Friday, March 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday!

My Show and Tell today are my husband's lighthouses. In our den, above one of the bookcases is this display. The oil painting he bought while on a construction job probably 25 years ago. The big lighthouse to the left is a Party Lite. The little one to the right is actually like some we have in our backyard that are solar powered.
This lighthouse is really supposed to be for a Christmas village, but he loves it because the light on the top goes around like a real lighthouse. It does look impressive in the evenings.
We even have lighthouses outside in the yard. This also is solared powerd. That could be a blog entry of its own. Hubby and solar powered "stuff"! My husband enjoys lighthouses because of Christ being our lighthouse. I am sure the collection will grow when he sees another that appeals to him. Just a side note....yes, we have rock for grass. It is just too much work to try to keep grass growing here in Arizona. You really do get used to it. But weeds still grow!
Show and Tell


Constance said...

I liked your S&T today! In mine, I have a lighthouse from the Snow Village series! I like the party Lite line, they have some nice things!

Short Stop said...

Really neat. When I first graduated from college, I decorated my first apartment in lighthouses...and I LOVED it. They create such a peaceful and welcoming environemnt. Looks like they've done that at your house!

Happy Friday!

Hootin' Anni said...

You live in Arizona. We did too....for about 12 years. And we had rock also. It's way to expensive to try and keep grass in that state.

Love the light houses. The solar powered one is no doubt really cool at night!!!

Have a great weekend, hope you can drop by my show n tell if you haven't already.

Heather said...

What a lovely collection! I especially love the meaning behind the lighthouses. ;o) Thank you for sharing them!

Charlotte said...

Stopped by to say "Hi" to another Arizona gal.
Our guest bathroom is decorated in a semi-nautical. We have one little lighthouse in there. Out here in the desert it's nice to think about the ocean.

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