Friday, March 7, 2008

I was Challenged!

After blogging today I was challenged by myself to see how many dish sets I own. Before continuing, I hope their is a cloaking device for my husband. He does not need to see this! This could take a while....By the way, this is NOT my Show and Tell. That is in the previous post.
The above dish was given to me by another dish addict about 15 years ago. I do not have a complete set but I use it for a luncheon. I have several pieces.
I also have the silverware to go with these Coco Cola dishes.
This is just melamine, but they are all different colors and so cute for outside.
I don't know, I think I must have been in a mood or something, but I have used them.
I think everyone should have a set of clear dishes. They look great with all colors of tablecloths and placemats...and on different chargers.
My husband's mother's dishes. I only have a few pieces and always look for them to complete the set.

My Christmas dishes. Have every piece known to mankind. Got at Walgreens. I even have matching napkins.
Love these for summer...have silverware and glasses to go with.

Found this melamine right after we returned from Hawaii. Had to have them!
My Valentine dishes - Target.
January dishes - Dollar Tree.
These I haven't used yet...see the clearance sticker? I always dream of having a black and white tea.
Square white dishes. I have square chargers they go on.

My everyday dishes. This is my second set of Corelle.
I Love these black plates. Very elegant.
These are sooooo pretty. Walmart.
My wedding china. Have all the pieces still. Noritake Annabelle.
This is on my spring table now. They are blue, pink, green, and yellow. - Target.
I also have basic white with gold trim, but they really are packed away. I really don't know what is it...but I love dishes. Check out rocksinmydryer.typepad for more dishes.


Penless Thoughts said...

My, do you ever have the dishes. Where in the world do you keep them all?

Melissa said...

wow i thought i was a dish addict! i love all the different sets for different seasons and occasions! especially love the black set and the ones from walmart, of all places!!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hi, Thank you sweetly for you comment today :)
I too, love collecting different plates..Thanks for sharing you collection!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the visit. It's nice to meet you. No, I've never heard of Abbey Gardens. Haven't been to Mesa in a long time. Will have to check it out. I have a lot of dishes too. I have a lot of them stored in the garage. I love dishes.
Have a great weekend.

Esther Sunday said...

Holy smokes! You go girl! You must enjoy picking and choosing what setting you want to use for a particular meal/event!!! Love, Esther

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

My do have a lot of dishes. I have exactly one set and they are plain I do have the fine china I picked out when we got married but can't remember the last time they were used. I was tickled to have you visit my blog. Hope you'll visit some more. ~ Lynn

Alice said...

I love dishes and seeing yours was a treat! I'm looking for a plain, white set. Pfaltzgraff used to be made in my town and they still have a factory outlet here so I think I'll look there. Could be dangerous though. I'd better go when my husband is out of town. :)

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