Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March is Flying By Already!

I feel like we haven't stopped since March started! And I really don't know what we are doing! Yesterday was our son's birthday so the family met for supper and then drove to see his new house that is being built. That took most of the afternoon and evening. Hard to believe that he is 26! Got to see my grandbabies too, so you know it was a good day for me.
I am going to tea with a friend today. I always look forward to that. The weather is beautiful so we may take tea on the porch! This particular tea room that we are going to has wonderful scones.
The two pictures are of new easter additions. I just love the playful bunnie. He is really about the size of a live bunny. The plate I got from Cracker Barrell. I bought 4 and figured I might as well leave one out for display.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Oh, I hope you took pictures at the tea room to share with us!

I love your new bunnies! The plates are darling! I need to go to Cracker Barrel to see what they have, we haven't been there to eat since we started our diet!


Alice said...

Yes, we'd love to see pictures and to hear the menu!

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