Saturday, March 15, 2008

In My Arizona Garden

Did a little work outside in the yard Thursday and Friday. I have to do the yard work in little bits now, but at least I am able to do it. This little babies hopefully will bush out before the heat cooks them up!
I planted lavender this year for the first time. It is really doing quite nicely.
I LOVE petunias. I always get the mixed colors. I know that lots of people love a particular color scheme, but I just have to have as many different colors as possible.
I also planted poppies this year. They are different from my usual geraniums, but pretty too.
Didn't get everything planted...few more to go, but tomorrow is another day!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating Palm Sunday!


Charlotte said...

What cute baby plants. They will be pretty when they grow up. The grownup ones are pretty too. This is the time to do yard work. Soon it will be toooo hot.
I tagged you to do a meme on eight things readers don't know about you. I hope you will play the game. If you don't want to, don't feel obligated.
Have a great weekend.

Charlotte said...

I may have sent you 2 comments already. I didn't think the first one went on, but it might have. You're probably thinking "What's wrong with this crazy lady."

Kathy said...

I sooo wish I had living, green things in my yard! Your plants look sweet.

Stephens said...

Hey, Aunt Carolyn! I've had fun checking out your blog. I love your flowers. We are still staring at some snow. . . :-( Spring is coming though, right???? We can hardly wait!

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