Anyways.. I didn't have any moss to put them on, so I just used the berry candle ring. I like how it looks in person. Decopaging those eggs is a challenge though. It took me about 2 days to get all the glue off my nails.

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