Friday, March 28, 2008

The Hats!

To start, I recieved an award from Rachel at A Romantic Porch. Thank you so much! I would like to pass this award to 2 very dear friends of mine through blogging and through many years of friendship. They have been near and dear to me in good times and bad and they really do Make My Day! So to A Hint of Home and Mimi's Garden....this award is for you!

On to my Show and Tell, the Hats! So many of you wanted to see the hats from the here they are, in ALL their splendor! And to A Hint of Home, who I KNOW is thinking this....I had the head from some dear lady at church that thought I may want to display my chemo wigs when I wasn't wearing it. Came in handy though!!! Added note: These are ALL the hats I have...they stay in the hatboxes. I am not a HAT girl and if I was...those would NOT be my choices.....and yes, I think the head is creepy too!
Show and Tell


Pretty Life Online said...

Fun idea. Have a wonderful weekend! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Hootin' Anni said...

What a great way to display your hats. The one where you have the flowers....oh my....did you actually WEAR this? LOL

Please do drop by. I'm sharing a bit of Gone With the Wind today.

Constance said...

Okay, that flowered ceration was a little over the top! Can you imagine someone actually wearing that? Of course, not knowing you, I might have just offended you for all I know! That might be your favorite Church hat! Ha Ha! Thanks for sharing.

That styrofoam head is kind of creepy!

Jean said...

Love the hats! I have my beauty shop bathroom decorated with hats. Yours are great!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I love hats. My husband says I look so sweet in them. I only have a few. You have quite the collection. Thank you for sharing them!

Susan said...

So wonderful you showed them.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a great hat collection! I love the feathers, well I like ALL of them!! The prairie hat is cute too, I used to have a "sunbonnet" my grandmother made me, hmmm I'm wondering where it is now.

Thanks for showing the hats!


Kindra-At Home With K said...

Wow! How many hats do you have? They are all so beautiful and unique!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I really like the 1950s flannel one.

nancy said...

That is a nice collection. Thanks for sharing. I almost like the boxes better, though!


Fab hats. I like fashion and
accessories. I am always amazed
by the materials used in hats.
They are treasures!

cherished*vintage said...

Thanks so much for showing us the hats! Wow, they are so cool. I'm loving the feather one and the one with the huge flowers! The man's top hat looking one is very dashing. Great show & tell! Have a fantastic weekend.

The Barkers said...

Who Knew?! Never knew you had all those hats. Yes, the head is creepy!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful collection of hats!!

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